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PROGRTM  PowerBASIC  Routine


PROGRTM routine displays processing progress indicator and is intended for use in the file processing procedures (external executables started from the DOS command prompt) having a relatively long running time (several minutes).  For the shorter running procedures the PROGRES routine (without the elapsed/left time display) might be more appropriate.

Debugging program provides an example of the PROGRTM routine usage with the three characteristic CALL lines (color-coded):

  • Start of processing right after opening the file.  Initiates progress indicator display.
  • Progress of processing right after reading each record of the file being processed (within the cycle of reading and processing file records).  Updates progress indicator display as each file record is being processed.
  • Finish of processing after encountering the End-Of-File.  Completes progress indicator display.

The program source text below contains some symbols (the most essential of them are highlighted in red) that were changed from those well-suited for DOS into those acceptable for Windows.  While you can use the PROGRTM.BAS text that is fully functional, you'll be better off saving the PROGRTM.DOS text instead.  Rename it into PROGRTM.BAS and compile to get a module with good DOS defaults.

If you'll choose to set your own progress symbols, any decent DOS text editor (including PowerBASIC IDE) would provide you with the table of all DOS symbols to choose from.  Decimal color codes (PROGRTM.BAS needs them in hex) can be found in the COLOR command description of PowerBASIC IDE (in fact any BASIC has this description).  You can use the SETCOLOR batch script demo to see the appearance of bright colors on the Black background.


It is essential that the calling procedure won't display any information on the screen while the PROGRTM routine is active otherwise the screen would be messed up.

 PROGRTM  Source  Program                   Debugging program                 Debugging logout

      ' PROGRTM(1.1)  Dspl File Prc Progress Ind with Times  06/27/1994-03/26/2003
      ' --------------------------------------------------------------------------
      ' Copyright (C) 1994-2003 by Vladimir Veytsel                  www.davar.net

      ' Type ---------------------------------------------------------------------

      '    Routine

      ' Declaration --------------------------------------------------------------

      '    DECLARE SUB PROGRTM(File%,Nam$,Title$,Record$,Mode$,Appear$)

      ' Parameters ---------------------------------------------------------------

      '    File%    - File number (as it was opened in the calling program)
      '    Name$    - Program name and version (E.g.:  "CONVERT(0.0)")
      '    Title$   - Process title string (truncated to 64 chars if longer)
      '    Record$  - Current input record
      '    Mode$    - Progress indicator display mode:
      '               S  - Start
      '               P  - Progress
      '               F  - Finish (any value different from "S" or "P" is equivalent to "F")
      '    Appear$  - Appearance control string (fixed structure 6-character):
      '               +------- Incomplete symbol          (Default:  ">")
      '               |+------ Complete   symbol          (Default:  "=")
      '               ||+----- Incomplete color attribute (Default:  "E"  - Yellow)
      '               |||+---- Complete   color attribute (Default:  "B"  - Bright Cayan)
      '               ||||+--- Running    color attribute (Default:  "A"  - Bright Green)
      '               |||||+-- Background color attribute (Default:  "0"  - Black)
      '               ||||||
      '               123456
      '               >=EBA0 - Default appearance control string (padded with blanks)
      '                        Individual blanks default to corresponding symbols
      '                 Note:   This parameter is processed only in "Start" mode
      '                        (in "Progress" and "Finish" mode it is ignored)

      ' Notes --------------------------------------------------------------------

      '  - Routine is intended for use in file processing/conversion procedures
      '    running from DOS prompt and showing processing progress on DOS screen.
      '  - Use it with long running (over 1 minute) procedures.
      '  - For short procedures see routine PROGRES (without elapsed/left time display).
      '  - Rotating indicator wheel is synchronized with completeness % display.
      '  - At the end of first line processing elapsed time is shown (MM:SS).
      '  - At the end of second line an estimate of processing left time is shown
      '    (evaluation and display of left time starts after 5% completeness).

      ' Examples -----------------------------------------------------------------

      '    Start:  CALL PROGRTM(1,"CONVERT(0.0)","File...","","S",">=EBA0")  - After OPEN

      '    CONVERT(0.0)  File SOURCE.TXT is converted to TARGET.TXT
      '         0% [-]   >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

      '    Progress:  CALL PROGRTM(1,"","",Input.Record$,"P","")  - After every LINE INPUT

      '    CONVERT(0.0)  File SOURCE.TXT is converted to TARGET.TXT  6:25
      '        50% [|]   =====================>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  6:25

      '    Finish:  CALL PROGRTM(1,"","","","F","")  - After encountering EOF

      '    CONVERT(0.0)  File SOURCE.TXT is converted to TARGET.TXT
      '       100% [*]   ==========================================  12:50

      ' Start Routine ------------------------------------------------------------

           DEFINT A-Z     ' All defaulted variables are integer
           OPTION BASE 1  ' Default array indexation starts from "1"

           SUB PROGRTM(File%,Nam$,Title$,Record$,Mode$,Appear$) STATIC PUBLIC

           DIM Wheel$(4)

