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      Democrats are losing support from many  (Fox 12/15/2017)
      Japan sends signal to North Korea by freezing company assets  (Fox 12/15/2017)
      Oregon-based Samson promises flying sports car for next year  (Fox 12/15/2017)
      From Omarosa and Huckabee to Joe and Mika, politics of feuding takes center stage  (Fox 12/15/2017)
      French school bus crash death toll rises to 6  (Fox 12/15/2017)
      Deutsche Bank had flagged Manafort-related transactions  (Fox 12/15/2017)
      US prosecutors move to cash in on $8.5M in seized bitcoin  (Fox 12/15/2017)
      Miss Iraq forced to flee country over Instagram photo alongside Miss Israel  (Fox 12/15/2017)
      What's next for Brexit as EU agrees to new of talks?  (Fox 12/15/2017)
      Iraq hangs 38 ISIS, Al Qaeda militants in mass execution  (Fox 12/15/2017)
      US fighter jets 'head-butt' Russian jets in Syria, US official says  (Fox 12/14/2017)
      Kim Jong Un's top aide executed by North Korean death squad, reports suggest  (Fox 12/14/2017)
      Omarosa speaks out on drama behind White House departure  (Fox 12/14/2017)
      Nazareth cancels Christmas celebrations over Trump's Israel decision  (Fox 12/14/2017)
      Hackers halt plant operations in 'watershed' cyberattack  (Fox 12/14/2017)
      UN investigators plans to review N.  Korean abduction claims  (Fox 12/14/2017)
      A government shutdown could really happen just as Congress eyes tax victory  (Fox 12/14/2017)
      How the FCC's move on net neutrality could impact consumers  (Fox 12/14/2017)
      Widow of Kentucky State Rep.  Dan Johnson says she'll pursue his seat  (Fox 12/14/2017)
      Comey edits revealed: Remarks on Clinton probe were watered down, documents show  (Fox 12/14/2017)
      Putin: Trump-Russia 'collusion' talk undermining US system  (Fox 12/14/2017)
      Liberal women go into hysterics attacking Sarah Sanders, but they don't speak for most women  (Fox 12/14/2017)
      Argentina submarine chased by British helicopter before vanishing, sailor's sister claims  (Fox 12/14/2017)
      The Latest: Turkey suggests opening embassy to Palestine  (Fox 12/14/2017)
      ISIS-inspired monsters in our midst cannot inspire us to cast aside the constitution  (Fox 12/14/2017)
      Ingraham: Mueller Probe 'Irreparably Tainted' After Revelations of Anti-Trump Bias  (Fox 12/14/2017)
      North Korea tops agenda as leaders of South Korea, China meet  (Fox 12/14/2017)
      Thousands of mourners say farewell to Romania's King Michael  (Fox 12/14/2017)
      Former Clinton Strategist: Mueller, FBI Face 'Crisis in Public Confidence'  (Fox 12/14/2017)
      'Draining the Swamp': Trump Literally Cuts Red Tape, Touts Historic Regulatory Reform  (Fox 12/14/2017)
      Net neutrality vote: FCC repeals Obama-era Internet rules  (Fox 12/14/2017)
      Republicans turn focus to FBI's McCabe over texts on 'insurance' against Trump  (Fox 12/14/2017)
      GOP senators hold back support for tax bill over child tax credit  (Fox 12/14/2017)
      Omarosa ousted by Kelly in White House Situation Room, despite her denials  (Fox 12/14/2017)
      Liz Peek: Sexual misconduct is quickly becoming politicized.  And that's bad news for all of us  (Fox 12/13/2017)
      Tick found preserved in amber likely sucked blood of feathered dinosaurs, study suggests  (Fox 12/13/2017)
      Moral Values and Customs vs.  Laws  (JWR 12/13/2017)
      Trump called her 'real dummy,' but court tosses her $4M defamation case  (Fox 12/13/2017)
      Report: Omarosa 'physically dragged' from White House grounds  (Fox 12/13/2017)
      Texts show FBI agents fuming over Trump: 'Protect the country from that menace'  (Fox 12/13/2017)
      The truth [and good news] about Roy Moore's loss in the Alabama  (Fox 12/13/2017)
      Trump's Moon directive earns praise from NASA, others  (Fox 12/13/2017)
      Judge Nap: Too Early to Say Mueller Probe Is Biased Against Trump  (Fox 12/13/2017)
      Former top spy rethinks attacks on Trump  (JWR 12/13/2017)
      While bombs go off, our national identity crisis burns on  (JWR 12/13/2017)
      Still Dawdling Over Deadly Diversity Visas  (JWR 12/13/2017)
      Hannity on Mueller Probe: Rod Rosenstein 'Aiding and Abetting' the 'Threat to Rule of Law'  (Fox 12/13/2017)
      Marc Thiessen: GOP's future is grim if Trump doesn't learn the lesson of Alabama  (Fox 12/13/2017)
      Meet the US Army's new pistol  (Fox 12/13/2017)
      Human foot washes ashore in Canada, the 13th in a decade, report says  (Fox 12/13/2017)
      New $1B US embassy in London a high-security fortress, with a moat  (Fox 12/13/2017)
      Heartbreaking video of starving polar bear stirs controversy among conservationists  (Fox 12/13/2017)
      Rule of law under siege: How rampant anti-Trump bias in the Russia probe threatens...  (Fox 12/13/2017)
      Rosenstein stands by Mueller probe as Republicans fume over 'insider bias'  (Fox 12/13/2017)
      Fusion GPS admits DOJ official's wife Nellie Ohr hired to probe Trump  (Fox 12/13/2017)
      Trump walks back support for Roy Moore, says he was 'right' that he wouldn't win  (Fox 12/13/2017)
      Former Trump administration officials, from Comey to Omarosa  (Fox 12/13/2017)
      Port Authority bombing suspect's family faces backlash after chastising authorities  (Fox 12/12/2017)
      A new stealth threat from China  (JWR 12/12/2017)
      Trump's Constructive Chaos  (JWR 12/12/2017)
      North Korea exports women to China  (Fox 12/12/2017)
      Iraq PM warns Islamic State might erupt again somewhere else  (Fox 12/12/2017)
      Former Facebook exec won't let own kids use social media, says it's 'destroying how society works'  (Fox 12/12/2017)
      Big media's terrible, horrible, not very good week  (JWR 12/12/2017)
      Top senator expands probe into Obama-era Uranium One deal, says he was misled  (Fox 12/12/2017)
      How a succession of blunders help Trump shred the media's credibility  (Fox 12/12/2017)
      Trump lawyer wants separate special prosecutor to probe DOJ-Fusion conflicts  (Fox 12/12/2017)
      Trump must stop reckless immigration policy: 'Green Card Warrior' Nick Adams  (Fox 12/12/2017)
      Cal Thomas: Roy Moore, God and the choice evangelicals must make  (Fox 12/12/2017)
      Mueller's Russia investigation: What to know  (Fox 12/12/2017)
      Charles Jenkins, Ex-US Army soldier who defected to North Korea, dead at 77  (Fox 12/12/2017)
      North Korea terror threat remains a concern as Winter Olympics prep gets underway  (Fox 12/12/2017)
      Port Authority bombing suspect wrote on Facebook: 'Trump you failed to protect your nation'  (Fox 12/12/2017)
      Trump Jr.  asks for investigation into leaks of House panel interview  (Fox 12/12/2017)
      Turley on Mueller Probe: Congress Should Investigate the Investigation  (Fox 12/12/2017)
      FBI's McCabe 'has an Ohr problem,' will not testify on Tuesday, source says  (Fox 12/12/2017)
      Pelosi's claim the House GOP is 'inviting' violent criminals to carry concealed weapons  (JWR 12/12/2017)
      Arnold Schwarzenegger, pedaling through Paris, blasts Trump for pullout from climate accord  (Fox 12/12/2017)
      'You're Filibustering': Tucker Challenges Dem on Mueller Probe Conflicts  (Fox 12/12/2017)
      Fleischer: Media 'Letting Down Its Professional Guard' Because They Don't Like Trump  (Fox 12/12/2017)
      Accused NYC subway bomber expected to face federal charges  (Fox 12/12/2017)
      Trump signs $700 billion military budget into law  (Fox 12/12/2017)
      Trump rips 'Lightweight' Gillibrand over resignation call, says harassment claims 'false'  (Fox 12/12/2017)
      Illegal immigrant found guilty in murder of family of five in San Francisco  (Fox 12/12/2017)
      Senate tax bill could be a game changer for parents frustrated with the public school system  (Fox 12/12/2017)
      Texts between ex-Mueller team members emerge, calling Trump 'loathsome human,' 'an idiot'  (Fox 12/12/2017)
      Trump's Gillibrand tweet quickly labeled sexist by mainstream media  (Fox 12/12/2017)
      Sean Spicer promises to 'set the record straight' in upcoming book  (Fox 12/12/2017)
      Here's how Trump could make a quick [and complete] exit from the Paris climate agreement...  (Fox 12/12/2017)
      As Utah Goes, So Goes .  .  .  Perhaps A Lot of Republican Drama In 2018 And Beyond  (JWR 12/12/2017)
      Sanders: 'Your Mind Is in the Gutter' If You Think Trump's Tweet at Gillibrand Was Sexual  (Fox 12/12/2017)
      Ex-Mueller aides' texts revealed: Read them here  (Fox 12/12/2017)
      Resist the predictions of a driverless dystopia  (JWR 12/12/2017)
      Berkeley Campus Activists Disrupt Kate Steinle Vigil, Poster Found in Trash  (Fox 12/12/2017)
      CNN quietly backtracks another report tying Trump campaign to Russia  (Fox 12/11/2017)
      What happens when police fail  (JWR 12/11/2017)
      Wife of demoted DOJ official worked for firm behind anti-Trump dossier  (Fox 12/11/2017)
      US says WTO losing focus on trade, becoming litigation group  (Fox 12/11/2017)
      Why Port Authority attack proves Islamist terror is a threat to our homeland  (Fox 12/11/2017)
      The Latest: Putin says Jerusalem move may end peace process  (Fox 12/11/2017)
      Inside the Trump dossier handoff: McCain's 'go-between' speaks out  (Fox 12/11/2017)
      Did Trump make the Israel-Diaspora divide seem smaller?  (JWR 12/11/2017)
      North Korea's nuclear test site aftershocks are 'relaxation events' caused by nuke test, analysts say  (Fox 12/11/2017)
      Deputy FBI Director to testify behind closed doors of House Intelligence Committee  (Fox 12/11/2017)
      'One of my nightmares': Pipe bomb attack hits in NYC subway  (Fox 12/11/2017)
      Abandon Trump?  Oh, absolutely not now!  (JWR 12/11/2017)
      Taxes have become the weakest link in our innovation strategy...  (Fox 12/11/2017)
      North Korean defector describes forced abortion, said bodies fed to dogs in prison  (Fox 12/11/2017)
      German intelligence warns of increased Chinese cyberspying  (Fox 12/11/2017)
      Italian tightrope walker inches his way over Tiber River  (Fox 12/10/2017)
      The nightmare of slavery should make us appreciate the blessings of today  (Fox 12/10/2017)
      Rutgers announces punishment for professor accused of making anti-Semitic remarks  (Fox 12/10/2017)
      Pence responds to Abbas snub over Jerusalem decision  (Fox 12/10/2017)
      Anti-migrant leader pushes to win national power in Italy  (Fox 12/10/2017)
      Escaped dog captured at Logan International Airport after 3 hour pursuit  (Fox 12/10/2017)
      Trump's Jerusalem decision defended amid Mideast backlash  (Fox 12/10/2017)
      Judge Jeanine: There Needs to Be a 'Cleansing' at the FBI, DOJ  (Fox 12/10/2017)
      'Stain on America!' Trump denounces 'Fake News Media' after string of major reporting...  (Fox 12/10/2017)
      Kim Jong Un's bizarre North Korea propaganda photos  (Fox 12/10/2017)
      Post reporter Trump wants fired for 'bad tweet' resigned from paper in 2010 after similar incident  (Fox 12/10/2017)
      Obama still doesn't get it optimism, not whining, grows an economy  (Fox 12/10/2017)
      Arab foreign ministers meet in Cairo over Jerusalem  (Fox 12/09/2017)
      Newt Gingrich: Here's why America must be great  (Fox 12/09/2017)
      Washington Post reporter apologizes for 'bad tweet' after Trump calls him out  (Fox 12/09/2017)
      Navy sailor staged racist vandalism, investigation finds  (Fox 12/09/2017)
      Tomi Lahren on Lindsey Vonn's Anti-Trump Comments: 'These Athletes Just Can't Help Themselves'  (Fox 12/09/2017)
      MS-13 foiled in attempt to kidnap, kill teen boy on Long Island  (Fox 12/09/2017)
      Archaeologists discover ancient tombs in Egypt's Luxor  (Fox 12/09/2017)
      Stock-market investors aren't afraid of the Fed anymore  (Fox 12/09/2017)
      Media goes crazy over Trump announcement on Jerusalem, CNN's sloppy mistake, and other...  (Fox 12/09/2017)
      Is Masterpiece Cakeshop case about the First Amendment or discrimination against...  (Fox 12/09/2017)
      Teen charged in beating disabled man, broadcasting it on Facebook Live gets probation  (Fox 12/09/2017)
      Trump says CNN was 'caught red handed' with fake news on WikiLeaks email  (Fox 12/09/2017)
      Northern California shooter who killed 5, wounded 12 fatally shot himself  (Fox 12/09/2017)
      Watters: Trump Maintains Strong Connection With His Base With Rallies  (Fox 12/08/2017)
      The right <I>not</I> to design a  (JWR ke/0/2017)
      Is anyone ever wrong anymore?  (JWR 12/08/2017)
      CNN botches dates, inaccurately reports Trump campaign had WikiLeaks sneak peek  (Fox 12/08/2017)
      Business world is 180 degrees from where it was under Obama admin: Bob Nardelli  (Fox 12/08/2017)
      Trump puts fact ahead of fiction in Israel  (JWR 12/08/2017)
      Head of House ethics panel finds evidence of abuse in US government surveillance  (Fox 12/08/2017)
      Trump's great and ingenious gifts  (JWR 12/08/2017)
      Mueller reportedly taps FBI utility player to replace agent ousted from Russia probe  (Fox 12/08/2017)
      'Vintage Donald Trump': Lewandowski Reacts to Pensacola Rally  (Fox 12/08/2017)
      Jordan: 'There Has to Be More' to the Story of Why FBI Agent Was Kicked off Mueller's Team  (Fox 12/08/2017)
      Gregg Jarrett: Robert Mueller and his politically biased team of prosecutors need to go  (Fox 12/08/2017)
      More Clinton ties on Mueller team: One deputy attended Clinton party, another rep'd top aide  (Fox 12/08/2017)
      Modernizing the tax code will provide a long-term boost to the American economy and to...  (Fox 12/08/2017)
      Hero teacher saved 17 lives during New Mexico school shooting  (Fox 12/08/2017)
      The blessings of climate change  (JWR 12/07/2017)
      Trump's move frees Palestinians to focus on peace  (JWR 12/07/2017)
      Democrats forced Franken out to ramp up their strategy to bring down Trump  (Fox 12/07/2017)
      Top Mueller investigator's Democratic ties raise new bias questions  (Fox 12/07/2017)
      Russia's Influence Spreads  (JWR 12/07/2017)
      Brian Ross Should Be Fired  (JWR 12/07/2017)
      Roy Moore banking on Trump bump ahead of highly anticipated rally  (Fox 12/07/2017)
      FBI Director Wray grilled by Republicans over 'bias' concerns in Russia, Clinton email cases  (Fox 12/07/2017)
      Texas gun owner shoots, kills man trying to rob him and family at Popeyes, report says  (Fox 12/07/2017)
      Shapiro: Al Franken Might Not Leave Senate If GOP Seats Roy Moore  (Fox 12/07/2017)
      House Dem John Lewis says he'll skip civil rights museum opening over Trump's attendance  (Fox 12/07/2017)
      Pearl Harbor and the legacy of Carl Vinson  (JWR 12/07/2017)
      Ethics panel clears Rep.  Devin Nunes of claims he mishandled classified information  (Fox 12/07/2017)
      Independence Hypocrisy  (JWR 12/07/2017)
      Al Franken Senate resignation sparks reaction from politicians, celebrities  (Fox 12/07/2017)
      Al Franken's resignation gives Republicans 'huge' opportunity to win seat: GOP leader  (Fox 12/07/2017)
      Newt Gingrich: Trump's monuments move won't harm the environment Ignore the naysayers  (Fox 12/07/2017)
      Why Trump could still pull a fast one on 'Chuck' and 'Nancy' on immigration  (Fox 12/07/2017)
      Planned Parenthood under investigation by Justice Department over sale of fetal tissue  (Fox 12/07/2017)
      India residents claim they're getting rained on by airplane passenger poop  (Fox 12/06/2017)
      Roy Moore is going to win his Senate race, despite Democrats' phony claim of moral superiority  (Fox 12/06/2017)
      Gay man denied marriage license to challenge Kentucky clerk Kim Davis  (Fox 12/06/2017)
      Fiscal Responsibility or Lower Taxes?  (JWR 12/06/2017)
      A credible peace plan, at last  (JWR 12/06/2017)
      Gregg Jarrett: 'The Mueller Investigation Is Illegitimate and Corrupt'  (Fox 12/06/2017)
      Why the Alabama senate race is shifting in Moore's favor  (JWR 12/06/2017)
      Pyongyang on the Prairie, Part I  (JWR 12/06/2017)
      Tucker Rips 'Fraud' Gillibrand for Covering for Bill Clinton and Now Demanding Franken Resign  (Fox 12/06/2017)
      Pulse nightclub shooter's wife to stand trial in Orlando  (Fox 12/06/2017)
      Starving the beast  (JWR 12/06/2017)
      Media give white nationalists all the attention they crave  (JWR 12/06/2017)
      Trump Strikes Back at Federal Investigators and the Media  (JWR 12/06/2017)
      How D.C.  political assassins use media to oust Rex Tillerson  (JWR 12/06/2017)
      'Over 10,000 texts' between ex-Mueller team officials found, after discovery of anti-Trump messages  (Fox 12/06/2017)
      German pilots stopped 222 deportations by refusing to fly, report says  (Fox 12/06/2017)
      How an insider trading scandal became an 'insider leak' scandal  (Fox 12/06/2017)
      Reps.  Gaetz, Biggs: Hillary Clinton's FBI special treatment must be investigated  (Fox 12/06/2017)
      Lawyers sue California because too many children can't read  (Fox 12/05/2017)
      Islamic terror plot to assassinate British PM Theresa May thwarted, report says  (Fox 12/05/2017)
      Tomi Lahren on Trump Travel Ban: Properly Vetting People Is Not Racist or Bigoted  (Fox 12/05/2017)
      Kirstjen Nielsen confirmed by Senate to lead Department of Homeland Security  (Fox 12/05/2017)
      Robert Mueller's mighty tuna shrinks to a goldfish  (JWR 12/05/2017)
      Laura Ingraham: Trump Should Rename San Francisco Park in Honor of Kate Steinle  (Fox 12/05/2017)
      New immigration, gun charges filed against illegal immigrant acquitted in Kate Steinle trial  (Fox 12/05/2017)
      Wisconsin Gov.  Walker moving ahead with plan to drug test food stamp users  (Fox 12/05/2017)
      Flynn's Russia contacts were no crime and no scandal  (JWR 12/05/2017)
      A special counsel needs to investigate the FBI and Justice Department.  Now  (JWR 12/05/2017)
      DOJ to hand over official's anti-Trump texts, amid contempt threat  (Fox 12/05/2017)
      Trump is a unique American story that has made our political elite class irrelevant  (Fox 12/05/2017)
      Why Google Should Not Rule the World  (JWR 12/04/2017)
      Senator Mitch McConnell: Tax reform, what's in it for you  (Fox 12/04/2017)
      Washington's Redskin  (JWR 12/04/2017)
      Administration asks Supreme Court to overrule decision on DACA documents  (JWR 12/04/2017)
      FBI agent fired from Russia probe oversaw Flynn interviews, softened Comey language on Clinton...  (Fox 12/04/2017)
      Al Franken's calculated strategy of non-denial  (JWR 12/04/2017)
      Paul Manafort working on op-ed with colleague 'assessed' to have links to Russian intelligence...  (Fox 12/04/2017)
      From White House to courthouse: The fall of Michael Flynn  (JWR 12/04/2017)
      House Republicans prepare contempt action against FBI, Department of Justice  (JWR 12/04/2017)
      Africans are being sold at Libyan slave markets.  Thanks, Hillary  (JWR 12/04/2017)
      Goodell defends NFL's massive planned donation for social justice causes  (Fox 12/04/2017)
      What the Constitution says about cakes and compelled speech  (JWR 12/04/2017)
      Trump reiterates 'no collusion' with Russia in first public comments since Flynn's guilty plea  (Fox 12/02/2017)
      North Korean missile broke up on re-entry, US official says  (Fox 12/02/2017)
      Final death toll in Somalia's worst attack is 512 people  (Fox 12/02/2017)
      Trump laments Flynn's lies to FBI about Russia contacts: 'There was nothing to hide!'  (Fox 12/02/2017)
      German police looking for sender of suspicious package  (Fox 12/02/2017)
      Mueller dismisses top FBI agent in Russia probe over possible anti-Trump texts  (Fox 12/02/2017)
      Senate OKs sweeping tax reform bill, Trump predicts final passage before Christmas  (Fox 12/02/2017)
      'Unmasking' crackdown bill gets House panel's OK  (Fox 12/02/2017)
      Argentina chasing new lead in search for missing submarine  (Fox 12/02/2017)
      Egypt massacre in Sinai may point to an even more bloody IS  (Fox 12/02/2017)
      Tom Shillue: Why I love a fake Christmas tree  (Fox 12/02/2017)
      'A Christmas Carol' offers important lessons on how we should all be living today  (Fox 12/02/2017)
      ABC News suspends Brian Ross over 'serious error' in Flynn report  (Fox 12/02/2017)
      More big, anti-Trump media names crash and burn from sexual misconduct allegations...  (Fox 12/02/2017)
      Sheriff Clarke: Build The Wall or Illegal Immigrant Felons 'Will Keep Coming Back'  (Fox 12/02/2017)
      ABC's Brian Ross again under fire for explosive error on Trump, Flynn  (Fox 12/02/2017)
      BoycottSanFrancisco takes off after Steinle case acquittal  (Fox 12/02/2017)
      New Jersey authorities arrest 79 alleged sex offenders in sting operation  (Fox 12/02/2017)
      GOP Senate survived two surprise, nor'easter-like storms to ultimately pass major tax reform  (Fox 12/02/2017)
      Hurt: Mueller's Attempts to Incriminate Trump 'Like Lucy With the Football'  (Fox 12/02/2017)
      Trump Against the World  (JWR 12/02/2017)
      Trump takes victory lap after Senate passes tax bill, calls it 'largest tax decrease ...  by far'  (Fox 12/02/2017)
      H.R.  McMaster: Potential for war with North Korea increases 'every day'  (Fox 12/02/2017)
      Gregg Jarrett: Did Flynn or the Trump transition team violate the Logan Act?  No  (Fox 12/02/2017)
      Don't let Christmas destroy you [it's really hard to fake happiness for a whole month]  (Fox 12/02/2017)
      McMaster, Pompeo among speakers at 5th annual Reagan National Defense Forum  (Fox 12/02/2017)
      Flynn who?  For the stock markets, it's all about tax cuts and the Santa rally  (Fox 12/02/2017)
      The media's Flynn-sanity Diplomacy after the election is not the same as collusion before...  (Fox 12/02/2017)
      Newt Gingrich: Congratulations Senate Republicans on tax bill Now, on to the Conference  (Fox 12/02/2017)
      Hawaii Tests Cold-War Era Sirens After North Korean Missile Test  (Fox 12/02/2017)
