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SS  CList  Command


SS CList a is used to Start multiple logical Sessions for ISPF.  It is easy to open new ISPF sessions with the START command as they become necessary; however, after opening several sessions it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of them.  SWAP LIST command is not much of a help, since Panelids taht are displayed by it, don't offer any mnemonical help for identifying opened sessions.  Session numbers are also not helpful when new sessions were opened without any order.

Alternative approach is to introduce some predefined order (at least partial) in the logical sessions by associating certain initial function with some of the sessions being opened (normally 2 or 4 sessions can be left initially generic).  Once critical sessions are identified and are associated with session numbers, a simple CList can be written to open logical sessions in the desired order.  Each session gets a short (23 letters) mnemonic name to be used for easy session identification and to switch between sessions (using session number, however, is even easier way of session switching).

It makes sense to print and cut session list right from SS command comments and to attach it close to the keyboard.  Then swiching to a specific session is a matter of only 3 successive keystrokes: [Home]-[session_number]-[F9] (assuming that [F9] is set to SWAP).  Stand-alone [F9] will swap between current and previous sessions.  Session name can be used instead of session number to switch between sessions.

SS command should be executed only once upon initial ISPF entry and it makes sense to call it from the TEMPNAME command which is used to setup TSO/ISPF session environment.  All 8 sessions (current ISPF maximum) are used for session setup; obviously it is possible to start smaller number of sessions.

     /* SS  Start Multiple ISPF Logical Sessions       11/17/199808/31/2000
     /* --------------------------------------------------------------------
     /* Copyright (C) 19982000 by Vladimir & Victor Veytsel   www.davar.net
     /* Requires that commands used are defined via SC prior to SS execution

     /* 1. G1  - Gen session #1  (ISPF primary menu)
     /* 2. G2  - Gen session #2  (ISPF primary menu)
     /* 3. G3  - Gen session #3  (ISPF primary menu)
     /* 3. G4  - Gen session #4  (ISPF primary menu)
     /* 5. PG  - PGMR Data List  (&SYSUID..PGMR prefixed; becomes CURRent)
     /* 6. DL  - User Data List  (&SYSUID       prefixed)
     /* 7. WP  - ISPF WorkPlace
     /* 8. SD  - SDSF held outp  (becomes PREVious session)

                       PARM(SCRNAME G2  PERM;        SWAP) SUSPEND
                       PARM(SCRNAME G3  PERM;        SWAP) SUSPEND
                       PARM(SCRNAME G4  PERM;        SWAP) SUSPEND
                       PARM(SCRNAME PG  PERM; DL P;; SWAP) SUSPEND
                       PARM(SCRNAME DL  PERM; DL *;; SWAP) SUSPEND
                       PARM(SCRNAME WP  PERM; WP  ;; SWAP) SUSPEND
                       PARM(SCRNAME SD  PERM; SD H;; SWAP) SUSPEND

        SET     ZCMD=  &STR(SCRNAME G1  PERM;        +
                            SCRNAME ON; SWAP PG)

PG session (PGMR Data List) that becomes current after SS command execution.

     File  Edit  Confirm  Menu  Utilities  Compilers  Test  Help

   PG IST - Data Sets Matching DEVUVOV.PGMR                           Row 1 of 10
   Command ===> ________________________________________________ Scroll ===> PAGE

   Command - Enter "/" to select action                  Message           Volume
            DEVVLAD.PGMR.CList                                             TSO002
            DEVVLAD.PGMR.COBOL                                             TSO003
            DEVVLAD.PGMR.CONTROL                                           TSO002
            DEVVLAD.PGMR.JOB                                               TSO004
            DEVVLAD.PGMR.LOAD                                              TSO004
            DEVVLAD.PGMR.PANEL                                             TSO002
            DEVVLAD.PGMR.PLI                                               TSO003
            DEVVLAD.PGMR.PRINT                                             MIGRAT1
            DEVVLAD.PGMR.PROC                                              TSO004
            DEVVLAD.PGMR.REXX                                              TSO002
   ***************************** End of Data Set list ****************************

List of logical sessions displayed in responce to SWAP LIST command
followed by [F1] Help to display session list details and usage.

     Menu  Options  View  Utilities  Compilers  Help
   - +----------- ISPF Task List -----------+ -----------------------------------
   P | PG Active ISPF Logical Sessions      |                         Row 1 of 10
   C |                                      |                    Scroll ===> PAGE
     |     ID  Name      Panelid   Applid   |
   C |  .  1   G1        ISR@PRIM  ISP      |            Message           Volume
   - |  .  2   G2        ISR@PRIM  ISP      | ------------------------------------
     |  .  3   G3        ISR@PRIM  ISP      |                              TSO002
     |  .  4   G4        ISR@PRIM  ISP      |                              TSO003
     |  .  5*  PG        ISRUDSL0  ISP      |                              TSO002
     |  .  6   DL        ISRUDSL0  ISP      |                              TSO004
     |  .  7   WP        ISRUDMM   ISR      |                              TSO004
     |  .  8-  SD        ISFPCU41  ISF      |                              TSO002
     |                                      |                              TSO003
     |                                      |                              MIGRAT1
     |                                      |                              TSO004
     +--------------------------------------+                              TSO002
   * +--------------------------------------------------------------------------+
     | Select an ISPF screen to switch to by positioning the cursor to an input |
     | field and pressing Enter. A screen name may be assigned to a screen with |
     | the SCRNAME command. The "*" indicates the current logical screen. The   |
     | "-" indicates the screen opposite the current logical screen.            |

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