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 About  4DOS  Selection

4DOS is a substitution for a COMMAND.COM (program that interperts and executes DOS console and batch file commands).  It provides a powerfull and flexible scripting language for a DOS session.  It installs easily, it provides many convenient features to command entry, it is dependable and very stable, and it has an exhaustive hyperlinked on-line help.  It works without any problems both in native DOS (but who still use it these days?) and in Windows-95/NT DOS sessions.  If you like to automate your repeated tasks and prefer a small script to a "thousand and one" clicks, you can download a copy of 4DOS, install it and try it for yourself.

small easy to comprehend steps which are linked so that the are eas to follow Solutions are breaked into a set of small steps each one being self-contained and depaending onl on the previous steps. Breaking solution into small steps suggest continuing on our own as early as you can in case you didn't solve the entire problem yourself.

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