      Massive New York fire started by amateur bladesmith attempting to imitate History Channel's...  (Fox 12/01/2017)
      Judge Nap on Flynn's Guilty Plea: 'Monumental' Reduction of Charges Doesn't Come for Free  (Fox 12/01/2017)
      Law enforcement errors inflamed Charlottesville violence, report says  (Fox 12/01/2017)
      Steve Hilton: Trump should cancel UK trip, give big trade a boost  (Fox 12/01/2017)
      White House confident they have votes to pass Senate GOP tax plan  (Fox 12/01/2017)
      DOJ weighing federal charges in Kate Steinle murder case, after not guilty verdict  (Fox 12/01/2017)
      Michael Flynn pleads guilty to false-statements charge in Russia probe  (Fox 12/01/2017)
      Rep.  Farenthold paid $84G sexual harassment settlement with taxpayer money, report says  (Fox 12/01/2017)
      Senate tax plan, Trump held hostage as Flake and Corker play dangerous game  (Fox 12/01/2017)
      Sen.  Cruz: Flynn Guilty Plea Is 'Disappointing and Disturbing'  (Fox 12/01/2017)
      When prey becomes predator  (JWR 12/01/2017)
      NASA is building a new rover to look for life on Mars  (Fox 12/01/2017)
      'Equator trap' may complicate search for alien life  (Fox 12/01/2017)
      Mom Whose Son Was Killed by Illegal Immigrant on Steinle Verdict: Build Wall, Defund Sanctuary...  (Fox 12/01/2017)
      North Korea's latest ICBM has potential to reach Washington, Seoul says  (Fox 12/01/2017)
      North Korea and Kim Jong Un: Meet the known key players in the regime  (Fox 12/01/2017)
      Memo to GOP: Pass the Tax Bill  (JWR 12/01/2017)
      White House work orders show infiltration of mice, roaches  (Fox 12/01/2017)
      Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting report triggered FBI hunt for leaker, new emails show  (Fox 12/01/2017)
      Michael Flynn charged in Russia investigation: What to know  (Fox 12/01/2017)
      Michael Flynn charged in Russia investigation, guilty plea expected  (Fox 12/01/2017)
      Here's who Mueller has charged in Russia investigation so far  (Fox 12/01/2017)
      Rex Tillerson is not leaving role as secretary of state, Trump says  (Fox 12/01/2017)
      Judge Nap: How Flynn Plea Deal Could Lead to 'Constitutional Crisis'  (Fox 12/01/2017)
      Democrats sat out the tax fight.  It may prove to be an epic policy and political blunder  (Fox 12/01/2017)
      Trump and the Russia investigation: What to know  (Fox 12/01/2017)
      US doesn't need Qatar air base if Qatar won't support our fight against terrorism  (Fox 12/01/2017)
      Sessions: Trump, DOJ Doing Everything Possible to Reverse Sanctuary City Policies  (Fox 12/01/2017)
      A gift to the Democratic congresswoman who stood above partisanship  (JWR 12/01/2017)
      Gregg Jarrett: The Steinle verdict is only the latest miscarriage of justice in San Francisco  (Fox 12/01/2017)
      Who is Tom Cotton, Trump's rumored CIA director pick?  (Fox 12/01/2017)
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      Tax reform is on track and Democrats want to derail it.  Don't believe these myths...  (Fox 11/30/2017)
      Fighting back against the administrative state  (JWR 11/30/2017)
      Kate Steinle's accused killer found not guilty of murder  (Fox 11/30/2017)
      Grieving father detonates grenades at son's killer's murder trial, injures 7  (Fox 11/30/2017)
      Could North Korea's nuclear-tipped missile actually reach entire US?  (Fox 11/30/2017)
      Woman involved in altercation with conservative speaker ID'd  (Fox 11/30/2017)
      Conyers 'sure as hell' won't be pressured by Pelosi to resign, attorney vows  (Fox 11/30/2017)
      Colorado girl, 10, hanged herself after suspected bullying incident caught on camera, family says  (Fox 11/30/2017)
      The War on Men  (JWR 11/30/2017)
      Cop taunts would-be killer with lube on way to prison: 'You are going to need a lot of this'  (Fox 11/30/2017)
      Gregg Jarrett: Mueller's investigation imperils American-Russian relations, jeopardizing lives  (Fox 11/30/2017)
      Who polices the police?  (JWR 11/30/2017)
      Newt Gingrich: President Trump is decisively reining in the left  (Fox 11/30/2017)
      Sexual Harassment?  Depends on the Victim  (JWR 11/30/2017)
      Stellar storms may light up signs of life on alien planets  (Fox 11/30/2017)
      E-government sounds great, until it's hacked  (JWR 11/30/2017)
      Cal Thomas: The return of virtue  (Fox 11/30/2017)
      Bitcoin: Bubble about to burst or currency of the future?  (Fox 11/30/2017)
      Turkey: trial of banker is plot schemed by US-based cleric  (Fox 11/30/2017)
      Judge Napolitano Believes Mueller's Team Will Interview President Trump  (Fox 11/30/2017)
      Knocking Trump off Twitter was a 'mistake,' ex-employee says  (Fox 11/30/2017)
      Bitcoin has no intrinsic value: UBS Chairman Axel Weber  (Fox 11/30/2017)
      House lawyer urged contempt citations against DOJ, FBI over dossier 'stonewalling'  (Fox 11/30/2017)
      North Korea releases photos of Hwasong-15 ICBM launch, brags about celebratory dance parties  (Fox 11/30/2017)
      Why Russia's Facebook ad campaign wasn't such a success  (JWR 11/30/2017)
      The Dow hits a new high, for the 63rd time under Trump.  Here's what it means for you  (Fox 11/30/2017)
      White House releases 'explosive' tally of green cards issued in 'chain migration'  (Fox 11/30/2017)
      Judge Andrew Napolitano: Thanksgiving is over but Mueller and his team remain hard at work  (Fox 11/30/2017)
      Rescue mission for Argentine submarine crew ends, search for sub continues  (Fox 11/30/2017)
      Rex Tillerson expected to step down in January, plans discussed for Pompeo to take place  (Fox 11/30/2017)
      Is Supreme Court's privacy precedent outdated?  How America might be changing drastically  (JWR 11/29/2017)
      British PM rips Trump for retweeting Muslim attack videos from UK account  (Fox 11/29/2017)
      Utah hepatitis A outbreak hits 95 cases  (Fox 11/29/2017)
      What mainstream media, cultural elites just don't get: If there's no God, then there really...  (Fox 11/29/2017)
      Bill Clinton Won After All  (JWR 11/29/2017)
      Dem Rep.  Gutierrez testing waters for potential 2020 presidential run  (Fox 11/29/2017)
      War criminal Praljak claims to ingest poison, dies  (Fox 11/29/2017)
      Nancy Pelosi: Sham 'Shero'  (JWR 11/29/2017)
      Anna Kooiman: Our dog's mystery ailment nearly killed him, but the story has a happy ending  (Fox 11/29/2017)
      War crimes suspect Praljak claims to ingest poison, dies  (Fox 11/29/2017)
      ESPN to lay off 150 people, latest round of cuts at sports broadcasting network  (Fox 11/29/2017)
      Trump vows to slap 'major' sanctions on North Korea, after ICBM launch  (Fox 11/29/2017)
      New evidence dates Christ's tomb to Roman era, matching historical records  (Fox 11/29/2017)
      The Evil Rich  (JWR 11/29/2017)
      Trump retweets videos of alleged attacks by Muslims  (Fox 11/29/2017)
      State Department making a laughingstock of the US and President Trump  (JWR 11/29/2017)
      The Latest: British PM May makes surprise stop in Iraq  (Fox 11/29/2017)
      Black Self-Sabotage  (JWR 11/29/2017)
      WARNING: Trump will end 'strategic patience'  (JWR 11/29/2017)
      New legislation would help fight opioid crisis that is causing holiday heartbreak  (Fox 11/29/2017)
      Conservative boy wonder Lucian Wintrich arrested at UConn speech titled, 'It's OK to be White'  (Fox 11/29/2017)
      Tampa serial killer suspect used same gun in 4 killings, police say  (Fox 11/29/2017)
      The Latest: May spokesman: Trump 'wrong' for video retweet  (Fox 11/29/2017)
      What really happened with the GOP platform and Russia  (JWR 11/29/2017)
      Trump fires back at Theresa May over retweets of Muslim attack videos  (Fox 11/29/2017)
      Ron Paul: Why Trump must tackle the renewable fuel standard  (Fox 11/29/2017)
      Researchers using facial recognition tech to find Chinese missile sites  (Fox 11/29/2017)
      Condem-Nation: Today's Race to Denounce  (JWR 11/29/2017)
      Trump is right US-South Korea trade agreement needs fixing  (Fox 11/29/2017)
      John Stossel: As long as rich people don't collude with government, they make our lives better  (Fox 11/29/2017)
      Dr.  Marc Siegel: What Rand Paul's candid interview about his attack can teach us  (Fox 11/29/2017)
      ISIS cursed, mocked in Mosul, where old city remains a haunted wasteland  (Fox 11/29/2017)
      Brent Bozell: Matt Lauer and the sexual harassment hypocrisy  (Fox 11/29/2017)
      It's time to ramp up the pressure on North Korea and China after latest missile test  (Fox 11/29/2017)
      Tolerance for Elizabeth Warren's Fake News  (JWR 11/29/2017)
      Illegal immigrant charged in DUI crash that killed teenage girl  (Fox 11/29/2017)
      2 Americans who bared butts at Bangkok temples are arrested  (Fox 11/29/2017)
      Pelosi's double standard an example of shameless partisanship  (JWR 11/29/2017)
      Anna Kooiman: The incredible story of our dog's mystery ailment  (Fox 11/29/2017)
      Trump's far-right retweets spark calls for axing of UK visit  (Fox 11/29/2017)
      Trump shames Pelosi, Schumer with empty seats at meeting they boycotted  (Fox 11/28/2017)
      Jesus banned from buses in DC, but gay hookup ads allowed  (Fox 11/28/2017)
      This is Government Health Care  (Fox 11/28/2017)
      Nancy Pelosi the fake feminist  (Fox 11/28/2017)
      Demonizing white people doesn't improve race relations  (Fox 11/28/2017)
      Temporary restraining order to stop Trump's pick for CFPB is denied  (Fox 11/28/2017)
      Canadian 'hacker-for-hire' pleads guilty in Yahoo breach  (Fox 11/28/2017)
      Trump: America is 'fed up' with NFL national anthem protests  (Fox 11/28/2017)
      What is the CFPB?  (Fox 11/28/2017)
      Marc Thiessen: Trump should take out the site where North Korea just launched a missile  (Fox 11/28/2017)
      Here are the Republican senators to watch on tax reform  (Fox 11/28/2017)
      Warren lied about Native American heritage to get Harvard job: Varney  (Fox 11/28/2017)
      Christmas lights display in Connecticut sparks controversy in neighborhood  (Fox 11/28/2017)
      North Korea might be able to knock out electric power to millions of Americans We need...  (Fox 11/28/2017)
      Massachusetts police stop car with massive Christmas tree on top  (Fox 11/28/2017)
      Benghazi suspect convicted on four lesser counts, does not face death penalty  (Fox 11/28/2017)
      The miracle of Israel lives on 70 years later  (NYP 11/28/2017)
      Report: Louisville girl, 11, crashes truck into home because she wanted 'to kill people'  (Fox 11/28/2017)
      Thank you, Mr.  Trump for bringing 'Merry Christmas' back to the White House  (Fox 11/28/2017)
      Crew in missing Argentina submarine reported a fire, leak in final message  (Fox 11/28/2017)
      Roy Moore campaign staff push, shove Fox News camera crew at rally  (Fox 11/28/2017)
      North Korea fires ballistic missile, South Korea officials say  (Fox 11/28/2017)
      A War on Poverty That Would Actually Work  (JWR 11/28/2017)
      Somali refugee who raped women at gunpoint in Utah given probation  (Fox 11/28/2017)
      More media bashing: Trump hits 'fake' networks, CNN, 'Morning Joe'  (Fox 11/28/2017)
      Why airlines make you put your seats and windows up for takeoff and landing  (Fox 11/28/2017)
      What Trump knows about 'Pocahontas' and the CFPB  (Fox 11/28/2017)
      Why Mike Pence is the most important man in America  (Fox 11/28/2017)
      Tucker Carlson: Not every accuser tells the truth I should know  (Fox 11/28/2017)
      North Korea speeding up nuke program with aim to obliterate 'heinous gangsters' in US  (Fox 11/28/2017)
      The stink of the '60s lives with us still  (JWR 11/28/2017)
      Better late than never: Really?  (JWR 11/28/2017)
      Google found a way to stop phone creepers  (Fox 11/28/2017)
      9 issues Congress will confront in December  (JWR 11/28/2017)
      Schumer, Pelosi pull out of White House budget meeting with Trump  (Fox 11/28/2017)
      Hawaii to sound warning sirens amid nuclear threats from North Korea  (Fox 11/28/2017)
      CNN boycotting White House Christmas party for media  (Fox 11/28/2017)
      NYC terror suspect Sayfullo Saipov pleads not guilty in bike path attack  (Fox 11/28/2017)
      Trump on North Korea missile launch: 'We will take care of it'  (Fox 11/28/2017)
      ISIS leader Baghdadi hiding near Iraq-Syria border, alive but injured, Iraqi military says  (Fox 11/28/2017)
      Two planes clip wings at New York's JFK airport  (Fox 11/28/2017)
      Christmas at the White House: How the First Family Is Celebrating the Season  (Fox 11/28/2017)
      IS takes credit for suicide attack in Baghdad suburb  (Fox 11/28/2017)
      Constitution is on Trump's side in CFPB fight  (JWR 11/28/2017)
      Man arrested after leading police on 125 mph chase because he was late for work  (Fox 11/28/2017)
      'America will always stand with Israel,' says Pence commemorating UN vote 70 years later  (Fox 11/28/2017)
      Axed professor who called Sandy Hook a hoax to argue free speech rights were violated  (Fox 11/28/2017)
      Liberal CNN publishes column asking to ban the term 'fake news'  (Fox 11/28/2017)
      Russian jet buzzes US Navy spy plane over Black Sea  (Fox 11/27/2017)
      MSNBC host Joy Reid's comments about rural America are stunning in their arrogance, ignorance  (Fox 11/27/2017)
      Trump and his voters are drawn together by a shared sense of defiance  (JWR 11/27/2017)
      Dad's final love letter to daughter for birthday goes viral  (Fox 11/27/2017)
      Trump slams Elizabeth Warren as 'Pocahontas' during Oval Office meeting with Navajo code talkers  (Fox 11/27/2017)
      Possible North Korea defectors may be occupants of skeleton-filled ghost ship found on Japan coast  (Fox 11/27/2017)
      'Blowback': Clinton campaign planned to fire me over email probe, Obama intel watchdog says  (Fox 11/27/2017)
      Look to Israel for a playbook on dealing with North Korea  (JWR 11/27/2017)
      Consumer agency official sues Trump administration over its leadership  (Fox 11/27/2017)
      Erick Erickson: Arrogant Democrats fumble moral high ground on Roy Moore and CPFB  (Fox 11/27/2017)
      Kleptocrat centrism has no takers  (JWR 11/27/2017)
      Rep.  Diane Black: Conservative tax reform is on the way  (Fox 11/27/2017)
      Scrap the Obamacare mandate  (JWR 11/27/2017)
      Roy Moore tells rally crowd sexual misconduct allegations are 'dirty politics'  (Fox 11/27/2017)
      Two dead, including boy, 11, after truck crashes into California home  (Fox 11/27/2017)
      Marine colonel challenges Moore in Alabama Senate race, launching long-shot bid...  (Fox 11/27/2017)
      Here's why I plan to vote for the Senate tax bill [and my colleagues should step up]  (Fox 11/27/2017)
      Mulvaney cracks down on CFPB as White House insists he's in control  (Fox 11/27/2017)
      Columbia Sportswear may close Portland office over death threats, public defecation...  (Fox 11/27/2017)
      US, South Korea warn North Korea using bullhorn on armistice violations, reports say  (Fox 11/27/2017)
      Is the fantasy of a Middle East peace accord about to come true?  (Fox 11/27/2017)
      MSNBC host sorry for saying assault on Rand Paul one of her 'favorite stories'  (Fox 11/27/2017)
      Judge Nap: White House Should Be 'Very Concerned' About Flynn's Lawyers Not Sharing Info  (Fox 11/27/2017)
      Indiana 'Night Nurse' whose tweet about white women sparked investigation 'no longer' with hospital  (Fox 11/26/2017)
      Franken will not resign, but 'embarrassed and ashamed' over misconduct allegations  (Fox 11/26/2017)
      Trump calls Jones 'weak,' but mum on Moore in Alabama Senate race  (Fox 11/26/2017)
      Liz Peek: Giving felons the vote may make progressives' dreams come true in Virginia  (Fox 11/26/2017)
      Man badly bitten by shark while spearfishing off California beach  (Fox 11/26/2017)
      George HW Bush now longest-living president  (Fox 11/26/2017)
      Missouri homeowner shoots, kills suspect during home invasion  (Fox 11/26/2017)
      Mulvaney, not Cordray pick, will lead US consumer financial watchdog agency  (Fox 11/26/2017)
      Unhinged coverage of Trump is hurting the media  (NYP 11/25/2017)
      Greece turns corner following debt crisis  (Fox 11/25/2017)
      Trump admin keeps open PLO's Washington office in apparent attempt to steady...  (Fox 11/25/2017)
      Holocaust survivor: I'm giving $1 million to help wounded American veterans...  (Fox 11/25/2017)
      Trump to visit GOP Senate in push to deliver tax 'Christmas present' to Americans  (Fox 11/25/2017)
      First daughters Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton tell media to leave Malia Obama alone  (Fox 11/25/2017)
      Pair wanted for questioning over Oxford Circus incident turn themselves in  (Fox 11/25/2017)
      Driver tries to cut into Trump's motorcade in Florida  (Fox 11/25/2017)
      Egyptian mosque attack death toll climbs to 305  (Fox 11/25/2017)
      Argentina's navy insists missing sub was in good condition before mission  (Fox 11/25/2017)
      California police investigate surveillance video after looters steal 1,800 gallons of vodka: reports  (Fox 11/25/2017)
      White House 'strongly condemns' Pakistan's release of suspected terrorist  (Fox 11/25/2017)
      Egypt's options dwindling in its fight against militants  (Fox 11/25/2017)
      Trump calls CFPB 'a total disaster' in a tweet following Cordray's resignation  (Fox 11/25/2017)
      Trump to call Egyptian president following mosque attack, calls for border wall and travel ban  (Fox 11/24/2017)
      Rose, Thrush latest big-name journalists caught in sex scandals, and other media disasters  (Fox 11/24/2017)
      Incredible 1,500-year-old Christian mosaic uncovered in Israel  (Fox 11/24/2017)
      Airbnb lists converted Cold War nuclear missile silo as rental, report says  (Fox 11/24/2017)
      'Can You Believe the Disrespect?' Trump Rips NY Giants Player Who Knelt on Thanksgiving  (Fox 11/24/2017)
      Terrorist attack in Egypt shows government's anti-terrorism strategy isn't working  (Fox 11/24/2017)
      Washington Post reporter caught plotting liberal agenda with billionaire George Soros  (Fox 11/24/2017)
      Mark Levin on cable news rivals: 'We'll actually have an audience'  (Fox 11/24/2017)
      Linda Tripp calls new concerns over Clinton behavior disingenuous  (Fox 11/24/2017)
      North Korean defector loves 'Bruce Almighty,' 'CSI,' K-pop; has tuberculosis, hepatitis  (Fox 11/24/2017)
      Mom Pleads for President's Help Freeing Athlete Son From Chinese Prison  (Fox 11/24/2017)
      Ten congressional Democrats want lenient treatment for young terrorists who murder Israelis  (Fox 11/24/2017)
      3 UN peacekeepers, Malian soldier killed in jihadist attack  (Fox 11/24/2017)
      Egyptian massacre shows us that people of all faiths must unite against the evil of terrorism  (Fox 11/24/2017)
      Trump says he passed on being TIME's 'Person of the Year'  (Fox 11/24/2017)
      Arpaio pursued case against Sen.  Jeff Flake's son for political reasons, lawsuit claims  (Fox 11/24/2017)
      Saudi Arabia's crown prince calls Iran's supreme leader 'new Hitler of the Middle East'  (Fox 11/24/2017)
      The Mayflower Compact and the seeds of American democracy  (JWR 11/24/2017)
      This Thanksgiving, I'm grateful Hillary Clinton is not president...  (JWR 11/23/2017)
      Michael Flynn lawyers cut ties with Trump legal team, report says  (Fox 11/23/2017)
      Not sure what to be grateful for?  Try these ideas  (JWR 11/23/2017)
      AP Explains: The search for Argentina's missing submarine  (Fox 11/23/2017)
      Should the government guarantee higher taxes for your children in return for lower taxes for you?  (Fox 11/23/2017)
      Facing Thanksgiving in the midst of loss Thankfulness might be the most powerful tool...  (Fox 11/23/2017)
      The Democrat Party Is Dead  (JWR 11/23/2017)
      Trump visits Coast Guard station in Florida, touts own accomplishments in Thanksgiving tweets  (Fox 11/23/2017)
      Trump is right America and Russia need to work together to lower tensions  (Fox 11/23/2017)
      It's 1967 and the world is going to hell  (JWR 11/23/2017)
      'Clerks Burglar' arrested by Oregon police  (Fox 11/23/2017)
      With Al Franken This Thanksgiving  (JWR 11/23/2017)
      Las Vegas massacre gunman fired more than 1,100 rounds, sheriff says  (Fox 11/23/2017)
      Argentina says sound detected in search for missing submarine is consistent with...  (Fox 11/23/2017)
      ISIS sexual violence victims: Minorities targeted more than documented, face honor killings...  (Fox 11/23/2017)
      Trump proves his warrior spirit by defending Moore  (JWR 11/23/2017)
      Philadelphia woman, 86, charged in armed bank robbery  (Fox 11/23/2017)
      To NFL millionaires on Thanksgiving, be thankful and get off your knees already  (Fox 11/23/2017)
      What goes up ...  Sir Isaac meets the market  (JWR 11/23/2017)
      UC Berkeley conservative student sues Antifa member over threats, harassment  (Fox 11/23/2017)
      A Thanksgiving Toast To The Old Breed  (JWR 11/23/2017)
      New Manafort travel docs reveal closer ties to Russia: report  (Fox 11/23/2017)
      Can Trump-haters be thankful for him?  (JWR 11/23/2017)
      An administration that finally has the cojones to hold the PLO accountable  (JWR 11/23/2017)
      ISIS beheads 15 of its own fighters in Afghanistan, separate terror attack kills at least 8  (Fox 11/23/2017)
      Homeless people defecating on LA streets fuels horror hepatitis outbreak, as city faulted  (Fox 11/22/2017)
      Pakistan former PM appears again in anti-graft court  (Fox 11/22/2017)
      Hillary Clinton: Obama's record made it hard to run on 'agenda of change'  (Fox 11/22/2017)
      The Sultans of America and Their Harems  (JWR 11/22/2017)
      Apple is using teenagers to make its most expensive iPhone  (Fox 11/22/2017)
      The Latest: N.Korea slams US over terror sponsor designation  (Fox 11/22/2017)