      ' Initialize Routine Constants (Start) -------------------------------------

           SELECT CASE (UCASE$(Mode$))
                  CASE ("S")
                       IF (LEN(Appear$)=0) THEN
                          App$=">=EBA0"  '
                          App$=Appear$+"      "
                       END IF
                       Incompl.Symb$    =MID$(App$,1,1)
                       Complete.Symb$   =MID$(App$,2,1)
                       Incompl.Color$   =MID$(App$,3,1)
                       Complete.Color$  =MID$(App$,4,1)
                       Running.Color$   =MID$(App$,5,1)
                       IF (Incompl.Symb$    =" ") THEN Incompl.Symb$    =">"
                       IF (Complete.Symb$   =" ") THEN Complete.Symb$   ="="
                       IF (Incompl.Color$   =" ") THEN Incompl.Color$   ="E"
                       IF (Complete.Color$  =" ") THEN Complete.Color$  ="B"
                       IF (Running.Color$   =" ") THEN Running.Color$   ="A"
                       IF (Background.Color$=" ") THEN Background.Color$="0"
                       Incompl.Color   =VAL("&H"+Incompl.Color$)
                       Complete.Color  =VAL("&H"+Complete.Color$)
                       Running.Color   =VAL("&H"+Running.Color$)

      ' Display Initial Processing Progress Message ------------------------------

           File.Size!=LOF(File%)   ' Get input file size
           IF (LEN(Title$)>57) THEN Title$=LEFT$(Title$,57)
           IF (Share!=0) THEN Share!=1
           COLOR Complete.Color,Background.Color
           PRINT Nam$;"  ";Title$;"       "
           PRINT TAB(Percent.Pos);"  0% [";Wheel$(1);"]   ";
           COLOR Incompl.Color,Background.Color
           PRINT STRING$(Title.Len,Incompl.Symb$);"       ";

      ' Redisplay Processing Progress Message ------------------------------------

           CASE ("P")
                IF (Elapsed.Time>Prev.Time) THEN
                   COLOR Running.Color,Background.Color
                   LOCATE Curs.Line-1,Curs.Pos
                   GOSUB Display.Time
                   IF (Percent.Compl>4) THEN
      '               Left.Time=600  ' Was used for >9 minutes debugging
                      LOCATE Curs.Line,Curs.Pos
                      GOSUB Display.Time
                   END IF
                END IF
                LOCATE Curs.Line,Percent.Pos
                COLOR Running.Color,Background.Color
                PRINT USING "###";Percent.Compl;
                PRINT "% [";Wheel$((Percent.Compl MOD 4)+1);"]   ";
                IF (Curr.Size!>Limit!) THEN
                   COLOR Complete.Color,Background.Color
                   PRINT STRING$(Curr.Size!*Length.Ratio!,Complete.Symb$);
                END IF

      ' Redisplay Process Finish Message -----------------------------------------

           CASE ELSE
                COLOR Complete.Color,Background.Color
                LOCATE Curs.Line-1,Time.Pos+(Elapsed.Time<600)
                GOSUB Display.Time
                LOCATE Curs.Line,Percent.Pos
                PRINT "100% [*]   ";STRING$(Title.Len,Complete.Symb$);"       "

           END SELECT

           GOTO Finish.Routine

      Display.Time:   ' Routine ---------------------------------------------------

           Dspl.Secs=INT(Dspl.Time MOD 60)
           PRINT USING "##";Dspl.Mins;
           PRINT ":";
           IF (Dspl.Secs<10) THEN
              PRINT "0";
              PRINT USING "#";Dspl.Secs;
              PRINT USING "##";Dspl.Secs;
           END IF
           IF (Dspl.Mins<10) THEN PRINT " ";

           RETURN  ' From Display.Time routine

      Finish.Routine:  ' ----------------------------------------------------------

           COLOR 7,0  ' Grey on Black
           END SUB

 PROGRTM  Debugging  Program                   Source program               Debugging logout

      ' PROGRTM(1.1)  Displ File Proc Progr Ind with Times   06/27/1994-11/17/1998
      ' --------------------------------------------------------------------------


        DECLARE SUB PROGRTM(File%,Nam$,Title$,Record$,Mode$,Appear$)


        PRINT "PROGRTM(1.0)  Display File Proc Progress Ind with Times  ";DATE$;
        PRINT "  ";LEFT$(TIME$,5)
        PRINT STRING$(74,"-")

        CALL PROGRTM(1,"CONVERT(0.0)","File SOURCE.TXT is converted to TARGET.TXT","","S",Appear$)

        WHILE (NOT(EOF(1)))
              LINE INPUT #1,Input.Record$
              CALL PROGRTM(1,"","",Input.Record$,"P","")
              DELAY Pause!

        CALL PROGRTM(1,"","","","F","")

        COLOR 7,0  ' Grey on Black
        PRINT "Execution completed - hit [Enter] to continue..."

 PROGRTM  Debugging  Logout                        Source program                     Debugging program


   PROGRTM(1.0)  Display File Proc Progress Ind with Times  05-14-2003  18:01

   CONVERT(0.0)  File SOURCE.TXT is converted to TARGET.TXT  0:04
       24% [-]   =========>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  0:14

   PROGRTM(1.0)  Display File Proc Progress Ind with Times  05-14-2003  18:07

   CONVERT(0.0)  File SOURCE.TXT is converted to TARGET.TXT  0:14
       75% [/]   ===============================>>>>>>>>>>>  0:05

   PROGRTM(1.0)  Display File Proc Progress Ind with Times  05-14-2003  18:09

   CONVERT(0.0)  File SOURCE.TXT is converted to TARGET.TXT  0:21
      100% [*]   ==========================================

   Execution completed - hit [Enter] to continue...


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