      Trump: NFL may keep teams in locker rooms during national anthem next year  (Fox 11/22/2017)
      The Latest: UN Syria envoy plans 2 rounds of talks  (Fox 11/22/2017)
      Holocaust memorial erected outside German nationalist's home  (Fox 11/22/2017)
      Storm of sexual harassment claims engulfs Capitol Hill  (Fox 11/22/2017)
      Dumb Sensors, Deadly Consequences  (JWR 11/22/2017)
      Ancient Roman shipwrecks, stunning artifacts, discovered near Egyptian port  (Fox 11/22/2017)
      Diversity Obsession  (JWR 11/22/2017)
      MS-13 victim was stabbed 100 times, decapitated, had heart ripped out, police say  (Fox 11/22/2017)
      Aircraft carrying 11 crashes in Pacific en route to USS Ronald Reagan; 8 recovered, Japan says  (Fox 11/22/2017)
      Deniers of the Reality of Liberal Bias  (JWR 11/22/2017)
      Accused 'Make America Great Again' hat thief could face jail time  (Fox 11/22/2017)
      Erick Erickson: This Thanksgiving, we should all be thankful for Trump.  I know I am  (Fox 11/22/2017)
      Trump's outrageous tweets are actually quite profitable  (JWR 11/22/2017)
      'Poor man's Don King': Trump takes aim at hoops dad LaVar Ball as feud escalates  (Fox 11/22/2017)
      What your eyes say about your health  (Fox 11/21/2017)
      Net neutrality terms to know  (Fox 11/21/2017)
      Giant swastika unearthed in Germany  (Fox 11/21/2017)
      Newt Gingrich: House and Senate GOP must stay united to enact tax cuts  (Fox 11/21/2017)
      Whirlpool vs.  Samsung, LG: US trade court calls for 50% tariff on imported washers  (Fox 11/21/2017)
      Why Trump's right on banning elephant trophies  (JWR 11/21/2017)
      Dems' 'Concern' about Sexual Harassment is a PR Ploy  (JWR 11/21/2017)
      Las Vegas shooting: Attorneys file lawsuits on behalf of more than 450 victims  (Fox 11/21/2017)
      Correction: Myanmar-Foreign Ministers story  (Fox 11/21/2017)
      Trump pardons Thanksgiving turkeys: 'Drumstick has a bright future'  (Fox 11/21/2017)
      North Korea's female soldiers often raped, stop menstruating, defector says  (Fox 11/21/2017)
      Man reunited with car 20 years after forgetting where he parked  (Fox 11/21/2017)
      Hey, Kirsten Gillibrand  (Fox 11/21/2017)
      Gregg Jarrett: Roy Moore is not fit to serve in the US Senate and voters should reject him  (Fox 11/21/2017)
      Trump administration announces sanctions against North Korea  (Fox 11/21/2017)
      It's time for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to realize that being a Latino is not...  (Fox 11/21/2017)
      FCC chairman moves to dismantle Obama net neutrality rules  (Fox 11/21/2017)
      Sayfullo Saipov, NYC terror suspect, indicted on murder, terror charges  (Fox 11/21/2017)
      Al Franken's resignation sought by prominent liberal groups, as new claims emerge  (Fox 11/21/2017)
      Harvard faces DOJ probe over its affirmative-action policies  (Fox 11/21/2017)
      Filling military quotas with the mentally ill  (JWR 11/21/2017)
      House Ethics Committee launches probe into John Conyers allegations  (Fox 11/21/2017)
      DOJ moves to strip citizenship for immigrant child sex abusers  (Fox 11/21/2017)
      Additional remains of Sgt.  La David Johnson recovered in Niger, Pentagon says  (Fox 11/21/2017)
      The swamp is deeper and dirtier than we thought  (JWR 11/21/2017)
      Melania Trump, son Barron receive White House Christmas tree  (Fox 11/21/2017)
      Don't let Washington do to our cars and trucks what they did to our health insurance!  (JWR 11/21/2017)
      Pennsylvania police officer's suspected killer captured  (Fox 11/21/2017)
      This Thanksgiving, we want our NFL back  (Fox 11/21/2017)
      Virginia calls on limited crowd size, bans guns at Robert E.  Lee statue  (Fox 11/21/2017)
      Charlie Rose urged 'respect for women,' fired for not following his own advice  (Fox 11/21/2017)
      Trump plays down Roy Moore allegations, blasts 'liberal rival' in Alabama race  (Fox 11/21/2017)
      UC Berkeley professor's 'slaughterbots' video on killer drones goes viral  (Fox 11/21/2017)
      Search intensifies for Argentina's sub with 44 crew members as oxygen supply may be running low  (Fox 11/21/2017)
      North Korean troops crossed into South while chasing defector, UN says  (Fox 11/21/2017)
      Questions, sadness hang over Las Vegas weeks after massacre  (Fox 11/21/2017)
      Conyers admits settlement after report on sexual conduct with ex-staffers but denies allegations  (Fox 11/21/2017)
      Mom in Japan confesses to putting four newborns in concrete-filled buckets, report says  (Fox 11/21/2017)
      Will Trump follow the law and sanction Turkey?  (JWR 11/21/2017)
      Napolitano: If Roy Moore Ostracized By Senate GOP, 'Might Be Better Off With Jones'  (Fox 11/21/2017)
      Nigeria suicide bombing kills at least 50 in mosque  (Fox 11/21/2017)
      Bannon's influence gets an early test  (JWR 11/20/2017)
      Manson's death leaves questions over autopsy, property  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      Border Patrol agent appeared to be ambushed by illegal immigrants, bashed with rocks before death  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      Border agent killed, another injured during 'attack' near Texas southern border  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      Off-duty Brazil cop reportedly stops attempted robbery while holding child  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      From Trump to Clinton, how US presidents have dealt with North Korea  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      Pentagon accidentally exposes web-monitoring operation  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      Steve Bannon: Gillibrand's Clinton criticism an 'earthquake in the Democratic Party'  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      Santa visits by appointment only, for the first time ever  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      Zimbabwe's Mugabe faces impeachment after failing to meet deadline to resign  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      Hillary is toast: Scandals finally catch up with Clintons  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      North Korea could test 'array of ballistic missiles' before end of the year, South Korea spy agency says  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      Trump designates North Korea as state sponsor of terror  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      North Korean prison camps stopped reporting deaths under Kim Jong Un, ex-prisoner claims  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      Zimbabwe crisis: Who are the key players?  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      Key figures in Manson case: Cult disciples, rich and famous  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      China's deep ties to Zimbabwe could grow after Mugabe era  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      Yellen to resign from Fed's Board of Governors  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      No Victory Dance Yet for Trump After House Passes Tax Bill  (JWR 11/20/2017)
      Bray New World  (JWR 11/20/2017)
      North Korea bans drinking, singing, punishes officials for 'impure attitude,' report says  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      Top California Dem stepping down amid new sexual harassment claims  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      Alabama judge 'stunned by brutality' in killing of 92-year-old woman  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      Here's what happened to Manson cult followers who murdered Sharon Tate, 5 others  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      Wild conspiracy theory claims that Apollo moon landing was 'faked,' touts new 'photo' evidence  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      Iran says Arab League condemnation 'full of lies'  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      What next?  Germany's options after coalition talks collapse  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      Tomi Lahren: Trump Tweets at LaVar Ball and Mainstream Media Falls All Over Itself  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      The Latest: Trump puts North Korea back on blacklist  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      European stocks brush aside German political uncertainty  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      Dartmouth College to host 'What's Up With White People?' event  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      Thomas Edison discovery: Electrical wire from historic home lighting demo on sale for $120,000  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      Exclusive: Lawmakers call on Trump administration to outlaw Muslim Brotherhood with new strategy  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      Trump's foundation stepped up 2016 giving amid campaign scrutiny  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      U.S.  troops in Japan banned from drinking after fatal crash  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      North Koreans seeing a clearer truth thanks to sunglasses company  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      CBS, PBS star Charlie Rose suspended after sexual misconduct claim: 'I am greatly embarrassed'  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      Soros-tied donor network to ramp up efforts to elect left-wing prosecutors  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      No Pence rule would have made any difference with sexual predators like Harvey Weinstein  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      New York cosmetic factory explosions leave more than 30 injured, including firefighters  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      Trump should welcome Zimbabwe's Mugabe ouster as an opportunity for human rights  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      Lena Dunham embodies the myth of white liberal 'tolerance'  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      Charles Manson was a charismatic snake charmer, an articulate, eco-friendly homicidal maniac  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      Leftist president hopeful vows to erase Mexico's corruption  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      Greece: 2 still missing in deadly floods that killed 20  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      Trump administration ends protected status for Haitians living in US after quake  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      Planning the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is a spectacle in and of itself  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      Air Force pilot dead, another injured after T-38 Talon crashes in Texas  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      The Museum of the Bible is more than a museum  (JWR 11/20/2017)
      New School under fire for putting Linda Sarsour on anti-Semitism panel  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      Is the Uranium One scandal merely bosh?  (JWR 11/20/2017)
      Elephant trophies?  Seriously?  This is what Washington is spending its time on?  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      Trump hits Raiders' Marshawn Lynch for standing only for Mexican anthem; suggests suspension  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      Trump redesignates North Korea a state sponsor of terror: What that means  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      'Dangerous' Alabama inmate escapes for second time in a month  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      Indian tycoon says allegations against him are baseless  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      Al Franken hit with groping allegation from second woman  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      Manson has endured as the face of evil for nearly 50 years  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      Baltimore police say they've found new evidence in fatal shooting of cop  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      Charles Manson, mastermind behind 1969 deaths of actress Sharon Tate, 6 others, dead at 83  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      New York Times star reporter suspended after sex harassment claim  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      Morrissey defends Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey, blames victims  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      Michelle Malkin: The Clintons Are 'The Godparents of Victim-Shaming Smear Tactics'  (Fox 11/20/2017)
      Harrison Ford becomes real-life hero at the scene of a traffic accident  (Fox 11/19/2017)
      FBI releases 1971 letter that D.B.  Cooper sleuth says could be from notorious hijacker  (Fox 11/19/2017)
      Does your gas and electricity cost too much?  You can thank liberals for that  (Fox 11/19/2017)
      North Korea on 'aggressive schedule' in developing ballistic missile submarine, report says  (Fox 11/19/2017)
      Franken reportedly won't resign, amid more congressional calls to deal with allegations...  (Fox 11/19/2017)
      Southern border agent killed, another injured while on patrol in Texas  (Fox 11/19/2017)
      New York scaffolding collapse leaves several injured  (Fox 11/19/2017)
      Trump reignites feud with Flake, predicts he'll vote no on tax cuts  (Fox 11/19/2017)
      Trump dunks on UCLA star's controversial father, says he should have 'left them in jail'  (Fox 11/19/2017)
      Argentina steps up search for missing submarine  (Fox 11/18/2017)
      Dear loving parents and adults, we must lead the charge against bullying.  Here's how we can start  (Fox 11/18/2017)
      WWII veteran calls for help and dies as nurses laugh, video shows  (Fox 11/18/2017)
      FBI's black 'extremists' report ignites fears of return to illegal government watch  (Fox 11/18/2017)
      Dozens of worms, parasites removed from escaped North Korean soldier  (Fox 11/18/2017)
      US Navy ship suffers minor damage in scrape with Japanese tug boat  (Fox 11/18/2017)
      Anarchists Vandalize Philadelphia Police Station and Cars  (Fox 11/18/2017)
      US general says nuclear launch order can be refused  (Fox 11/18/2017)
      Trump calls Clinton 'biggest loser of all time' after she contests election loss  (Fox 11/18/2017)
      Palestinians vow to cut off Israeli peace talks if Trump closes group's Washington post  (Fox 11/18/2017)
      US Navy's new maritime aircraft to aid in search for Argentine sub and crew  (Fox 11/18/2017)
      What the first Thanksgiving can teach a divided America  (Fox 11/18/2017)
      Al Franken, Groping 'Giant of the Senate'  (JWR 11/17/2017)
      The Latest: Psychiatric patient doesn't want to go back  (Fox 11/17/2017)
      Hey Al Franken: No joke, you need to resign  (Fox 11/17/2017)
      Gropergate!  The halls of Congress under siege!  (JWR 11/17/2017)
      A 'preventive' war with North Korea would be total hell.  Here's why  (Fox 11/17/2017)
      Fate of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock's millions to be decided in court  (Fox 11/17/2017)
      Jerusalem cemetery goes deep underground with tunnel burials  (Fox 11/17/2017)
      'Nightmare-inducing' robots are now able to do backflips  (Fox 11/17/2017)
      Trump adds 5 names to SCOTUS nominee list for future open seat  (Fox 11/17/2017)
      Making a Difference  (JWR 11/17/2017)
      Rogue planet could bring end of days this weekend  (Fox 11/17/2017)
      'Enormous number' of parasites in North Korean defector's body, doctors say  (Fox 11/17/2017)
      Japan bolstering defenses against North Korea threat, Abe says  (Fox 11/17/2017)
      Navy admits its aircraft drew lewd images in sky  (Fox 11/17/2017)
      Famed explorer rescued from jungle after becoming disoriented by malarial fever, report says  (Fox 11/17/2017)
      Half-hearted coup extends Zimbabwe's reign of terror  (JWR 11/17/2017)
      Kellyanne Conway Asked Why Trump Tweeted About Franken, But Not Moore  (Fox 11/17/2017)
      Scientists have a new theory on how the Chernobyl disaster unfolded  (Fox 11/17/2017)
      US launches Libya drone strike as Africa operations appear to ramp up  (Fox 11/17/2017)
      Senate Ethics Committee could soon be busy with Franken, Menendez: Here's what it does  (Fox 11/17/2017)
      Clinton attack dog lashes out at Gillibrand for criticism of Bill  (Fox 11/17/2017)
      Expect 'Mass Exodus' From ICE, Border Patrol If DHS Imposes Obama-Era Policies  (Fox 11/17/2017)
      Acting PM of Belize plane crash caused by passing car  (Fox 11/17/2017)
      Russian zookeeper describes 'torture' while tiger mauled her, report says  (Fox 11/16/2017)
      The Uses of Disgrace  (JWR 11/16/2017)
      Clinton calls Uranium One story a 'distraction,' warns of dictatorship  (Fox 11/16/2017)
      Tax bill vote looms in House, with little drama: 'It's eerie'  (Fox 11/16/2017)
      Pope Francis says those who deny climate change have 'perverse attitudes'  (Fox 11/16/2017)
      Trump to lift ban on importing elephant trophies from Africa  (Fox 11/16/2017)
      Ford F-150 dominates, Honda Accord wins top prize in Kelley Blue Book's 2018 rankings  (Fox 11/16/2017)
      Keystone Pipeline leaks 210,000 gallons of oil in South Dakota  (Fox 11/16/2017)
      How can we stop American bullets, bombs and missiles from killing US troops?  (Fox 11/16/2017)
      Zimbabwe crisis: Who are the key players?  (Fox 11/16/2017)
      Florida city drops Confederate names from street signs  (Fox 11/16/2017)
      House passes Republican tax bill, future in Senate unclear  (Fox 11/16/2017)
      Ben & Jerry's co-founder wants to pay more taxes.  Here's why.  (Fox 11/16/2017)
      At Air Force Academy, a perfect hoax for age of Trump  (JWR 11/16/2017)
      'Eyes Wide Shut' actress: Sexual misconduct in Hollywood and how to survive...  (Fox 11/16/2017)
      Bannon and the anti-Israel establishment  (JWR 11/16/2017)
      Baltimore police officer dead, cops hunt killer  (Fox 11/16/2017)
      Former Carl's Jr.  CEO: We can't let unions hold Medicaid funding for home health care hostage  (Fox 11/16/2017)
      Famed explorer missing for weeks in dangerous jungle spotted, evacuation and rescue planned...  (Fox 11/16/2017)
      Schumer's claim that the GOP is 'kicking 13 million people off health insurance'  (JWR 11/16/2017)
      Trump administration pulls back curtain on secretive cybersecurity process  (JWR 11/16/2017)
      Despite Trump's $250B announcement, companies hesitant to sign binding deals with China  (Fox 11/16/2017)
      But will the Republicans Get Tax Reform?  (JWR 11/16/2017)
      What if Vladimir Putin, not Hillary Clinton, is the biggest loser of the 2016 election?  (Fox 11/16/2017)
      California government mandates send electricity prices skyrocketing, but Texas free market...  (Fox 11/16/2017)
      Roy Moore?  How about Joe Biden  (JWR 11/16/2017)
      Losing Faith in Our Institutions  (JWR 11/16/2017)
      Trump to freed UCLA players: 'You're welcome'  (Fox 11/16/2017)
      California shooting rampage leaves 7-year-old boy an orphan  (Fox 11/16/2017)
      Baltimore detective shot in head, 'cold, callous' gunman sought  (Fox 11/16/2017)
      Goldman CEO Blankfein says many want 'confirming vote' on Brexit  (Fox 11/16/2017)
      Senators: Why is Air Force punishing colonel over his religious views on marriage?  (Fox 11/16/2017)
      Hundreds Join in Prayer With Georgia HS Football Team After Atheists' Uproar  (Fox 11/16/2017)
      Afghan official: Suicide bomber kills 9 at political meeting  (Fox 11/16/2017)
      Mystery buyer: Who purchased the $450.3 million Leonardo da Vinci painting?  (Fox 11/16/2017)
      What is a mistrial?  (Fox 11/16/2017)
      A moving experience  (JWR 11/16/2017)
      Museum of the Bible set to open in D.C.  (Fox 11/16/2017)
      Is Peter Thiel, supporter of underdogs, taking on Google?  (Fox 11/16/2017)
      California proposal: No kids?  Then don't pay school taxes  (Fox 11/16/2017)
      Photos: Clinton, Biden and Politicians' 'Women Problem'  (Fox 11/16/2017)
      Germany: Dutch man arrested with drugs worth $3.5 million  (Fox 11/16/2017)
      Vice Media a toxic workplace rife with sexual misconduct, bombshell report says  (Fox 11/16/2017)
      TV stations are about to track you and sell targeted ads, just like Google and Facebook  (JWR 11/16/2017)
      UCLA suspends three basketball players following theft in China  (Fox 11/16/2017)
      Mom punishes son for school suspension by making him work free for others  (Fox 11/16/2017)
      Dems try to reckon with Bill Clinton's alleged sex crimes and fail  (JWR 11/16/2017)
      Hawaii hospital escapee was 17th since 2010, report says  (Fox 11/16/2017)
      UN diplomat falls to death from balcony in New York after 'trust game,' report says  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      Alabama voters know enough to judge Roy Moore  (JWR 11/15/2017)
      Brexit day may rock financial markets  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      Tammy Bruce: Filling military quotas with the mentally ill  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      New unrest in center of Brussels following weekend riot  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      Israel demolishes home of Palestinian who killed 3 Israelis  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      Sessions: Justice Department has 27 investigations into 'epidemic' of leaks  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      Top Army officer says 'significant amount' of soldiers' crime data not reported to feds  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      Leonardo da Vinci painting 'Salvator Mundi' sold for record $450.3 million  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      Ben Shapiro fires back at Tufts students who say his rhetoric puts them in 'danger'  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      Paul Ryan faces conservative pressure to target ObamaCare mandate in tax bill  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      What Are Our Representatives Supposed to Do?  (JWR 11/15/2017)
      Who's in charge in Zimbabwe?  Here are the leading players  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      Trump says 'America is back' after 'historic' trip to Asia  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      An infrastructure bill is coming.  Please, Republicans, get this right  (JWR 11/15/2017)
      Paris school room named for Jewish boys slain in 2012 attack  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      Zimbabwe army seizes control but denies coup; Mugabe detained  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      Emotionally satisfying, sure.  But GOPers should not take the bait of 'lock her up'  (JWR 11/15/2017)
      Boston Dynamics is trying to make its robots less terrifying  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      UCLA basketball players thank Trump for 'helping us out' after tweet  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      'Violent psychopath' captured in California after escaping from Hawaii hospital  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      Kentucky Gov.  Matt Bevin: Justice reform is real and conservative governors are leading the way  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      Scantily clad woman who stole money from Uber driver's tip jar says she's being harassed  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      Four women fight off a man trying to rob their restaurant  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      Lamborghini donates Huracan supercar to Pope Francis for charity auction  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      Tesla says it will fight racial discrimination lawsuit to 'the ends of the Earth'  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      Silence on Sleaze-Bob Menendez  (JWR 11/15/2017)
      US carries out sixth straight day of airstrikes in Somalia  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      The Latest: EU parliament launches action against Poland  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      Canada offers helicopters, planes, trainers to UN efforts  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      Facebook boasts of removing fake news in Germany, but journalists aren't so sure  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      'Violent psychopath' escapes from Hawaii hospital, had sexual relations with staffers  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      When Racial Hoaxes Make News  (JWR 11/15/2017)
      Woman out for morning run in Utah, fights off groper with knife  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      California gunman had been feuding with neighbors, mother says  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      Russian Ministry of Defense tweets video game as 'proof' US backs ISIS in Syria  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      Sex scandal boomerang: Is the left ready for a Bill Clinton 'reckoning'?  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      Zimbabwe army takes control, Mugabe and wife in custody  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      Trump ends the War on Fossil Fuels and we all come out winners  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      100 lawmakers urge US Army not to award Bergdahl possible $300G in back pay  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      Army drops plans to give waivers to recruits with history of mental illness  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      Stalking Horses  (JWR 11/15/2017)
      Fusion GPS told media of Trump-Russia claims, but did not verify dossier: source  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      Connecticut family says it wants justice after video shows police officer punching teen  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      School nixes prestigious scholarship because winners must be born in America  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      Prisoner allegedly kills inmate who beat 2-day-old daughter to death, report says  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      What is it like to be swallowed by lava?  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      Egypt displays previously unseen King Tut artifacts  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      American man who tried to enter North Korea from South wanted to help resolve tensions...  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      Cards Against Humanity Buys Land on US-Mexico Border to Block Trump's Wall  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      ICE Uproar: Agents' Union Blasts Trump's 'Betrayal,' Says Obama Holdovers Still in Place  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      'Forced' to watch CNN, Trump remembers why he calls it 'fake news'  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      California gunman's wife found dead in home, authorities say  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      MS-13 terrorizing American small towns and suburbs ill-equipped to fight back  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      Tillerson in Myanmar for Suu Kyi talks amid Rohingya crisis  (Fox 11/15/2017)
      Adventurer declares himself 'king' of unclaimed land in North Africa  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      What is the nuclear arsenal available to President Trump?  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      Several dead, children wounded in shooting near California elementary school  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      Sessions admits he has email alias, just like predecessor Loretta Lynch  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      California gunman tried to access classrooms to kill children, police say  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      The Latest: Trump heads home with few solid accomplishments  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      Strassel: Fusion GPS' Trump Dossier Was One of the 'Dirtiest Political Tricks' Ever  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      Cal Thomas: The final stage in the corruption of American evangelicalism  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      15,000 scientists just sent a dire 'warning to humanity'  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      North Korean soldier who defected to South Korea at DMZ was shot 5 times, military says  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      House passes $700B defense bill amid North Korea threat  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      Tiny grasshopper found hidden in Van Gogh painting, 128 years later  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      The Latest: Police: Escaped patient went to California  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      Mother accused of burning son's hand on hot stove, says she's not 'bad mother'  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      Truck towing stolen SUV leads police on high speed chase  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      Russian TV network registers as foreign agent in US  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      Sick Ohio death row inmate will get pillow to help him breathe during execution  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      Paul Ryan: ObamaCare repeal in tax bill would have complicated vote  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      Being Shoved Into Meaninglessness  (JWR 11/14/2017)
      Florida man fights eviction over 'emotional support squirrel'  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      Zombie ants are scarier than you ever imagined  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      Armored tanks near Zimbabwe capital amid tension between Mugabe, military  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      Air Force: Trump's plan to aid pilot shortage will not work  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      Hillary Clinton must face the consequences of her actions and the scrutiny of a special counsel  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      Socialist students at Kent State refuse to take part in 'capitalist vs.  socialist food drive'  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      Our language, ourselves  (JWR 11/14/2017)
      Syria tries 'terrorist rehab' to de-radicalize ISIS militants  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      Bangkok firefighters on front line of city's snake scourge  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      Paul Ryan: Every Income Group Gets A Tax Cut Under GOP Bill  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      Standing on the Shoulders of Diversocrats  (JWR 11/14/2017)
      Obama-era Russian Uranium One deal: What to know  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      FISA checks on known terror suspects are a matter of life and death  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      House passes bill renewing flood insurance program, hiking premiums  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      First female Border Patrol chief says agents are empowered to 'enforce the laws' under Trump  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      Trump Administration praised by democracy activists for calling Venezuela a 'narco-state'  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      Jeff Sessions continues to prove he's Trump's biggest mistake  (NYP 11/14/2017)
      Why people are better than robots The irreplaceable art of undercover agents  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      Six terror-linked foreigners entered US via 'diversity lottery,' says Trump administration  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      Sessions to face Uranium One, Clinton Foundation, recusal questions on Hill  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      Identity theft scam netted Nigerians $11 million, and prison  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      Coming home from an Asian tutorial  (JWR 11/14/2017)
      Retired US general says nuclear launch order can be refused  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      Hundreds of skeletons reportedly found on 'Murder Island'  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      Surfer punches shark in nose to escape killer's jaws  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      James Madison didn't want to normalize impeachment  (JWR 11/14/2017)
      Stuart Varney: Rich liberals who want higher taxes are trying to bamboozle you  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      Shaming Kentucky co-ed with cancer for handicap parking is the real shame  (JWR 11/14/2017)
      Is Saudi Arabia's Mohammed bin Salman getting ready to lead a revolution from above?  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      Will cannonball discovery lead to lost galleon's sunken 'treasure'?  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      'Demon' shark with snake's head caught for the first time  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      Vietnamese love Trump despite region's complicated history with US  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      Menendez corruption and bribery trial: What to know  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      Fusion GPS's ties to Clinton campaign, Russia investigation: What to know  (Fox 11/14/2017)
      The Bergdahl liberals  (JWR 11/13/2017)
      Yes, Republicans can have their tax cut cake and eat it too  (Fox 11/13/2017)
      Border Patrol rescues illegal immigrants stuck in storm drains underground  (Fox 11/13/2017)
      GQ should've named Colin Kaepernick its 'Coward of the Year'  (Fox 11/13/2017)
      Hey, NFL owners, tired of half-empty stadiums?  This isn't hard.  Tell your players to stand up...  (Fox 11/13/2017)
      Trump meets Australian, Japanese leaders to talk about China, North Korea  (Fox 11/13/2017)
      30,000 visas issued to people from terror-sponsoring countries since 2007: State Department  (Fox 11/13/2017)
      Mystery deepens over whether Amelia Earhart was eaten by three-foot crabs with claws like lion jaws  (Fox 11/13/2017)
      The Supreme Court's next [cautious, careful] move into the digital age  (JWR 11/13/2017)
      Special counsel needed as questions mount on Clinton, Comey, Russian Dossier and more  (Fox 11/13/2017)
      The Triumph of Amoral Will  (JWR 11/13/2017)
      Truth About the Tax Plan  (JWR 11/13/2017)
      Judge Nap: 'We Need an Attorney General That Does His Job'  (Fox 11/13/2017)
      They Hate Us.  They Really Hate Us  (JWR 11/13/2017)
      Jittery French honor 130 killed in Paris attacks, 2 years later  (Fox 11/13/2017)
      Donald Trump Jr.  corresponded with WikiLeaks before election, report says  (Fox 11/13/2017)
      North Korean soldier is shot while defecting across DMZ, South says  (Fox 11/13/2017)
      Guess who is whitewashing communism's crimes as a noble cause  (JWR 11/13/2017)
      Obama Foundation's newest director a tax haven hiding fat cat  (JWR 11/13/2017)
      Sessions directs prosecutors to 'evaluate certain issues' involving Uranium One and Clinton...  (Fox 11/13/2017)
      US calls Venezuela a global threat at a meeting some boycott  (Fox 11/13/2017)
      Green Beret killed in Mali discovered SEALs' illicit cash scheme, report says  (Fox 11/13/2017)
      'Who's Doing Glamour's Research, Hamas?': Gutfeld on Magazines Honoring Sarsour, Kaepernick  (Fox 11/13/2017)
      Ex-members say church uses power, lies to keep grip on kids  (Fox 11/13/2017)
      CNN uses former intelligence chiefs to push anti-Trump agenda  (Fox 11/13/2017)
      Sen.  Rand Paul returns to Capitol Hill after brutal attack  (Fox 11/13/2017)
      Tomi Lahren's Final Thoughts: New York Times' Race Bait  (Fox 11/13/2017)
      Planned Parenthood docs requested from Senate by FBI, signaling possible criminal probe  (Fox 11/13/2017)
      New blood pressure range means half of Americans have hypertension  (Fox 11/13/2017)
      Veterans, not NFL, to be focus for many fans this Sunday  (Fox 11/12/2017)
      Bannon appeals to US Jewish community to join war on GOP establishment  (Fox 11/12/2017)
      Trump, Duterte to hold first formal sit-down as uncertainty over Philippines' human rights lingers  (Fox 11/12/2017)
      Chipotle worker IDs customer as suspect in her home invasion  (Fox 11/12/2017)
      So long 'House of Cards' and good riddance!  (Fox 11/12/2017)
      Cause for concern?  Pro-ISIS hacking group targets 800 US school websites  (Fox 11/12/2017)
      Roger Goodell reportedly requests $50 million salary, lifetime private jet in contract talks  (Fox 11/12/2017)
      Colorado girl sues Jeff Sessions to legalize medical marijuana nationwide  (Fox 11/12/2017)
      Good guys with guns saving lives  (Fox 11/12/2017)
      3 US Navy aircraft carriers operate off Korean Peninsula  (Fox 11/12/2017)
      Trump arrives in Philippines amid protests  (Fox 11/12/2017)
      Two stabbed at Mall of America in Minnesota  (Fox 11/12/2017)
      Texas town where church shooting unfolded holds 1st Sunday service since attack  (Fox 11/12/2017)
      Ex-Trump aides frustrated that Carter Page transcript was released  (Fox 11/12/2017)
      Iran-Iraq earthquake kills more than 140, injures at least 860, officials say  (Fox 11/12/2017)
      Mayor to Amazon: You're offering 50,000 jobs?  $5 billion in construction?  Thanks, but no thanks  (Fox 11/12/2017)
      Bill Gates firm buys Arizona land for $80 million to create 'smart city'  (Fox 11/12/2017)
      Trump mocks North Korea's Kim, says he would never call him 'short and fat'  (Fox 11/12/2017)
      Senate tax bill throws swamp water on successful Trump economy  (Fox 11/12/2017)
      US carries out 3 drone strikes against extremists in Somalia  (Fox 11/12/2017)
      Flynn reportedly being investigated in cleric kidnap plot  (Fox 11/12/2017)
      Our national anthem is being attacked as racist, but I say we should keep it  (Fox 11/12/2017)
      How to keep mooches and spies off your Wi-Fi network and out of your files  (Fox 11/12/2017)
      First Lady Melania Trump gets her hands dirty during visit to military families in Alaska  (Fox 11/11/2017)
      Pence helps give Vietnam Veterans Memorial a holiday washing  (Fox 11/11/2017)
      To achieve a good marriage, God's plan will give you good directions  (Fox 11/11/2017)
      Air traffic controller arrested for allegedly possessing weapon of mass destruction  (Fox 11/11/2017)
      Veterans Day marked with parades, somber ceremonies  (Fox 11/11/2017)
      Green Beret killed in Niger may have been executed, report says  (Fox 11/11/2017)
      The left's attacks on Sessions show he's having an impact  (Fox 11/11/2017)
      Trump: 'I really believe' Putin when he told me face-to-face 'I didn't meddle' in elections  (Fox 11/11/2017)
      How the ex-DNC chair ruined Clinton's chance at 2020  (NYP 11/11/2017)
      Smartphones have turned us into tech-addicted zombies.  Here's why we should ban them for kids  (Fox 11/11/2017)
      Texas Community Repairs 100-Year-Old WWll Vet's Home Smashed by Hurricane Harvey  (Fox 11/11/2017)
      N.  Korea, Marawi siege, sea feud top ASEAN summit worries  (Fox 11/11/2017)
      Anti-Trump media celebrate Democratic victories, make up fishy story and other news disasters  (Fox 11/11/2017)
      Veterans Day: The solitary world of a vet  (Fox 11/11/2017)
      Trump tweets 'Russia can greatly help' US after calling ex-intel leaders 'political hacks'  (Fox 11/11/2017)
      North Korea's internet is as weird as you think it is  (Fox 11/10/2017)
      The psychology behind mass shootings  (Fox 11/10/2017)
      Large crack in NYC apartment building wall forces evacuation  (Fox 11/10/2017)
      Please, Big Media, come visit us in Trump country  (JWR 11/10/2017)
      Attacking 'toxic masculinity' won't stop sexual assault  (Fox 11/10/2017)
      American man, 21, convicted of trying to join ISIS to be released  (Fox 11/10/2017)
      Q&A: Texas gunman's punishment spotlights military justice  (Fox 11/10/2017)
      Court overturns Marine sniper's conviction for urinating on dead Taliban fighters  (Fox 11/10/2017)
      The Supreme Court is finally entering the 21st century  (Fox 11/10/2017)
      Kimberley Strassel: The Fusion GPS dossier was one of the dirtiest political tricks in US history  (Fox 11/10/2017)
      Saudi arrest of Binladin family scion shatters royal entente  (Fox 11/10/2017)
      Newt Gingrich: The veterans who have shaped my life  (Fox 11/10/2017)
      Jeffrey Dahmer's stepmother Shari opens up on her relationship with serial killer in new doc  (Fox 11/10/2017)
      How vintage rocket tech could be NASA's ticket to Mars and beyond  (Fox 11/10/2017)
      Erick Erickson: I don't blame Roy Moore voters for sticking with him  (Fox 11/10/2017)
      Trump reportedly supports revoking Church of Scientology's tax-exempt status  (Fox 11/10/2017)
      Cunning malware spreads, going after your bank account  (Fox 11/10/2017)
      Futuristic bionic arms now available for the nation's bravest  (Fox 11/10/2017)
      Mueller investigating alleged Flynn-linked plan to hand cleric to Turkey  (Fox 11/10/2017)
      Party poopers  (JWR 11/10/2017)
      Trump faces big decision on trade violations by South Korean companies  (Fox 11/10/2017)
      As a combat-injured veteran, I ask all Americans to help address invisible injuries of war  (Fox 11/10/2017)
      Mainstream media casts Trump's Asia trip in negative light  (Fox 11/10/2017)
      Army officer: In a divided country, will it soon become dangerous to wear my uniform in public?  (Fox 11/10/2017)
      Rand Paul attack: Neighbors now casting doubt on 'landscaping dispute' story  (Fox 11/10/2017)
      Marine drill instructor gets 10 years for abusing recruits  (Fox 11/10/2017)
      Eavesdropper bug exposes millions of texts, calls  (Fox 11/10/2017)
      Offshore assets of Apple, Queen Elizabeth II, others exposed in historical data leak  (Fox 11/10/2017)
      Judge Nap: Mueller 'Putting the Squeeze' on Flynn, Manafort to Get to Trump  (Fox 11/10/2017)
      Murder charge in vicious killing linked to violent MS-13 gang, report says  (Fox 11/10/2017)
      British prosecutors admit deleting crucial emails in Julian Assange case  (Fox 11/10/2017)
      Tax bill on track despite GOP differences, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says  (Fox 11/10/2017)
      Roy Moore says sexual misconduct allegations 'based on a lie'  (Fox 11/10/2017)
      Roy Moore accuser worked for Clinton campaign as interpreter, reports say  (Fox 11/10/2017)
      Ralph Peters: Trump Smart to Duck Formal Meeting With Putin  (Fox 11/10/2017)
      Blooming U.S.  business interest in Cuba wilts under Trump  (Fox 11/10/2017)
      Rolling Stone: Sacred Text of the Left?  (JWR 11/10/2017)
      What happened when the left thought I would be joining the Trump administration  (Fox 11/10/2017)
      APEC ministers agree on TPP trade deal without the US  (Fox 11/10/2017)
      Retrieving opportunity from Republican ruins  (JWR 11/10/2017)
      Nurses help sneak dying man's dog into hospital for final goodbye  (Fox 11/10/2017)
      Menendez trial juror predicts hung jury, claims senator 'did nothing wrong'  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      Marissa Mayer says she doesn't know how Yahoo got hacked  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      Elementary school secretary arrested over bomb threat  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      What if government stinks at keeping us safe but is great at invading our privacy?  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      An anti-Semitic attack on me by the student newspaper at UC Berkeley deserves a response  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      A good man with a gun did what he had to do in Texas  (JWR 11/09/2017)
      22 Houston gangsters lured immigrants to US, forced them into prostitution, indictment says  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      Tillerson: Trump could have formal meeting with Putin at Asia summit  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      Hawaii 'lost sailors' say rescuers wanted to 'kill us'  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      Brazile takes on Clinton 'cult': Says team was 'condescending,' impenetrable  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      Rand Paul's alleged attacker pleads not guilty, as mystery deepens over dispute  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      Black-on-Black Racism at Elite Campuses  (JWR 11/09/2017)
      How China will play Trump  (JWR 11/09/2017)
      13,200 more Kennedy assassination records released  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      Germany expects higher tax take, cautious on spending  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      No regrets: Trump backers say they'd vote for him again, one year after election  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      Florida dad fires gun to stop 17-year-old daughter's attempted kidnappers, cops say  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      To save lives and money, we must cut off federal funding for sanctuary cities  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      The Great War: Spirituality on the front line  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      Woman who faked terminal cancer for donations gets 25 years in jail  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      Biden Didn't Run in 2016 for Fear of Clinton's 'Stop at Nothing' Opposition Research  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      The caliphate's collapse: A look at Islamic State losses  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      Church in Texas shooting massacre still has blood on ceiling, bullet holes in Bibles  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      U.S.  Border Patrol reportedly has staffing problem  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      When government is G0D  (JWR 11/09/2017)
      Hillary and Bill Houdini  (JWR 11/09/2017)
      Oldest spiral galaxy ever seen may reveal secrets about the Milky Way  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      Man who claimed to be first 'Dreamer' deported under Trump arrested again for allegedly...  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      Mexican citizen executed in Texas for decades-old killing vows he 'will be back for justice'  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      Dr.  Marc Siegel: Let's end the unethical ObamaCare individual health insurance mandate  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      TSA agents routinely fail to spot threats, federal investigation finds  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      Runaway Chinese space station could smash into a major city next year  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      Rand Paul's office calls 'violent' attack a 'blindside,' knocks down reports of yard dispute  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      Tomi Lahren: Don't Let the Media Fool You, Trump Is Winning in First Year  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      Caution: Democrats claim victory over Trump, but Virginia may not be a trend  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      12 tons of cocaine, worth $360 million, seized in massive Colombia raid  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      Controversial Drexel professor blames 'whiteness' for Texas church shooting  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      'Obama-Clinton Machine, Forces of Evil' Trying to Silence 'Christian Conservatives Like Me'  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      Remembering Stalingrad 75 years later  (JWR 11/09/2017)
      Veterans Day: We honor the 20 million veterans with us today and the millions more in our past  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      Trump tweets 'I don't blame China' for trade imbalance  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      Texas church, site of deadly shooting, to be demolished, pastor says  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      British vs.  American press: A race to the bottom  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      Senate Republicans unveil new tax plan that delays corporate cut, strips popular deduction  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      New electric school buses get ready to roll  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      First cat in space to receive a proper memorial  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      Trump, Xi say they will blunt 'menace' North Korea 'together'  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      Mysterious object 13 times the size of Jupiter found  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      German nurse may have killed more than 100 patients, prosecutors say  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      US says new airstrike in Somalia kills 'several militants'  (Fox 11/09/2017)
      The history behind Veterans Day  (Fox 11/08/2017)
      FLASHBACK: Watch Election Night Meltdowns By Mainstream Media  (Fox 11/08/2017)
      Mexico fights to stop Texas from executing convicted murderer, citing treaty  (Fox 11/08/2017)
      Gregg Jarrett: Did Comey obstruct justice by protecting Hillary Clinton from prosecution?  (Fox 11/08/2017)
      Honda shows CB4 Interceptor Concept with wind-powered generator  (Fox 11/08/2017)
      Drone used to find missing woman in North Carolina cornfield, video shows  (Fox 11/08/2017)
      Air Force Academy discovers racial slurs were hoax, months after superintendent lauded...  (Fox 11/08/2017)
      Ignorance Versus Stupidity  (JWR 11/08/2017)
      Scientists implant tiny human brains into rats, spark ethical debate  (Fox 11/08/2017)
      Expert team prepares to retrieve remains of fallen WWII servicemen from up to 350 feet below ice  (Fox 11/08/2017)
      12 Months of Trump: Year since election brings economic boom, deepening divisions, probe politics  (Fox 11/08/2017)
      Defense seeks to show political link in Kim Jong Nam killing  (Fox 11/08/2017)
      Texas church shooting not the first time a good guy with gun takes down mass shooter  (Fox 11/08/2017)
      Apple's offshore move has allegedly helped save them billions in taxes  (Fox 11/08/2017)
      As Pelosi gloats, GOP determined to hold Congress after election losses  (Fox 11/08/2017)
      FBI again finds itself unable to unlock a gunman's cellphone  (Fox 11/08/2017)
      A Life For Liberty and Decency  (JWR 11/08/2017)
      John Stossel: Simpler tax simplification  (Fox 11/08/2017)
      Tammy Bruce: Mocking people who pray in response to shock and suffering is obscene and corrupt  (Fox 11/08/2017)
      Police name Texas church shooting victims, from the pastor's daughter to a pregnant mother  (Fox 11/08/2017)
      Florida couple shot themselves, faked home invasion for insurance payout, police say  (Fox 11/08/2017)
      Rep.  Kristi Noem: The death tax must go  (Fox 11/08/2017)
      Self-driving shuttle crashes in Las Vegas hours after launch  (Fox 11/08/2017)
      North Korea warns of 'abyss of doom' if 'lunatic' Trump remains president  (Fox 11/08/2017)
      What an American Hero Looks Like  (JWR 11/08/2017)
      An ICE Agent's Quest for Justice  (JWR 11/08/2017)
      IRS's Koskinen to enforce ObamaCare's employer mandate during final days  (Fox 11/08/2017)
      US joins Saudi in accusing Iran over Yemen moves  (Fox 11/08/2017)
      NATO to improve the way it commands and deploys forces  (Fox 11/08/2017)
      How a political shakeup a world away may impact how the funding of jihadi terrorism...  (JWR 11/08/2017)
      Trump expected to demand China cut financial ties with North Korea  (Fox 11/08/2017)
      Good reasons quite a few, actually why Obama didn't want Osama bin Laden's...  (JWR 11/08/2017)
      John Stossel: 'Keep it simple, stupid' works with the new tax plan, too  (Fox 11/08/2017)
      Donna Brazile on campaign tell-all: 'I wanted the American people to see what happened'  (Fox 11/08/2017)
      Exclusive: Grisly pics show mass whale slaughter in remote Faroe Islands hunts  (Fox 11/08/2017)
      Newt Gingrich: Hillary Clinton's been getting away with unethical, illegal behavior for 40 years  (Fox 11/08/2017)
      US Navy to run rare 3-carrier military exercise in Pacific  (Fox 11/08/2017)
      World War II veteran, 93, scores upset election win in New Jersey  (Fox 11/08/2017)
      Big lessons learned from Virginia, New Jersey governor's races  (Fox 11/07/2017)
      Italy to autopsy bodies of 26 girls found in Mediterranean  (Fox 11/07/2017)
      Japan woman gets death sentence in partner serial killings  (Fox 11/07/2017)
      Apple's controversial use of offshore tax haven isn't illegal  (Fox 11/07/2017)
      One snub of Hitler may have changed history  (Fox 11/07/2017)
      Whatever doesn't kill Trump only makes him stronger  (JWR 11/07/2017)
      Texas shooting: Gun laws aren't the problem, government incompetence is  (Fox 11/07/2017)
      Trump blames Gillespie for loss in VA race: He 'did not embrace me'  (Fox 11/07/2017)
      Dems refuse to learn lessons of their race-baiting  (JWR 11/07/2017)
      Fusion GPS official met with Russian operative before and after Trump Jr.  sit-down  (Fox 11/07/2017)
      Boeing, US strengthen ability to destroy long-range ICBMs  (Fox 11/07/2017)
      John Kerry's delusional advice about North Korea  (JWR 11/07/2017)
      Democrats Northam, Murphy win gubernatorial races in Virginia and New Jersey  (Fox 11/07/2017)
      Veteran unemployment rates fall to record low in October  (Fox 11/07/2017)
      Botched Air Force handling of Texas shooter's criminal history may be 'systemic' issue  (Fox 11/07/2017)
      Independent or not?  Separatists question Spanish courts  (Fox 11/07/2017)
      Trump in South Korea: Whirlpool, Qualcomm & the bitter trade battle  (Fox 11/07/2017)
      Democrat and ex-CIA: Trump needs to focus on Making America Feel Good Again...  (Fox 11/07/2017)
      Billy Graham has many spiritual descendants as he turns 99  (Fox 11/07/2017)
      Trump urges North Korea to 'make a deal' regarding nuclear weapons program  (Fox 11/07/2017)
      Texas church shooter attended celebration with parishioners days before rampage  (Fox 11/07/2017)
      Stephen Hawking says artificial intelligence could 'destroy' humanity  (Fox 11/07/2017)
      How Brazile's book exposes liberal media's Hillary health coverup  (NYP 11/07/2017)
      Donna Brazile, you were absolutely right to tell Democrats to 'go to hell'  (Fox 11/07/2017)
      North Korea's nuclear test site causing 'deformed babies,' killing vegetation, defectors say  (Fox 11/07/2017)
      Good try, but no, faulty memory is no excuse to prevent murderer's execution: Supreme Court  (JWR 11/07/2017)
      Virginia governor's race: Trump rips Democrat Northam as 'weak' on crime, 2nd Amendment  (Fox 11/07/2017)
      Minnesota county scrambles to control deadly tuberculosis outbreak  (Fox 11/07/2017)
      School district orders coach to stop bowing head in prayer  (Fox 11/07/2017)
      Antifa, leftwing anti-Trump protests nationwide turned out to be dud  (Fox 11/07/2017)
      Judith Miller: Who worries Korea's leader the most Trump or Kim?  (Fox 11/07/2017)
      Trump on North Korea, from 'Rocket Man' to 'fire and fury'  (Fox 11/07/2017)
      Donna Brazile rips Schultz over 'perks' that kept chair 'fat and happy' amid DNC cash crunch  (Fox 11/07/2017)
      Veterans and their service dogs: Keep your paws off, please  (Fox 11/07/2017)
      Black Student Union wants charges over racist graffiti hoax  (Fox 11/07/2017)
      North Korea: Will mini nukes become an option for Trump?  (Fox 11/07/2017)
      Saudi Arabia calls missile launch 'act of war' by Iran, vows retaliation  (Fox 11/07/2017)
      With Teladoc, the doctor will see you now ...  really!  (JWR 11/07/2017)
      Woman fired after flipping off Trump's motorcade  (Fox 11/07/2017)
      Oakland's top cop probed for assisting in illegal immigrant arrest in sanctuary city  (Fox 11/07/2017)
      Texas church gunman's phone recovered, but encryption preventing access, FBI says  (Fox 11/07/2017)
      Menendez corruption and bribery trial: What to know  (Fox 11/07/2017)
      Cultural Marxism and its discontents  (JWR 11/06/2017)
      Maureen O'Hara spoke out against Hollywood predators in 1945: 'I'm ready to quit now'  (Fox 11/06/2017)
      The bike path to diversity hell  (JWR 11/06/2017)
      Texas church shooting youngest victim was 18-month-old, suspect had threatened mother-in-law  (Fox 11/06/2017)
      Liberal media fixates on laws that wouldn't have stopped attack, ignores good guy with gun  (Fox 11/06/2017)
      Texas church shooting: Keep my thoughts and prayers out of your political agenda  (Fox 11/06/2017)
      US 'doesn't give a crap' about Mexico sewage spills sickening Calif.  beachgoers, critics say  (Fox 11/06/2017)
      Comey draft statement on Clinton emails called her actions 'grossly negligent,' new memos show  (Fox 11/06/2017)
      Texas church massacre: Man hailed a hero for chasing gunman after killings  (Fox 11/06/2017)
      Secret Service arrest man near White House who wanted to kill 'all white police'  (Fox 11/06/2017)
      Dad shot dead in New York City apartment allegedly for his clothes, police say  (Fox 11/06/2017)
      Texas church shooter Devin Patrick Kelley served in Air Force, was court-martialed for assaulting...  (Fox 11/06/2017)
      Pastor: Our church had a deadly shooting, too.  Here's how we have made it safe  (Fox 11/06/2017)
      Mueller Must Resign  (JWR 11/06/2017)
      This is all Bill Clinton's fault  (JWR 11/06/2017)
      Terrifying tiger attack: Horror pics show big cat mauling zookeeper  (Fox 11/06/2017)
      Fears that 'leaning' San Francisco high-rise can't survive earthquake  (Fox 11/06/2017)
      Hobby Lobby pres.  on TX church shooting: We're reminded daily there is evil in the world  (Fox 11/06/2017)
      The heroes of Sutherland Springs  (JWR 11/06/2017)
      Texas church shooting: Who is gunman Devin Patrick Kelley?  (Fox 11/06/2017)
      Steve and Jackie Green: The incredible, unexpected journey that led to the Museum of the Bible  (Fox 11/06/2017)
      Congress opens door to nixing ObamaCare mandate in tax bill  (Fox 11/06/2017)
      Democrat walks out of moment of silence for Texas massacre victims  (Fox 11/06/2017)
      My Dad's Private War Against Murder Inc.  (JWR 11/06/2017)
      Trump shows America is through being a chump in Asia  (Fox 11/06/2017)
      The True Purpose of the University  (JWR 11/06/2017)
      Alleged Rand Paul attacker out on bail, facing low-level charge as mystery surrounds motive  (Fox 11/06/2017)
      The Dems' willful inversion of reality on terrorism  (JWR 11/06/2017)
      Unpaid Zara factory workers are hiding notes for shoppers inside clothing  (Fox 11/06/2017)
      Rand Paul recovering from 5 broken ribs after attack at Kentucky home  (Fox 11/05/2017)
      Illinois police officer killed after traffic stop  (Fox 11/05/2017)
      Commerce Department pushes back on report Ross has business links with Putin family  (Fox 11/05/2017)
      Russia struggles with legacy of 1917 Bolshevik Revolution  (Fox 11/05/2017)
      100 years after Russian revolution, Lenin statues abound  (Fox 11/05/2017)
      Shalane Flanagan becomes first American woman to win NYC Marathon in 40 years  (Fox 11/05/2017)
      Hillary Clinton's loss in the election sparks civil war between Democrats  (Fox 11/05/2017)
      GOP House members to vote on tax reform with reelection in full view  (Fox 11/05/2017)
      Iraqi PM raises flag in border area taken from Islamic State  (Fox 11/05/2017)
      Trump, Japan's Abe meet before start of high-stakes diplomacy  (Fox 11/05/2017)
      Texas church massacre among the deadliest US mass shootings  (Fox 11/05/2017)
      Investigators scour past of man charged in NYC terror attack  (Fox 11/05/2017)
      Newt Gingrich: Why Trump's tax plan has me feeling so optimistic  (Fox 11/05/2017)
      Texas church shooting: Trump, politicians react  (Fox 11/05/2017)
      Texas church shooting: God, evil and a senseless act  (Fox 11/05/2017)
      Trump should confront China on North Korean nukes during his Asia trip  (Fox 11/05/2017)
      Catalan ex-president Carles Puigdemont turns himself in to police in Belgium, report says  (Fox 11/05/2017)
      New York Times' coverage of Mueller is peak liberal bias  (NYP 11/05/2017)
      'Hero' neighbor got his rifle, shot at Texas church gunman  (Fox 11/05/2017)
      Bowe Bergdahl should go to prison years ago he could have faced a firing squad  (Fox 11/04/2017)
      The Latest: American accused in Zimbabwe to stay in jail  (Fox 11/04/2017)
      As US prepares to leave UNESCO, envoy urges deep reforms  (Fox 11/04/2017)
      The day we ran out of food  (Fox 11/04/2017)
      NYC terror suspect's Uber gig reignites concerns over screening processes  (Fox 11/04/2017)
      Iran displays missile during anniversary of embassy takeover as protesters chant 'Down with the US'  (Fox 11/04/2017)
      Senior Saudi royal ousted, princes reportedly arrested  (Fox 11/04/2017)
      Sen.  Rand Paul assaulted at Kentucky home, reportedly by neighbor  (Fox 11/04/2017)
      RNC Chairwoman: National Day of Action  (Fox 11/04/2017)
      Dershowitz: No Criminal Evidence Yet in Either Trump Russia Investigation or Democrats' Scandals  (Fox 11/04/2017)
      Trump touts improving economy since taking office, points to new numbers  (Fox 11/04/2017)
      Protecting your bank account in the wake of data breaches  (Fox 11/04/2017)
      Trump team wants Supreme Court to discipline ACLU for helping 17-year-old illegal immigrant...  (Fox 11/04/2017)
      President Trump says he'll start dining at local D.C.  restaurants  (Fox 11/04/2017)
      Alabama hero drives 2 hours to search for missing 3-year-old, finds her safe  (Fox 11/04/2017)
      Baltimore police say off-duty DC officer fatally shot  (Fox 11/04/2017)
      Slow the sands of time Sunday, standard time returning again  (Fox 11/04/2017)
      NYC terror suspect Saipov a 'mother's boy' who wanted to come home  (Fox 11/04/2017)
      Secret Service shares photo of 'The Beast' en route to Asia  (Fox 11/04/2017)
      NYC attack took toll on Belgian family; mom lost both legs  (Fox 11/04/2017)
      Chicago sees violent carjackings surge, even in trendy neighborhoods  (Fox 11/04/2017)
      American who allegedly called Zimbabwe president a 'sick man' on Twitter charged with subversion  (Fox 11/04/2017)
      Latest JFK files say no evidence found of CIA link to Oswald  (Fox 11/04/2017)
      NYC terror attack brings out terrible media bias; and other journalism failures  (Fox 11/04/2017)
      Saudi Arabian forces intercept missile launched from Yemen, reports say  (Fox 11/04/2017)
      It's time for daylight saving time to fall back...forever  (Fox 11/04/2017)
      Taya Kyle: A movie to watch, remember and learn from about what it really means to serve  (Fox 11/04/2017)
      Lebanon prime minister resigns, blames Iran for meddling in Arab affairs  (Fox 11/04/2017)
      More bones from the Democratic ruins  (JWR 11/03/2017)
      Cops help rescue obese raccoon from sewer grate  (Fox 11/03/2017)
      Army Sgt.  Bowe Bergdahl: Who is he?  (Fox 11/03/2017)
      Tyrannosaurus Rex's little arms may have been used for 'vicious slashing', scientist claims  (Fox 11/03/2017)
      Mexican cartels extorting avocado producers raises price of guacamole, report says  (Fox 11/03/2017)
      Ex-Trump adviser Carter Page contradicts Sessions in testimony about Russia trip  (Fox 11/03/2017)
      Trump visits Pearl Harbor ahead of first official tour of Asia  (Fox 11/03/2017)
      6 things to know about your car's transmission  (Fox 11/03/2017)
      November  (JWR 11/03/2017)
      Russia's hackers took only a week to pry into Clinton camp  (Fox 11/03/2017)
      Twitter revamps internal security after rogue employee deactivated Trump's account  (Fox 11/03/2017)
      Trump: DOJ must do 'what is right and proper' and investigate Hillary Clinton  (Fox 11/03/2017)
      Trump should partner with the faith community to tackle the opioid crisis  (Fox 11/03/2017)
      Trump embarks on 13-day foreign trip to Asia  (Fox 11/03/2017)
      Tax reform is the 'single most important thing to grow economy, jobs: Boeing CEO...  (Fox 11/03/2017)
      Sheriff: Las Vegas shooter had lost money, been depressed  (Fox 11/03/2017)
      Gregg Jarrett: Hillary Clinton's scheme in 'rigging' the nomination may have been criminal  (Fox 11/03/2017)
      Trump: Every Time ISIS Attacks Us, We'll 'Hit Them 10 Times Harder'  (Fox 11/03/2017)
      Forests lost in wildfires could be replanted by drones  (Fox 11/03/2017)
      Do We Live in a Diseased Culture?  (JWR 11/03/2017)
      Carter Page: Who is he and how is he linked to Trump?  (Fox 11/03/2017)
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      Trump's Asia trip could be an incredible success if he does this  (Fox 11/03/2017)
      Woolly Mammoth bachelors often met disastrous ends  (Fox 11/03/2017)
      Dems' use of the race card does real harm  (JWR 11/03/2017)
      Bergdahl dishonorably discharged, no jail time after emotional trial  (Fox 11/03/2017)
      Trump must act urgently to save the US steel industry National security begins with...  (Fox 11/03/2017)
      FDA warns on 'pot cures cancer' claims  (Fox 11/03/2017)
      3 Nevada residents file lawsuit urging state to enforce new gun background check law  (Fox 11/03/2017)
      Newt Gingrich: Get smart Scrap the diversity lottery, be honest about terrorists  (Fox 11/03/2017)
      11-minute Trump Twitter outage prompts company investigation  (Fox 11/03/2017)
      North Korean nuke test radiation could blow into Japan, report says  (Fox 11/03/2017)
      Territorial losses suffered by Islamic State in Syria, Iraq  (Fox 11/03/2017)
      Catalonia pushes for independence from Spain: What to know  (Fox 11/03/2017)
      'Twilight Zone' reboot in the works at CBS with Jordan Peele  (Fox 11/03/2017)
      Tax reform bill revealed by House GOP  (Fox 11/02/2017)
      Trump's tax plan: The major changes  (Fox 11/02/2017)
      GOP tax bill: Here is a look at the new brackets  (Fox 11/02/2017)
      Boeing generates over 1.5M US manufacturing jobs  (Fox 11/02/2017)
      Bin Laden files reveal fondness for 'funny cats,' 'Charlie bit my finger' videos  (Fox 11/02/2017)
      Aliens may 'look like us,' new study suggests  (Fox 11/02/2017)
      GOP tax bill: No changes to 401[k], doubles deductions for middle class, limits state and local tax  (Fox 11/02/2017)
      Trump vows to end 'chain migration,' 'terminate' Diversity Visa Program in wake of NYC terror attack  (Fox 11/02/2017)
      The Manafort, Gates indictments aren't proof of Trump-Russia collusion just bad judgment  (Fox 11/02/2017)
      Colorado Walmart shooting: 3 dead, no suspect in custody, police say  (Fox 11/02/2017)
      The Latest: Russia extends long-range strikes on IS in Syria  (Fox 11/02/2017)
      Popular airline is removing first class seats to make room for more economy  (Fox 11/02/2017)
      Papa John's blames NFL anthem protests for taking a multimillion-dollar slice out of its...  (Fox 11/02/2017)
      'Fake news' is Collins Dictionary's word of the year 2017  (Fox 11/02/2017)
      Gigantic dinosaur-eating plane-size reptile discovered in Mongolia  (Fox 11/02/2017)
      Ukraine to cooperate with FBI on Manafort  (Fox 11/02/2017)
      Dutch court convicts suspect of plotting terror attack  (Fox 11/02/2017)
      Las Vegas shooting: Paddock's girlfriend may be hiding something, sheriff suggests  (Fox 11/02/2017)
      Here are the Russian Facebook ads you might have seen during the election  (Fox 11/02/2017)
      Former member of Ethiopia Marxist regime apologizes in court  (Fox 11/02/2017)
      Grover Norquist: Republican tax bill is an amazingly powerful job creation measure  (Fox 11/02/2017)
      Will the US unleash revolutionary 'LightingStrike' drone on future enemies?  (Fox 11/02/2017)
      Hitler WWII 'escape' investigated by the CIA, bombshell document reveals  (Fox 11/02/2017)
      California mayor among handful of surfers sickened by latest sewage spill from Mexico  (Fox 11/02/2017)
      'Love making': The Progressives' Problem  (JWR 11/02/2017)
      Pro-Trump non-profit next target in Mueller probe  (Fox 11/02/2017)
      US fighter jets intercept Russian nuclear bombers near North Korea  (Fox 11/02/2017)
      Request Timeout  (Fox 11/02/2017)
      Who gets to have nuclear weapons - and why?  (JWR 11/02/2017)
      Arrest warrant sought for ousted Catalan leader as judge jails 9 ex-members of regional government  (Fox 11/02/2017)
      Trump calls DNC primary-rigging 'illegal,' slams 'fake' dossier in Fox News interview  (Fox 11/02/2017)
      Newt Gingrich: Tax cuts are key to reaching four percent growth Ignore the 'experts'  (Fox 11/02/2017)
      Trump calls for 'DEATH PENALTY' for NYC terrorist in wake of Halloween attack  (Fox 11/02/2017)
      North Korea slams 'false' nuclear test site deaths report  (Fox 11/02/2017)
      Federal Reserve nominee Jerome Powell is philosophically closer to Schumer than Trump...  (Fox 11/02/2017)
      Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell finally has something to brag about: Conservative...  (JWR 11/02/2017)
      Fed nominee Powell: Banks stronger, US close to full employment  (Fox 11/02/2017)
      Menendez corruption and bribery trial: What to know  (Fox 11/02/2017)
      Police arrest man suspected of killing 3 at Colorado Walmart  (Fox 11/02/2017)
      Charles Hurt: Clintons Now Involved in 3 'Watergate-Level' Scandals  (Fox 11/02/2017)
      For Trump haters, Monday's indictment was a sugar cube not a full meal  (JWR 11/01/2017)
      NYC terror attack suspect planned assault for weeks, did prior reconnaissance  (Fox 11/01/2017)
      Diversity visa program: What you need to know  (Fox 11/01/2017)
      Tammy Bruce: Kevin Spacey scandal just another Hollywood case of 'everyone knows'  (Fox 11/01/2017)
      Antifa, students protest Cernovich, reportedly harass female reporter at Columbia University  (Fox 11/01/2017)
      Ed Rollins: Get used to conservative outsiders, America  (Fox 11/01/2017)
      Iceland's biggest 'doomsday volcano' could soon erupt, wreaking mass chaos on travelers  (Fox 11/01/2017)
      NYC terror attack Can vehicle terror attacks be stopped?  (Fox 11/01/2017)
      Grassley introduces new FARA legislation amid Manafort indictment, Podesta probe  (Fox 11/01/2017)
      NYC attack victims include tourists from Argentina, Belgium  (Fox 11/01/2017)
      NYC terror suspect Sayfullo Saipov: Who is he?  (Fox 11/01/2017)
      Timeline of recent terror attacks against the West  (Fox 11/01/2017)
      MLB's Bruce Maxwell was reportedly drunk, made anti-police remarks during arrest  (Fox 11/01/2017)
      Trump's Asia trip: Stops in Japan, China and beyond  (Fox 11/01/2017)
      Let's Help Our Media Friends  (JWR 11/01/2017)
      Jerome Powell would be richest Fed chair since 1948: Report  (Fox 11/01/2017)
      NYC terror attack and Islam's surprisingly complicated relationship with terrorism  (Fox 11/01/2017)
      NYC attack timeline: From move to Florida to ISIS-pledged act of terror  (Fox 11/01/2017)
      US strike would trigger automatic North Korea retaliation, defector says  (Fox 11/01/2017)
      Navy faults US warships in summer Pacific collisions that killed 17 sailors, officials say  (Fox 11/01/2017)
      Prosecutors say NYC terror attack suspect 'consumed by hate,' asked for ISIS flag  (Fox 11/01/2017)
      It's not Facebook making you miserable it's you  (Fox 11/01/2017)
      Seven House Representatives: Opioid addiction and abuse is not partisan, it's about saving lives  (Fox 11/01/2017)
      Hillary's link to tortured and murdered Russian lawyer is the real ...  'dossier' bombshell  (JWR 11/01/2017)
      Allahu Akbar-itis: America's Deadly and Debilitating Disease  (JWR 11/01/2017)
      Trump 'coming after' China unless it takes on North Korea, officials say  (Fox 11/01/2017)
      The Latest: FBI no longer looking for Uzbek man in poster  (Fox 11/01/2017)
      'Diversity' Visa Program to Blame for NYC Terror Attack  (Fox 11/01/2017)
      Amid Pence promises, persecuted Iraqi Christians still in perilous limbo  (Fox 11/01/2017)
      The Fusion of Reporting and 'Oppo'  (JWR 11/01/2017)
      How D.C.'s Dems have become irrelevant  (JWR 11/01/2017)
      After Trump dossier revelation, FBI is next  (JWR 11/01/2017)
      Politico quotes Fusion GPS employee in attempt to bash Wall Street Journal  (Fox 11/01/2017)
      Balfour Declaration centennial honors Jewish peoples' rights in their ancient homeland  (Fox 11/01/2017)
      America's catastrophic success against Islamic State  (JWR 11/01/2017)
      Sanders to Reporter: 'Disgusting & Absurd' to Suggest Anyone in WH Would Support Slavery  (Fox 11/01/2017)
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      The Dems' Preoccupation with Inequality  (JWR 10/31/2017)
      Mars may have 'levitating sand'  (Fox 10/31/2017)
      Trump distances himself from indictments, says Papadopoulos has 'proven to be a liar'  (Fox 10/31/2017)
      Police cameras had no effect; the question is why  (JWR 10/31/2017)
      Robert Mueller's railroad job that that can't find the tracks  (JWR 10/31/2017)
      It's time we acknowledge how indispensable mothers are to their babies  (Fox 10/31/2017)
      Russia's fury is proof the sanctions are working  (JWR 10/31/2017)
      Germany marks 500th anniversary of church's Reformation  (Fox 10/31/2017)
      Powerful lobbyist Tony Podesta steps down amid Mueller's Russia probe  (JWR 10/31/2017)
      Virginia gov race ad sparks outrage, portrays Gillespie supporter trying to mow down kids  (Fox 10/31/2017)
      Christ Church and the slavers' blood money  (JWR 10/31/2017)
      Las Vegas shooting: Officer fired weapon in Paddock's suite, sheriff says  (Fox 10/31/2017)
      NYC attack: Trump calls driver 'sick and deranged'  (Fox 10/31/2017)
      Is #Metoo a modern version of the Salem witch trials?  (JWR 10/31/2017)
      Shocking but not surprising  (JWR 10/31/2017)
      Rep.  McCaul: This Has 'All the Hallmarks' of an ISIS Attack  (Fox 10/31/2017)
      NYPD visited truck rental companies amid terrorist threats  (Fox 10/31/2017)
      Finnair will weigh its airline passengers as part of voluntary pilot program  (Fox 10/31/2017)
      NYC 'terror' attack leaves 8 dead, several injured  (Fox 10/31/2017)
      Apparently, even 'Free to Be You and Me' doesn't satisfy thought police  (JWR 10/31/2017)
      Bergdahl testifies about his experience in Taliban captivity  (Fox 10/31/2017)
      Just ignore Mueller's moves, Mr.  President  (JWR 10/31/2017)
      Russian trolls and bots disrupting US democracy via Facebook and Twitter  (Fox 10/31/2017)
      New York terror attack Don't offend anyone  (Fox 10/31/2017)
      Fisherman catches fish that grew around a drink wrapper  (Fox 10/31/2017)
      Disrespecting China's national anthem could result in three years in prison  (Fox 10/31/2017)
      Wife of man accused in Vladimir Putin assassination plot killed in Ukraine  (Fox 10/31/2017)
      Why is Turkey's Erdogan being hailed as a US 'partner' when his paranoid purge targets...  (Fox 10/31/2017)
      How Paul Manafort is connected to the Trump, Russia investigation  (Fox 10/31/2017)
      Timeline of recent vehicle attacks in Europe  (Fox 10/31/2017)
      What humanity's history in space tells us about our future in the stars  (JWR 10/31/2017)
      Tale of two universes: The spinning of the Paul Manafort indictment  (Fox 10/31/2017)
      Holes emerge in Hawaii women's tale of survival in the Pacific  (Fox 10/31/2017)
      Liz Peek: Hillary Clinton desperately needs Mueller to prove Russian collusion  (Fox 10/31/2017)
      We're about to find out if New Yorkers care about corruption  (NYP 10/31/2017)
      200 feared dead after tunnel collapses at North Korean nuclear test site, Japanese TV claims  (Fox 10/31/2017)
      Catalonia pushes for independence from Spain: What to know  (Fox 10/31/2017)
      Macron defends counterterrorism law at European Court  (Fox 10/31/2017)
      Teddy Roosevelt didn't deserve this  (JWR 10/30/2017)
      Tillerson, Mattis make case for war powers authority in Senate hearing in wake of Niger ambush  (Fox 10/30/2017)
      Report: Paul Manafort, Rick Gates to surrender to special counsel  (Fox 10/30/2017)
      US captures key militant in Benghazi attack  (Fox 10/30/2017)
      Wounded soldier's wife expected to testify against Bergdahl  (Fox 10/30/2017)
      Bowe Bergdahl gives emotional statement at sentencing hearing, apologizes to wounded...  (Fox 10/30/2017)
      Trump Has Found a Real News Story About a Fake Dossier  (JWR 10/30/2017)
      Gregg Jarrett: Still no evidence of Trump-Russia 'collusion'  (Fox 10/30/2017)
      North Korea likely stole classified warship blueprints, lawmaker says  (Fox 10/30/2017)
      Gene editing about to get a lot more powerful  (Fox 10/30/2017)
      OOPS!  The rise of the creative class worked a little too well  (JWR 10/30/2017)
      The War Between Trump and the Media: Good for Them; Bad for Us  (JWR 10/30/2017)
      White House chief of staff John Kelly on special counsel indictments: 'Let the legal justice...'  (Fox 10/30/2017)
      John Fund: Manafort is a small fish in Mueller's net [but he raises a lot of questions]  (Fox 10/30/2017)
      Lindsey Graham: There 'will be holy hell to pay' if Trump fires Mueller  (Fox 10/30/2017)
      Democratic women in the Senate were all for these tax reform principles until Trump...  (Fox 10/30/2017)
      Kate Steinle trial: Police testify bullet ricocheted, killed woman in San Francisco  (Fox 10/30/2017)
      Who Is Lying - Trump or Others?  (JWR 10/30/2017)
      Life is annoying.  Don't make it worse  (JWR 10/30/2017)
      Russia's Putin condemns Soviet-era political repressions  (Fox 10/30/2017)
      Erick Erickson: It's Paul Manafort's indictment, not Trump's  (Fox 10/30/2017)
      US fights ACLU quest to represent American captured in Syria  (Fox 10/30/2017)
      Bryan Cranston: 'F - you' to anyone who wants Trump to fail  (Fox 10/30/2017)
      North Korea seeks to develop space program, vows to launch more satellites  (Fox 10/30/2017)
      Kim Wall murder suspect admits dismembering body, denies killing her  (Fox 10/30/2017)
      George Papadopolous, ex-Trump aide, pleads guilty in connection to Russia probe: Who is he?  (Fox 10/30/2017)
      South Africa sees protests against murders of white farmers  (Fox 10/30/2017)
      B-2 bomber make rounds in Pacific ahead of Trump's visit  (Fox 10/30/2017)
      Trump enjoys early success with GOP-led Senate on confirming judges  (Fox 10/30/2017)
      150-million-year-old 'sea monster' unearthed in India  (Fox 10/30/2017)
      Manafort, Gates plead not guilty in grand jury indictment  (Fox 10/30/2017)
      Russian oligarch reportedly building NYC's largest residence  (Fox 10/30/2017)
      How Paul Manafort is connected to the Trump, Russia investigation  (Fox 10/30/2017)
      North Korea's plot to kill Kim Jong Un's nephew foiled by Chinese officials, report says  (Fox 10/30/2017)
      Trump, GOP lawmakers: Manafort charges no relation to campaign, alleged 'collusion'  (Fox 10/30/2017)
      Taliban says American captive's health is in poor condition, US will be responsible  (Fox 10/30/2017)
      Scientists have designed virtual human brain cells  (Fox 10/30/2017)
      Elon Musk has spent a year being wrong about self-driving Teslas  (JWR 10/30/2017)
      Manafort indictment 'puts pressure' on Trump agenda, Judge Napolitano & fmr.  Clinton...  (Fox 10/30/2017)
      Fusion GPS's ties to Clinton campaign, Russia investigation: What to know  (Fox 10/30/2017)
      Ingraham: 'The People Took Their Power Back on Election Day & the Establishment Is Mad as Hell'  (Fox 10/30/2017)
      Judge Jeanine: After Russian Dossier Funding, Time to 'Lock Her Up'  (Fox 10/29/2017)
      Houston Texans planning pregame protest over owner Bob McNair comments, report says  (Fox 10/29/2017)
      Trump critic Matt Taibbi facing backlash over Russia memoir  (Fox 10/29/2017)
      Why Trump has to clean up Obama's mess in Guatemala  (Fox 10/29/2017)
      Houston Texans kneel during anthem in protest of Bob McNair comments  (Fox 10/29/2017)
      Gowdy slams Mueller team over leaks about charges in Trump-Russia probe  (Fox 10/29/2017)
      Rouhani says Iran will keep producing missiles, state TV reports  (Fox 10/29/2017)
      Hill Republicans want more answers from Wasserman Schultz, Podesta about Trump dossier money  (Fox 10/29/2017)
      Virginia driver killed after 12-year-old boy attempting suicide jumps, lands on her car  (Fox 10/29/2017)
      ISIS fanatics threaten Prince George with chilling warning 'the Royal Family will not be left alone,'  (Fox 10/29/2017)
      Wolf kills cow in California for the first time in more than 100 years  (Fox 10/29/2017)
      Trump: Claims about Clinton camp spending millions on 'fake dossier' has GOP 'united & angry'  (Fox 10/29/2017)
      Message to liberal feminists: Don't dictate political views to me just because we share the same...  (Fox 10/29/2017)
      John Boehner unleashed: Ex-House speaker curses at lawmakers, says congressman once held...  (Fox 10/29/2017)
      The Reformation, led by Luther, failed.  Here's how we could finally reunite the Christian church  (Fox 10/29/2017)
      Michigan buggy crash: 3 children killed, 6 hurt after truck slams into carriage  (Fox 10/29/2017)
      North Korea conducting evacuation, blackout drills amid growing tensions with US, report says  (Fox 10/29/2017)
      MLB's Bruce Maxwell, who knelt during anthem, is arrested on gun charge  (Fox 10/29/2017)
      Doctors prepare for deep dive into Las Vegas shooter's brain  (Fox 10/29/2017)
      Somalia police end night-long siege of Mogadishu hotel, 23 dead  (Fox 10/29/2017)
      NFL players seek meeting with Goodell, McNair, Kaepernick  (Fox 10/29/2017)
      Mueller probe into possible collusion with Russia nets first charges: report  (Fox 10/28/2017)
      Mark Zuckerberg and liberals seek to weaken bail system that keeps us safe  (Fox 10/28/2017)
      'America Is Through With These Scumbags': David Clarke Slams Dems' Denial of Russian Dossier  (Fox 10/28/2017)
      Pentagon chief says North Korea engages in 'outlaw' behavior  (Fox 10/28/2017)
      Mattis says nuclear threat by North Korea is accelerating, slams 'outlaw' behavior  (Fox 10/28/2017)
      Long Island MS-13 task force finds third body in 2 weeks  (Fox 10/28/2017)
      Lebanon premier: Cyprus can help us cope with refugee strain  (Fox 10/28/2017)
      Arizona seeing 100 opioid deaths per month, data show  (Fox 10/28/2017)
      Houston Texans owner makes second apology for 'inmates running the prison' remark  (Fox 10/28/2017)
      Why stock-market bulls should be wary of rising tide of earnings shenanigans  (Fox 10/28/2017)
      Robert Mueller should resign  (NYP 10/28/2017)
      13 dead, more than 16 wounded in Mogadishu hotel blast, attack  (Fox 10/28/2017)
      Student gets 30 days in jail for bringing bag full of weapons to Trump Tower  (Fox 10/28/2017)
      Idaho woman intentionally drove off cliff, killing herself and her 3 children, police say  (Fox 10/28/2017)
      Big tax cuts could spark America's greatest economic growth since 1980s  (Fox 10/28/2017)
      House Intelligence Committee strikes deal for access to Fusion GPS bank records  (Fox 10/28/2017)
      US forces in Niger sought armed drone before deadly ambush  (Fox 10/28/2017)
      Model, 14, collapses and dies after 12-hour fashion show  (Fox 10/28/2017)
      Trump slams 'unhinged' billionaire Steyer after impeachment ad  (Fox 10/27/2017)
      Exposing Hillary's Russia Connection  (JWR 10/27/2017)
      Sean Hannity: Now that Dems, media have their real Russia scandal, they are silent  (Fox 10/27/2017)
      Guilfoyle on Russia: Dems 'Suddenly Caught a Bad Case of Amnesia'  (Fox 10/27/2017)
      ESPN preparing for more layoffs, report says  (Fox 10/27/2017)
      The Clintons started the so-called Russian collusion scandal and may be destroyed by it  (Fox 10/27/2017)
      Conservative website funded initial Fusion GPS Trump opposition effort  (Fox 10/27/2017)
      State Department warns against business with Russian firms  (Fox 10/27/2017)
      There Is No GOP Civil War  (JWR 10/27/2017)
      JFK Files: 'Big news' coming, British reporter was told before shots fired  (Fox 10/27/2017)
      JFK Files Released: Former CIA Director on the Most Likely Oswald-Russia Theory  (Fox 10/27/2017)
      A new Fed head would expose Trump's empty promises on trade  (Fox 10/27/2017)
      Health insurers earn billions, while patients and doctors suffer under ObamaCare  (Fox 10/27/2017)
      Opioid crisis: Sellers tout prescription drugs on social media  (Fox 10/27/2017)
      Kimberley Strassel: The Fusion GPS bombshells have just begun to drop  (Fox 10/27/2017)
      Rare footage captures giant jellyfish living under Arctic ice  (Fox 10/27/2017)
      'We didn't ask questions': Fusion GPS link to Dems murky by design  (Fox 10/27/2017)
      Niger attack reignites debate over military authorization: What to know about AUMF  (Fox 10/27/2017)
      Las Vegas shooting: 'Still not commenting' because of ongoing probe, FBI says  (Fox 10/27/2017)
      Shocking video shows car driving into immigration protest; driver arrested  (Fox 10/27/2017)
      Oliver North: PBS and Ken Burns get Vietnam and Richard Nixon wrong, again  (Fox 10/27/2017)
      Robots will be 100 times smarter than humans in 30 years, tech exec says  (Fox 10/27/2017)
      New therapy 'rewires' the brain to fight depression  (Fox 10/27/2017)
      Virginia man who joined ISIS in Syria gets 20 years in jail  (Fox 10/27/2017)
      Kaepernick and Christian Athlete  (JWR 10/27/2017)
      Mysterious object from deep space has entered the solar system  (Fox 10/27/2017)
      A robot just got citizenship, and to celebrate it trolled Elon Musk  (Fox 10/27/2017)
      Confederate statues find new homes in cemeteries, historical parks and warehouses  (Fox 10/27/2017)
      Spain on the brink: The EU has a brutal streak.  Are Spaniards about to get...  (Fox 10/27/2017)
      Bergdahl sentencing isn't about him It's about setting an example for any future traitors  (Fox 10/27/2017)
      82-year-old finishes Appalachian Trail, becomes oldest to ever complete hike  (Fox 10/27/2017)
      Hillary's Russian collusion connection  (JWR 10/27/2017)
      Beware the incredible 'pain monsters' we've created at Yale, Evergreen State, Middlebury...  (Fox 10/27/2017)
      Mueller facing new Republican pressure to resign in Russia probe  (Fox 10/27/2017)
      Halloween: Progressive pitchforks are out to destroy what ought to be a fun holiday  (Fox 10/27/2017)
      Secret ghostly portrait of Mary, Queen of Scots, discovered beneath 16th-century painting  (Fox 10/27/2017)
      Karl Rove: The Democrats' impeachment mania  (Fox 10/27/2017)
      JFK files include memo on US plans for killing Fidel Castro  (Fox 10/27/2017)
      NYSE chief on stocks: 'Amazing' what's happened since Trump's election  (Fox 10/27/2017)
      Michigan teens accused in rock tossing death threw objects from overpass before, cops say  (Fox 10/27/2017)
      Fusion GPS's ties to Clinton campaign, Russia investigation: What to know  (Fox 10/27/2017)
      Media Skip Inconvenient Russia Truths  (JWR 10/26/2017)
      JFK files: From 2nd shooter to Mexico trip, top questions assassination documents could answer  (Fox 10/26/2017)
      DNC head Tom Perez falsely claims Electoral College 'not a creation of the Constitution'  (Fox 10/26/2017)
      Kate Steinle trial to feature more testimony on shooting video that made courtroom gasp  (Fox 10/26/2017)
      Grassley: Special Counsel Should Investigate 'Potentially Criminal' Uranium One Deal  (Fox 10/26/2017)
      Kaspersky: We uploaded US documents but quickly deleted them  (Fox 10/26/2017)
      Powerful tiny tanks with VR and futuristic cockpits could revolutionize the battlefield  (Fox 10/26/2017)
      Trump DOJ settles lawsuits over Tea Party targeting by Obama IRS  (Fox 10/26/2017)
      About 2,800 JFK records released, others withheld  (Fox 10/26/2017)
      Fox News Poll: Positive views of NFL down 18 points since 2013  (Fox 10/26/2017)
      Hillary Commissioned the Phony Trump Dossier and Covered It Up  (JWR 10/26/2017)
      2 Georgia students threatened 'Columbine-type' attack at high school, police say  (Fox 10/26/2017)
      Navy rescues mariners, dogs stranded in Pacific Ocean for 5 months  (Fox 10/26/2017)
      Gigantic earthworm captured by woman in Australia  (Fox 10/26/2017)
      House paves way for Trump tax reform plan by passing $4T budget  (Fox 10/26/2017)
      House paves way for Trump tax reform plan by passing $4T budget  (Fox 10/26/2017)
      Washington's continuing slow boil  (JWR 10/26/2017)
      Trump, the Yankee Doodle Dandy  (JWR 10/26/2017)
      Masculinity isn't the problem.  Power is  (Fox 10/26/2017)
      Trump's tax reform plan: Who are the winners and losers?  (Fox 10/26/2017)
      JFK files: J.  Edgar Hoover called killing of Oswald 'inexcusable'  (Fox 10/26/2017)
      Tampa mayor tells cops in search for killer: 'bring his head to me'  (Fox 10/26/2017)
      Steve Forbes, Ken Blackwell: Think big on tax cuts  (Fox 10/26/2017)
      Opioid crisis: US pharmacies stock lifesaving overdose antidote  (Fox 10/26/2017)
      Why Was Obama's Justice Department Silent On Criminal Activity By Russia's Nuclear Agency?  (JWR 10/26/2017)
      Clinton mum on Fusion GPS scandal as Dems' dossier denials pile up  (Fox 10/26/2017)
      'Dancing with the dead' ritual could help plague spread in Madagascar  (Fox 10/26/2017)
      Wallace: Appears Dems Were OK With Foreign Election Interference as Long as It Hurt Trump  (Fox 10/26/2017)
      JFK assassination files set for release, but what they reveal remains a mystery  (Fox 10/26/2017)
      Hillary Clinton and Democrats lose the high ground on Russia  (Fox 10/26/2017)
      Kaspersky Lab says it 'inadvertently' downloaded NSA hacking tools  (Fox 10/26/2017)
      We're struggling to keep our opioid addicted son alive.  Here's hoping Trump's plan fuels...  (Fox 10/26/2017)
      Marc Thiessen: Trump should make Democrats vote for tax reform or pay a political price  (Fox 10/26/2017)
      Almost all American ISIS fighters unaccounted for, sparking fears they could slip through...  (Fox 10/26/2017)
      A taxing situation  (JWR 10/26/2017)
      New Clinton revelations rock Democratic Media Complex  (JWR 10/26/2017)
      1000 mph Bloodhound SSC makes first public test run  (Fox 10/26/2017)
      Obama-era Russian Uranium One deal: What to know  (Fox 10/26/2017)
      Gag order lifted: DOJ says informant can speak to Congress on Uranium One, Russia bribery...  (Fox 10/26/2017)
      McDonald's changes its name to Golden Arches  (Fox 10/26/2017)
      My Own Harvey Weinstein Experience  (JWR 10/26/2017)
      Ohio gas station cashier pummels would-be robber, officials say  (Fox 10/26/2017)
      Alan Dershowitz: Berkeley's hard-left stunningly silent over anti-Semitic caricature of me  (Fox 10/26/2017)
      Uranium One probe: Order to lift 'gag' on Russia informant came from Trump, source says  (Fox 10/26/2017)
      The Islamic State and the limitations of cruelty  (JWR 10/26/2017)
      Las Vegas shooting: Internet searches, missing hard drive could be key to motive  (Fox 10/26/2017)
      Trump declares opioid crisis a 'public health emergency'  (Fox 10/26/2017)
      'James Bond Journalist' throws Russian flag at Trump  (JWR 10/26/2017)
      Lib Jews and that inconvenient Israeli consensus  (JWR 10/26/2017)
      Bighorn sheep jumps off hill, lands on car in Washington  (Fox 10/26/2017)
      Fusion GPS scandal: Clinton, DNC broke campaign finance law with dossier funding, complaint says  (Fox 10/26/2017)
      Why are Swiss bankers on trial in the US when they didn't violate any Swiss law?  (Fox 10/26/2017)
      Turley on Russia: 'Allegations Against Clintons Could Potentially Be Criminal'  (Fox 10/26/2017)
      The Delusional Optimism of Both Sides  (JWR 10/25/2017)
      Saudi Arabia: Economic progress lags but social progress is real  (Fox 10/25/2017)
      Tucker Probes Unanswered Questions About Security Guard in Vegas Massacre  (Fox 10/25/2017)
      Fox News Poll: Voters frustrated with tax system, Democrats ahead in ballot test  (Fox 10/25/2017)
      Fusion GPS fallout: DNC, Clinton, FBI take heat after bombshell that Dems funded Trump dossier  (Fox 10/25/2017)
      Good times have come to Trump-leaning states  (JWR 10/25/2017)
      Mom of police officer killed in Vegas shooting dies days after son's funeral, report says  (Fox 10/25/2017)
      Maryland governor to fight federal court ruling to remove World War I memorial cross  (Fox 10/25/2017)
      Scientist proposes wild explanation for why we haven't discovered aliens yet  (Fox 10/25/2017)
      What comes after Raqqa for ISIS?  (Fox 10/25/2017)
      Stuart Varney: The media refuses to cover the Clinton Russian scandal  (Fox 10/25/2017)
      Trump's problem with North Korea is not nuclear weapons  (Fox 10/25/2017)
      Einstein's theory of happiness sells for $1.56M at auction  (Fox 10/25/2017)
      UN Ambassador Nikki Haley evacuated from South Sudan camp after protest violence breaks out  (Fox 10/25/2017)
      North Korean defector describes 'life of hell' for Christians  (Fox 10/25/2017)
      Panetta: Trump 'should focus on tightening the noose around North Korea'  (Fox 10/25/2017)
      Stephen Paddock removed hard drive from laptop found in Las Vegas hotel room, report says  (Fox 10/25/2017)
      Gold Star widow recounts taking grim phone call from 'very gracious' President Trump  (Fox 10/25/2017)
      The FBI's political meddling in all things Russia  (Fox 10/25/2017)
      Kate Steinle trial features testimony from cops who responded to scene  (Fox 10/25/2017)
      A Private Military  (JWR 10/25/2017)
      Lawmakers slam 'boneheaded' Equifax executives for failing to appear before Congress  (Fox 10/25/2017)
      Newt Gingrich: Left-wing education cheats children  (Fox 10/25/2017)
      Kremlin-linked Kaspersky Labs had 'wide open front door' into US networks: House testimony  (Fox 10/25/2017)
      Bowe Bergdahl trial: Navy SEAL breaks down while describing death of military dog  (Fox 10/25/2017)
      Trump EXCLUSIVE: President blasts Democrats' dirty dossier play, hints at Fed choice  (Fox 10/25/2017)
      Undermining America  (JWR 10/25/2017)
      Hillary Clinton and the real Russian collusion  (Fox 10/25/2017)
      'Smoking gun' email reveals Obama DOJ blocked conservative groups from settlement funds...  (Fox 10/25/2017)
      Tammy Bruce: CNN's latest, desperate attempt to hammer Trump is mind-boggling  (Fox 10/25/2017)
      Trump says classified files on JFK assassination will be released Thursday  (Fox 10/25/2017)
      Russia 'exports' more ISIS fighters than any other country, report finds  (Fox 10/25/2017)
      Anti-Semitism in Erdogan's Turkey is a feature, not a bug  (Fox 10/25/2017)
      Hillary Clinton is right: We must get to the bottom of Russian influence buying, especially hers  (Fox 10/25/2017)
      Liberals Plan to 'Scream Helplessly at the Sky' on Election Anniversary  (Fox 10/25/2017)
      Trump doesn't have to resume Obamacare health care subsidies, judge rules  (Fox 10/25/2017)
      Jeff Flake is no martyr.  Steve Bannon did not defeat him.  And the media is full of crap...  (Fox 10/25/2017)
      Kate Steinle trial to feature testimony of witness to killing by illegal immigrant  (Fox 10/24/2017)
      Sean Hannity: The real Russia probe exposes Clintons, Obama, not President Trump  (Fox 10/24/2017)
      North Korea's perfect weapon  (Fox 10/24/2017)
      Virginia man sentenced for shooting, running over bald eagle 'menace'  (Fox 10/24/2017)
      House Republicans launch new probes into Obama-era Uranium One deal, FBI handling...  (Fox 10/24/2017)
      The Trump dossier was Clinton's dirtiest political trick  (NYP 10/24/2017)
      Inside ISIS' coliseum of death: Syria sports stadium converted to killing field  (Fox 10/24/2017)
      Cal Thomas: #MeToo: My daughter and granddaughter, too  (Fox 10/24/2017)
      Bergdahl sentencing: Trump's recent comments concern judge  (Fox 10/24/2017)
      Jewish Community's Inappropriate Reaction to DACA Decision  (JWR 10/24/2017)
      Women accused of Kim Jong Nam's assassination return to scene of attack  (Fox 10/24/2017)
      Hillary Clinton's top aides still being paid by campaign nearly one year after defeat  (Fox 10/24/2017)
      Republicans see tables turned as Dems face fresh Russia controversies  (Fox 10/24/2017)
      Stuart Varney: Trump's on the verge of a big win.  Brace yourself for more hysteria from the left...  (Fox 10/24/2017)
      Park Service cancels funding for project 'honoring legacy' of Black Panther Party  (Fox 10/24/2017)
      Never Trump mob led by Ben Sasse attacks Trump spiritual adviser  (Fox 10/24/2017)
      France, Egypt presidents meet amid concerns over extremism  (Fox 10/24/2017)
      Media admit that the Hill's Russia probes seem to be going nowhere  (Fox 10/24/2017)
      Protect American business from blackmail Congress, pass the Israel Anti-Boycott Act  (Fox 10/24/2017)
      Teens charged after man killed by rock thrown from Michigan overpass  (Fox 10/24/2017)
      You may be more 'Neanderthal' than you thought  (Fox 10/24/2017)
      Slime of 300-million-year-old creature may be used for body armor  (Fox 10/24/2017)
      Company paying New Englanders for fall leaves  (Fox 10/24/2017)
      Michael Moore's Broadway show fails to impress at the box office  (Fox 10/24/2017)
      Sessions: All bets are off in hunt for MS-13 street gang  (Fox 10/24/2017)
      New FBI director: Mobile encryption is 'huge problem'  (Fox 10/24/2017)
      Deputies in Portland investigated by own department for cooperating with ICE agents  (Fox 10/23/2017)
      Kate Steinle case that led to debate over US sanctuary cities, Trump's call for wall is...  (Fox 10/23/2017)
      Gingrich: Russian Influence-Peddling Surrounding Hillary Was 'Stunning'  (Fox 10/23/2017)
      Teen girl survives 'Jaws'-like shark attack in Australia  (Fox 10/23/2017)
      The NFL protests' hidden lesson: Don't let your brand get hijacked by politics  (Fox 10/23/2017)
      Podesta news should rattle Dems on Russia  (Fox 10/23/2017)
      Singapore is capping the number of cars allowed in the country  (Fox 10/23/2017)
      A clown in a sequined cowboy hat distorts greatest sacrifice  (JWR 10/23/2017)
      Report: Mueller probe expands to Democratic lobbyist Tony Podesta's dealings  (Fox 10/23/2017)
      Arizona State honors Pat Tillman, other veterans with 'Brotherhood' jerseys  (Fox 10/23/2017)
      Wounded US soldiers set to testify before Bergdahl's sentencing  (Fox 10/23/2017)
      Britain to give Canada the shipwrecks of explorer Franklin  (Fox 10/23/2017)
      Democrat Joe Manchin wants Hillary Clinton to stay out of West Virginia as he vies for re-election  (Fox 10/23/2017)
      Opioid painkillers are killing thousands of Americans there are alternatives  (Fox 10/23/2017)
      McCain slams Americans who dodged Vietnam draft with 'bone spur'  (Fox 10/23/2017)
      Underwear bomber sues over treatment in federal prison, claims rights are being violated  (Fox 10/23/2017)
      Tillerson to Iranian-backed militias in Iraq: Go home  (Fox 10/23/2017)
      Mysterious discrepancies spotted In Tillerson photographs with Afghanistan president  (Fox 10/23/2017)
      Uranium & Diarrhea, Inc.  (JWR 10/23/2017)
      Taxes and the rich yes, they pay their fair share, and they will after tax reform, too  (Fox 10/23/2017)
      North Korea is playing a longer game than the US  (JWR 10/23/2017)
      Dogs really do put on 'puppy eyes' to get what they want  (Fox 10/23/2017)
      America must stand up to Putin's aggression and support Ukraine  (Fox 10/23/2017)
      Bergdahl sentencing will feature how desperate search changed 3 lives forever  (Fox 10/23/2017)
      Stolen dog returned to Texas after 3-year, 1,700-mile journey  (Fox 10/23/2017)
      Cruz totally outclassed Sanders in debate  (JWR 10/23/2017)
      Conservative Senate candidates are ready to take on the Establishment in 2018  (Fox 10/23/2017)
      Journalist stabbed in neck at Moscow radio station  (Fox 10/23/2017)
      Anti-regime protests spreading across Iran, says country's opposition  (Fox 10/23/2017)
      Tomi Lahren: Media Cowards Won't Talk About the Real Russia Story  (Fox 10/23/2017)
      Tillerson travels to Iraq, hours after visiting Afghanistan  (Fox 10/23/2017)
      Missing plane: US firm in talks to use its tech to help find MH370  (Fox 10/23/2017)
      North Korea threats at 'unprecedented, critical' level, Japan official says  (Fox 10/23/2017)
      Fossilized teeth dating back 9.7 million years could 'rewrite' human history  (Fox 10/22/2017)
      Jimmy Carter: 'Media Have Been Harder on Trump Than Any Other President'  (Fox 10/22/2017)
      Hillary Clinton uses obscenity on TV describing reaction to Trump's inaugural speech  (Fox 10/22/2017)
      Air Force preparing B-52 bombers for 24-hour alert status, official says  (Fox 10/22/2017)
      Philippines leader Duterte says he is willing to shoot criminals himself  (Fox 10/21/2017)
      Trump is a great champion of religious liberty a welcome change from Obama  (Fox 10/21/2017)
      Media won't touch Russian uranium story tied to Hillary, and other epic journalism disasters  (Fox 10/21/2017)
      U.S.  warns public about attacks on energy, industrial firms  (Fox 10/21/2017)
      Tillerson's Mideast aim is a Saudi-Iraqi axis against Iran  (Fox 10/21/2017)
      Trump calls Rep.  Wilson 'wacky' in ongoing feud about call to military widow  (Fox 10/21/2017)
      Abandoning our Kurdish allies is a win for our Iranian enemies  (Fox 10/21/2017)
      Bannon slams former President Bush as most 'destructive' president in ongoing attack...  (Fox 10/21/2017)
      Air Force could recall up to 1,000 retired pilots after Trump order  (Fox 10/21/2017)
      Trump declines to offer specifics on Kelly's remarks about Wilson, praises chief of staff  (Fox 10/21/2017)
      Trump suggests he'll allow release of classified files on Kennedy assassination  (Fox 10/21/2017)
      NFL kneeling protests based on false claims and misleading media reports  (Fox 10/21/2017)
      Peggy Noonan: Is Trump following in Palin's footsteps?  (Fox 10/21/2017)
      Leave John Kelly alone  (NYP 10/21/2017)
      Erick Erickson: Stop weaponizing gold star families  (Fox 10/21/2017)
      Spain to strip Catalonia of autonomous power, call for early election, prime minister says  (Fox 10/21/2017)
      Catalonia's push for independence from Spain: What to know  (Fox 10/21/2017)
      Now General Kelly is being attacked by the press for not attacking Trump  (Fox 10/20/2017)
      Judge Jeanine: The Left Has Lost Its Axis of Justice and Moral Code  (Fox 10/20/2017)
      Media Ignore Real Democratic Scandals  (JWR 10/20/2017)
      Clinton pitbull, media attack Kelly after Gold Star general defends Trump condolence call  (Fox 10/20/2017)
      Firm behind Trump dossier goes to court to block House subpoena for bank records  (Fox 10/20/2017)
      Sad Story: How the deaths of American soldiers became a Trump controversy  (Fox 10/20/2017)
      Revering Life After Las Vegas  (JWR 10/20/2017)
      The Left has gun-toting militias of its own, Charlottesville lawsuit reveals  (Fox 10/20/2017)
      400 mysterious ancient stone structures discovered in Saudi Arabia  (Fox 10/20/2017)
      Frederica Wilson, John Kelly controversy tells us that political contempt is out of control now  (Fox 10/20/2017)
      Pennsylvania man accused of selling heroin in maternity ward following daughter's birth  (Fox 10/20/2017)
      Mueller team criticized by fellow attorneys for history of questionable tactics  (Fox 10/20/2017)
      Tammy Bruce: America, we must save our nation from bullies on the left  (Fox 10/20/2017)
      Melania Trump cuts bloated first lady payroll from Michelle Obama days  (Fox 10/20/2017)
      Weapons, explosive devices and note promising 'bloody revenge' found during child porn raid  (Fox 10/20/2017)
      Hollywood Never Apologizes for Ultraviolence  (JWR 10/20/2017)
      5 phishing scams you need to be aware of  (Fox 10/20/2017)
      With Niger, media and Democrats suddenly wake up to Obama's wars  (Fox 10/20/2017)
      Liz Peek: John Kelly showed us what incredible dignity, honor and truthfulness look like  (Fox 10/20/2017)
      Lynch meets with House investigators on Russia, ignores questions on Clinton  (Fox 10/20/2017)
      North Korea's 'stressed' nuclear test mountain on verge of collapse  (Fox 10/20/2017)
      Lynch meets with House investigators amid questions on Russia, Clinton  (Fox 10/20/2017)
      Obama ambassador's testimony on intelligence unmasking raises new questions  (Fox 10/20/2017)
      Texas' shale oil boom yields rags-to-riches tales by the barrel  (Fox 10/20/2017)
      Jury chosen for Kate Steinle murder trial, opening statements to begin Monday  (Fox 10/20/2017)
      Stuart Varney: Frederica Wilson and the rest of the 'hate Trump' brigade have hit a new low  (Fox 10/20/2017)
      But Even Men Deserve Due Process  (JWR 10/20/2017)
      Newt Gingrich: Renewing American leadership in space  (Fox 10/20/2017)
      Teens accused of tossing rocks from overpass, killing construction worker  (Fox 10/20/2017)
      Badger sneaks into home, naps on cat bed  (Fox 10/20/2017)
      The bad, awful, no-good playbook of the NFL  (JWR 10/20/2017)
      Gregg Jarrett: Lynch, the Clintons and a series of fantastic coincidences  (Fox 10/20/2017)
      Ex-CIA officer: OK, so Lulu the lab wasn't up to snuff at the CIA.  She's still as smart as me  (Fox 10/20/2017)
      White House: No expected outcomes in cases like Bergdahl's  (Fox 10/20/2017)
      Feminist Hypocrisy and Silence Behind Weinstein Era of Abuse  (JWR 10/20/2017)
      Three arrested after shooting outside Richard Spencer speech  (Fox 10/20/2017)
      Kimberley Strassel: Here's why the GOP should keep digging on the Fusion GPS case  (Fox 10/20/2017)
      Tax cuts can't go far enough because Congress won't tackle entitlement abuse  (Fox 10/20/2017)
      Judge refuses to throw out rulings in Arpaio's conviction  (Fox 10/20/2017)
      Report: 152 Afghan trainees have gone AWOL in US since 2005  (Fox 10/20/2017)
      China: Xi's at Bat.  Hu's on first  (Fox 10/20/2017)
      Your brain knows when you've just died, researchers say  (Fox 10/20/2017)
      Trump: Media 'going crazy' with Wilson's 'total lie' about call to widow  (Fox 10/20/2017)
      White House doubles down on John Kelly's 'empty barrel' slam: 'All hat, no cattle'  (Fox 10/20/2017)
      The last step before political process turns dystopian?  (JWR 10/20/2017)
      Police: No terror in knife attack that killed, injured 7 at Poland mall  (Fox 10/20/2017)
      Boy Scouts of America should let boys be boys  (Fox 10/20/2017)
      Las Vegas shooting details still murky as Mandalay Bay ordered to keep evidence  (Fox 10/20/2017)
      Dem rep on Weinstein scandal: Women have 'responsibility' to watch their attire and behavior  (Fox 10/19/2017)
      Elementary School Drops Halloween Because It's 'Not Inclusive,' Replaces It With...  (Fox 10/19/2017)
      George W.  Bush says bigotry or white supremacy in any form is 'blasphemy'  (Fox 10/19/2017)
      Sorry, New York Times, Trump isn't Hitler.  Not even close  (Fox 10/19/2017)
      What's behind Trump's new executive actions  (JWR 10/19/2017)
      CIA boss says IS can attack US even after losing Raqqa  (Fox 10/19/2017)
      Still bruised from Clinton loss, left takes aim at Electoral College in court  (Fox 10/19/2017)
      Teenager defends family from burglary suspects, stabs one with kitchen knife  (Fox 10/19/2017)
      Niger ambush details scarce as McCain suggests need for subpoena  (Fox 10/19/2017)
      In Czech election, yes means no to European Union slavery  (Fox 10/19/2017)
      Richard Spencer ends University of Florida speech early to boos, protests  (Fox 10/19/2017)
      Rejected asylum seeker convicted of rape in Germany amid victim insults  (Fox 10/19/2017)
      'Seinfeld's' John O'Hurley on supporting Trump in Hollywood: 'I was embarrassed for my profession'  (Fox 10/19/2017)
      GOP Reps: Democrats' outrage over Trump 'sabotage' of ObamaCare is misdirected  (Fox 10/19/2017)
      LOOK: Prototypes for Trump's Border Wall Displayed in California  (Fox 10/19/2017)
      The Trump-McConnell detente  (JWR 10/19/2017)
      Rep.  Frederica Wilson desperately seeking attention?  (Fox 10/19/2017)
      Whirlpool vs.  Samsung, LG: US jobs dominate remedy debate  (Fox 10/19/2017)
      Saving the nation from the left's bullies  (JWR 10/19/2017)
      Report: North Korean generals love anti-Trump MSNBC show 'Morning Joe,' watch it daily  (Fox 10/19/2017)
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      North Korea knowns and unknowns  (JWR 10/19/2017)
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      Trump and Obamacare  (JWR 10/19/2017)
      'Clinton Cash' Author: Obama Admin Blocked Witness From Testifying on Uranium One Deal  (Fox 10/19/2017)
      How many defectors escape North Korea and why don't we hear more from them?  (Fox 10/19/2017)
      Defying Trump, EU leaders commit to Iran nuclear accord  (Fox 10/19/2017)
      Yes, Weinstein Accusers Are Brave - So Were Jones, Willey and Broaddrick  (JWR 10/19/2017)
      CIA chief makes incorrect claim about Russian meddling  (Fox 10/19/2017)
      Bill Clinton accuser Broaddrick slams Lewinsky over '#MeToo' tweet  (Fox 10/19/2017)
      The Democratic Party's obsession with Hollywood celebrities finally blows up  (JWR 10/19/2017)
      Grassley wants 'gag order' lifted for FBI informant allegedly 'threatened' by Obama DOJ  (Fox 10/19/2017)
      McConnell Warns Insurgents Can't Beat Dems: He's Wrong  (JWR 10/19/2017)
      Niger ambush leaves 4 US soldiers dead: What to know  (Fox 10/19/2017)
      Texas killer's claim that he murdered 11 young women under scrutiny in documentary  (Fox 10/19/2017)
      John Kelly 'broken hearted' by Dem rep's attacks on Trump  (Fox 10/19/2017)
      What Trump has said about Comey from having 'guts' to being a 'nut job'  (Fox 10/19/2017)
      Beware the Rape Allegation Bandwagon  (JWR 10/18/2017)
      Parties Vs.  Factions In America  (JWR 10/18/2017)
      Lib Billionaires Are Never Villains  (JWR 10/18/2017)
      Anti-Trump CNN host Chris Cuomo calls viewer a 'lemming' in nasty spat  (Fox 10/18/2017)
      New York Times editor admits paper is very, very [very] biased  (JWR 10/18/2017)
      MeToo: Tipping point, or outrage du jour?  (JWR 10/18/2017)
      American swimmer takes a knee.  Could athlete protests impact upcoming Winter Olympics?  (Fox 10/18/2017)
      Talks among US, South Korea, Japan center on North Korea  (Fox 10/18/2017)
      SEAL Team 6 was reportedly ready to act if Pakistan failed to free captive family  (Fox 10/18/2017)
      Sessions clashes with Franken over Russia claim: 'Give me a break'  (Fox 10/18/2017)
      North Korea plans more satellites, says US violating UN sanctions  (Fox 10/18/2017)
      Sanders slams Dem rep's criticism of Trump call to Army widow: 'Appalling and disgusting'  (Fox 10/18/2017)
      Big Pharma funded anti-US militia in Iraq, US veterans allege in lawsuit  (Fox 10/18/2017)
      Gowdy: Former UN Ambassador Samantha Power claims others unmasked in her name  (Fox 10/18/2017)
      Florida police arrest 277, including cops and doctors, in sex sting  (Fox 10/18/2017)
      Judge Nap Says DOJ Should Reopen Clinton Email Probe: 'The Evidence Will Take Them to...'  (Fox 10/18/2017)
      Woman claims 'American Horror Story' inspired her to murder grandfather  (Fox 10/18/2017)
      John McCain, of all people, blasts at nationalism  (JWR 10/18/2017)
      Woman attacks 7-Eleven clerk with hot nacho cheese because 'the customer is always right'  (Fox 10/18/2017)
      Trump says Comey 'totally protected' Clinton, swipes at DOJ as new documents confirm claims  (Fox 10/18/2017)
      Trump: NFL's refusal to impose national anthem rules shows league has 'total disrespect' for country  (Fox 10/18/2017)
      NFL players who dislike Trump could take away his ammo by standing, sports marketing exec.  says  (Fox 10/18/2017)
      Grassley probes Clinton 'conflicts of interest' amid new questions in Russia uranium deal  (Fox 10/18/2017)
      John Stossel: CNN's latest smear: 'Evil Trump appointee ravages environment'  (Fox 10/18/2017)
      Who Pays What in Taxes?  (JWR 10/18/2017)
      Utah man accused of helping teen kill herself: 'It be awesome'  (Fox 10/18/2017)
      North Korea's 'Hotel of Doom' shows signs of activity  (Fox 10/18/2017)
      What if unrepentant racist Richard Spencer gave a speech and nobody came?  (Fox 10/18/2017)
      Las Vegas guard Jesus Campos tells Ellen DeGeneres: 'I felt a burning sensation' when I was shot  (Fox 10/18/2017)
      ISIS devotee who plotted to behead Pamela Geller faces life in prison  (Fox 10/18/2017)
      From terrors of North Korea to US college student: One woman's amazing journey  (Fox 10/18/2017)
      Gregg Jarrett: The Clinton cover-up, brought to you by the same guys who are investigating Trump  (Fox 10/18/2017)
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      NFL could have prevented protest mess, as any competent employer would  (Fox 10/18/2017)
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      Mitch McConnell, where are you?  Maybe the Senate should stick around and get its work done  (Fox 10/18/2017)
      'Tourniquet Killer' Anthony Shore, who terrorized Texas woman, finally set to die  (Fox 10/18/2017)
      Journalists torpedo Trump drug nominee over bad bill, but how did it ever pass?  (Fox 10/18/2017)
      UK's terror threat at levels 'not seen before,' says British intelligence chief  (Fox 10/18/2017)
      Will a single bomb stop North Korea?  (Fox 10/17/2017)
      Is ISIS defeated in Iraq and Syria?  (Fox 10/17/2017)
      Man resided in woods for 10 years because wife nagged him too much  (Fox 10/17/2017)
      Report: IRS refuses to give back $59G to vet after seizing his business cash  (Fox 10/17/2017)
      Drug czar pick Tom Marino withdraws after opioid report  (Fox 10/17/2017)
      Jacksonville Jaguars apologize to military for kneeling in London  (Fox 10/17/2017)
      An open letter to my NFL brethren: Let's stand together as fathers, for the children in our lives  (Fox 10/17/2017)
      Think You Know How Slanted the Media Is?  Read This  (JWR 10/17/2017)
      Senate moves ahead on GOP budget that's key to taxes  (Fox 10/17/2017)
      Desert discovery: Lost temple of Ramses II uncovered by archaeologists  (Fox 10/17/2017)
      Hillary Clinton takes a knee on NFL protesters  (Fox 10/17/2017)
      Supremes to review federal appeals Microsoft e-mail ruling Trump admin says is major obstacle...  (JWR 10/17/2017)
      MS-13 cohorts plead guilty in vicious revenge killing of teenage girl in Virginia  (Fox 10/17/2017)
      Alan Dershowitz: Free speech for NFL players but not the president?  (Fox 10/17/2017)
      Erick Erickson: President Trump has done some good things lately  (Fox 10/17/2017)
      Trump dossier firm's 'smear' tactics unveiled: Fusion GPS labeled critic a 'pedophile', 'extortionist'...  (Fox 10/17/2017)
      No, 'not all men' are like Harvey Weinstein but apparently the left wants you to think so  (Fox 10/17/2017)
      Trump doubles down on slain soldier comments: Obama didn't call John Kelly when son died  (Fox 10/17/2017)
      Gowdy wants Comey to testify again following Clinton email draft release  (Fox 10/17/2017)
      An Austrian thumb in the eye of the elites  (JWR 10/17/2017)
      LGBT groups demand withdrawal of judicial nominee who called trans kids 'Satan's plan'  (Fox 10/17/2017)
      Hillary can't help herself from helping Trump  (Fox 10/17/2017)
      Hawaiian judge blocks latest version of Trump's travel ban  (Fox 10/17/2017)
      Are We All Unconscious Racists?  (JWR 10/17/2017)
      Mystery as Vegas police stop news conferences on massacre, call wounded guard a 'victim'  (Fox 10/17/2017)
      Sean Spicer interviewed by Mueller's team for Russia probe  (Fox 10/17/2017)
      Anthony Weiner laptop had 2,800 gov't documents from Huma Abedin: Report  (Fox 10/17/2017)
      Request Timeout  (Fox 10/17/2017)
      California wildfire victim died in husband's arms after trying to survive inferno in pool  (Fox 10/17/2017)
      Gorka to GOP Establishment: 'Get on Board or Get Out of the Way'  (Fox 10/17/2017)
      What Happened to Memoirs?  An acerbic Gallic take on Hillary Clinton's book  (JWR 10/17/2017)
      Where is Guam and why would North Korea attack it?  (Fox 10/17/2017)
      10-year-old boy falls over railing at Niagara Falls  (Fox 10/17/2017)
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      Girl Scouts have every right to be mad about new Boy Scouts rule  (JWR 10/17/2017)
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      'This Is a Treasonous Act': Hegseth Says Bergdahl Should Spend Rest of His Life in Prison  (Fox 10/16/2017)
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      North Korea: 'Nuclear war may break out any moment'  (Fox 10/16/2017)
      Chinese runaway space station will crash to Earth within months, expert warns  (Fox 10/16/2017)
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      Drain the Hollywood Swamp  (JWR 10/16/2017)
      Trump and Schumer clash on Twitter over Iran deal, taxes: 'Tell that to Israel, Chuck'  (Fox 10/16/2017)
      Stephen Paddock's brain put under microscope as investigators look for clues  (Fox 10/16/2017)
      Harvey Weinstein helped pay Bill Clinton's legal bills during Monica era...  (Fox 10/16/2017)
      North Korea suspected source of 'mad dog' Trump leaflets  (Fox 10/16/2017)
      North Korea diplomacy will continue 'until the first bomb drops,' Tillerson says  (Fox 10/16/2017)
      Delta Airlines prevented woman from singing national anthem on flight with fallen soldier, she claims  (Fox 10/16/2017)
      Mayim Bialik targeted for victim blaming, responds to backlash on Twitter  (Fox 10/16/2017)
      Venezuela's democracy is dead  (Fox 10/16/2017)
      Trump to meet with Yellen as Fed term nears expiration  (Fox 10/16/2017)
      Roofers in Maine stop work to respect national anthem, flag  (Fox 10/16/2017)
      New book 'One Nation After Trump' lacks message powerful enough to lure Obama-Trump...  (Fox 10/16/2017)
      New Jersey man convicted in New York City bombings that injured 30  (Fox 10/16/2017)
      A Great Movie but a Lousy Life  (JWR 10/16/2017)
      Comey drafted letter on Clinton email investigation before completing interviews, FBI confirms  (Fox 10/16/2017)
      Malta investigative journalist killed in 'barbaric' car bombing  (Fox 10/16/2017)
      Trump head, Pence tail  (JWR 10/16/2017)
      Trump dares 'crooked' Hillary to run again after she blames loss on Comey 'shiv'  (Fox 10/16/2017)
      Today's Turn-of-the-Century Problems  (JWR 10/16/2017)
      As North Korea threat looms, US Navy tests ballistic missile shootdown capability  (Fox 10/16/2017)
      Menendez corruption trial: Judge refuses to toss charges  (Fox 10/16/2017)
      Banning 'To Kill a Mockingbird' teaches students the wrong lesson  (Fox 10/16/2017)
      Trump, McConnell pledge unity on tax reform, health care after feud  (Fox 10/16/2017)
      Dana Loesch forced to move due to 'repeated threats from gun control advocates'  (Fox 10/16/2017)
      Drone hits passenger jet in Canada, the first time it's happened  (Fox 10/16/2017)
      Gregg Jarrett: Colin Kaepernick's case against the NFL is as lame as his skills at quarterback  (Fox 10/16/2017)
      Air Force punishes colonel who refused to affirm gay marriage, attorney says  (Fox 10/16/2017)
      Scalia's Legacy  (JWR 10/16/2017)
      NYC school staff salaries up $555M, 'Occupy' teacher gets over $300G, report says  (Fox 10/16/2017)
      Trump slams Clinton for defending NFL anthem kneelers, says that 'thinking' is why she lost  (Fox 10/16/2017)
      Las Vegas guard Jesus Campos vanished after visiting urgent-care clinic, union leader says  (Fox 10/16/2017)
      EPA's Pruitt moves to end Obama-era practice of 'sue and settle' with environmentalists  (Fox 10/16/2017)
      Christian printer refuses services to LGBTQ activist, says he doesn't want to 'make pressure worse'  (Fox 10/16/2017)
      Harvey Weinstein and Hollywood's dance of the fools  (JWR 10/16/2017)
      Louisiana oil rig explodes, at least 7 injured  (Fox 10/16/2017)
      Bowe Bergdahl expected to plead guilty in desertion case  (Fox 10/16/2017)
      Affordable health insurance is finally on the way thank you, President Trump  (Fox 10/15/2017)
      The Left Just Isn't Right  (JWR 10/15/2017)
      Unity in the face of tragedy is good practice for unity, period.  We are more than our politics  (Fox 10/15/2017)
      Yellen sounds upbeat note on economy and inflation prospects  (Fox 10/15/2017)
      McMaster: Allies back Trump on Iran nuke deal, Tehran not 'trustworthy'  (Fox 10/15/2017)
      Pentagon revamps program that puts immigrant recruits on path to US citizenship  (Fox 10/15/2017)
      US condemns 'cowardly' attack in Somalia's capital  (Fox 10/15/2017)
      US condemns 'cowardly' attack in Somalia's capital  (Fox 10/15/2017)
      The NFL is attacking an America that has treated it very well.  Time to end the tax breaks  (Fox 10/15/2017)
      Netanyahu commends Trump's Iran deal, gives U.S.  leverage  (Fox 10/15/2017)
      Haqqani captors killed child, raped wife, Canadian ex-hostage says  (Fox 10/15/2017)
      Trump slams 'failing' New York Times reporter for ignoring successes on trade, climate  (Fox 10/15/2017)
      Strangers rescue man in wheelchair stuck on tracks moments before train barrels through  (Fox 10/15/2017)
      The forgotten Christians of Nigeria faithful while enduring incredible persecution  (Fox 10/15/2017)
      Woody Allen on Weinstein scandal: 'You don't want it to lead to a witch hunt atmosphere'  (Fox 10/15/2017)
      Chelsea Clinton avoids questions about Harvey Weinstein's donations to Clinton Foundation  (Fox 10/15/2017)
      Hill GOP touts tax reform before 2018; Dems knock vow as mere 'Coming Soon!' marque  (Fox 10/15/2017)
      Cops say driver left woman to die, brother says he tried to save her  (Fox 10/14/2017)
      ISIS fighters surrender in Syria, others killed in Afghanistan  (Fox 10/14/2017)
      Former Trump campaigner and Rubio intern shot 13 times while sleeping  (Fox 10/14/2017)
      Tesla fires hundreds of employees  (Fox 10/14/2017)
      Trump touts ObamaCare executive order as boon to millions, end of Dems' 'windfall'  (Fox 10/14/2017)
      Are you weak if you make your man a sandwich?  This is why real men don't marry feminists  (Fox 10/14/2017)
      Five arrested in 1983 murder of Georgia black man  (Fox 10/14/2017)
      Tech Q&A: Spy apps, email receipts, secret scanners and more  (Fox 10/14/2017)
      Steve Bannon recruiting rabble-rousers to take on GOP establishment  (Fox 10/14/2017)
      Emboldened Bannon enlists evangelicals to take on McConnell, entire GOP establishment  (Fox 10/14/2017)
      Corker hits Trump for his 'castration' of Secretary of State Tillerson  (Fox 10/14/2017)
      California wildfire death toll hits 40 as blazes threaten Sonoma  (Fox 10/14/2017)
      Family dog emerges alive and well from California wildfires  (Fox 10/14/2017)
      Illegal alien accused of murdering 18-year-old student was in DACA program  (Fox 10/13/2017)
      Judith Miller: Trump's Iran Deal decision it could have been worse  (Fox 10/13/2017)
      Hillary Clinton calls Trump 'sexual assaulter' in BBC interview, but says Bill's behavior 'in the past'  (Fox 10/13/2017)
      Planet Nine could be our solar system's missing 'Super Earth'  (Fox 10/13/2017)
      Alabama Senate hopeful Roy Moore blasts Washington Post reports  (Fox 10/13/2017)
      Trump is remaking the federal judiciary [while the press freaks out over his tweets]  (Fox 10/13/2017)
      Venezuela extends expired passports for two years amid paper and ink shortages  (Fox 10/13/2017)
      Scientists develop shape-shifting 'skin' that would give robots the ultimate camouflage  (Fox 10/13/2017)
      John Fund: Trump gives Congress a kick in the rear to finally act on health care  (Fox 10/13/2017)
      Las Vegas sheriff frustrated by data discrepancies, unanswered questions  (Fox 10/13/2017)
      Trump rips NBC, eyes TV licenses, but is he serious?  (Fox 10/13/2017)
      Man-eating crocodile hunted after killing Australian woman with dementia  (Fox 10/13/2017)
      Trump to halt 'massive' ObamaCare subsidies, legal fight likely  (Fox 10/13/2017)
      Trump to halt 'massive' ObamaCare subsidies, legal fight likely  (Fox 10/13/2017)
      The GOP Congress needs to pass tax reform or face primaries.  Voters have had enough  (Fox 10/13/2017)
      Trump pledges fealty to religious values, Merry Christmas  (Fox 10/13/2017)
      Trump's ObamaCare subsidy cutoff triggers political war  (Fox 10/13/2017)
      Is Harvard racist?  If you're Asian-American, their admission policies just might be  (Fox 10/13/2017)
      Gingrich: 'Iran Has Been Our Mortal Enemy'  (Fox 10/13/2017)
      Facebook's 'Like' button creator has second thoughts, calls it a time-waster  (Fox 10/13/2017)
      North Korea may have destabilized nuclear testing grounds, experts say  (Fox 10/13/2017)
      AP Interview: Serbian leader vows to lead nation into the EU  (Fox 10/13/2017)
      Yamaha reveals wild electric motorcycle concept  (Fox 10/13/2017)
      Las Vegas security guard Jesus Campos disappears moments before TV interviews  (Fox 10/13/2017)
      Cost-sharing reduction payments: What are the subsidies Trump cut?  (Fox 10/13/2017)
      Trump was right to put the Iran nuclear deal on death row  (Fox 10/13/2017)
      Bill and Hillary Clinton not speaking after blow-up over memoir, author says  (Fox 10/13/2017)
      Kim Jong Un builds his own 'Mar-a-Lago' as North Korean people starve  (Fox 10/13/2017)
      Flight 666 lands in HEL for final time  (Fox 10/13/2017)
      US inflation figures set to set market tone at week's end  (Fox 10/13/2017)
      Apple co-founder's Woz U aims to train tech workers, affordably  (Fox 10/13/2017)
      Russia launches European environmental satellite  (Fox 10/13/2017)
      GOP rep fumes over murky ethics probe, calls Dem colleague 'despicable'  (Fox 10/13/2017)
      Trump's Iran deal decision means that North Korea comes out as the real winner  (Fox 10/13/2017)
      BANNED!: 'We must protect our minority law students from dangerous, hurtful ideas'  (JWR 10/12/2017)
      The left does not out-care the right  (JWR 10/12/2017)
      Welcome to the abyss  (JWR 10/12/2017)
      Caitlan Coleman family refuses return to US as husband fears arrest, officials say  (Fox 10/12/2017)
      John Kelly to Reporters: 'I'm Not Quitting, I'm Not Getting Fired'  (Fox 10/12/2017)
      Trump's health care order: What's in it?  (Fox 10/12/2017)
      www.foxnews.com  (Fox 10/12/2017)
      John Kelly Rips Coverage of the Administration: 'Develop Some Better Sources'  (Fox 10/12/2017)
      Yellowstone supervolcano could blow faster than thought, destroy all of mankind  (Fox 10/12/2017)
      White restaurant manager accused of enslaving black worker  (Fox 10/12/2017)
      Glass bridge in China looks like it's shattering under tourists' feet  (Fox 10/12/2017)
      Shouldn't pro-life students have the same free speech rights as millionaire athletes?  (Fox 10/12/2017)
      The 2018 Mercedes-Benz S-Class is a very smart car  (Fox 10/12/2017)
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      If 'No One Wants to Take Our Guns,' Stop Saying the Opposite  (JWR 10/12/2017)
      Trump on Freed American Hostage: 'Lot of Countries Starting to Respect US Again'  (Fox 10/12/2017)
      Mysterious absence of North Korea's 'rocket men' raises new nuke, missile fears  (Fox 10/12/2017)
      The conservative case to keep the Iran deal  (Fox 10/12/2017)
      Major drug bust in affluent Georgia homes yields $7M in marijuana, 9 arrests, officials say  (Fox 10/12/2017)
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      No Obama documents in Obama library?  Historians puzzled by Chicago center plans  (Fox 10/12/2017)
      Students at Seattle Law School are being denied a well-rounded education by the free speech police  (Fox 10/12/2017)
      Richard Branson takes another bet on the future with Hyperloop One  (Fox 10/12/2017)
      The NFL and its owners salute one flag: The dollar  (Fox 10/12/2017)
      Uproar as Capitol Hill pharmacist dishes on Alzheimer's prescriptions for the powerful  (Fox 10/12/2017)
      Jimmy Kimmel was a vulgar comic long before he was 'America's conscience'  (Fox 10/12/2017)
      Death row inmate too sick to be executed, lawyers say  (Fox 10/12/2017)
      Caitlan Coleman, American woman released with her family in Pakistan: Who is she?  (Fox 10/12/2017)
      Italian woman awarded sick pay for time off to take care of ill dog  (Fox 10/12/2017)
      Hey, Harvey Weinstein, what on earth does the NRA have to do with your mistreatment of women?  (Fox 10/12/2017)
      ISIS recruiter 'White Widow' believed dead after US strike in Syria  (Fox 10/12/2017)
      President Trump is right  (Fox 10/12/2017)
      Not For Sissies  (JWR 10/12/2017)
      Trump clears way for ObamaCare 'alternatives' in new executive order, goes around stalled Congress  (Fox 10/12/2017)
      Conservative students at UC Berkeley face everything from insults to threats of violence  (Fox 10/12/2017)
      Conservative students at UC Berkeley face everything from insults to threats of violence  (Fox 10/12/2017)
      Joy Villa: 'Hollywood Swamp' Full of 'Straight-Up Prostitution' By Executives  (Fox 10/12/2017)
      Tomi Lahren on the Weinstein Scandal: Hollywood Liberals Are Anti-Trump, Not Pro-Woman  (Fox 10/12/2017)
      Trump warns post-hurricane Puerto Rico, says FEMA won't stay 'forever'  (Fox 10/12/2017)
      John Kelly declares 'I'm not quitting,' in surprise briefing appearance  (Fox 10/12/2017)
      Questions remain about police response to Las Vegas massacre  (Fox 10/12/2017)
      Black bear shot, killed after breaking into a post office in Anchorage  (Fox 10/12/2017)
      American Caitlan Coleman, family freed from Afghanistan captors  (Fox 10/12/2017)
      Trump administration pulling US out of UN agency over 'anti-Israel bias'  (Fox 10/12/2017)
      Trump administration pulling US out of UN agency over 'anti-Israel bias'  (Fox 10/12/2017)
      'You Are Completely Off Base': Kennedy Battles Juan Williams on Trump's Health Care Exec Order  (Fox 10/12/2017)
      Tammy Bruce: Harvey Weinstein scandal The feminist bar is very low these days  (Fox 10/12/2017)
      US unemployment could fall further, says Chicago Fed's Evans  (Fox 10/11/2017)
      The Russian Facebook Fizzle  (JWR 10/11/2017)
      Mainstream media ignores Wasserman Schultz's shady IT staffer  (Fox 10/11/2017)
      Trump rips Democrats as 'obstructionists' as he vows to 'fight' to pass tax bill  (Fox 10/11/2017)
      MGM Resorts disputes Las Vegas police timeline of shooting  (Fox 10/11/2017)
      Conservative groups demand McConnell step down as Senate GOP leader  (Fox 10/11/2017)
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      Michelle Obama's condescending and disgracefully out of touch advice to job-seeking women  (Fox 10/11/2017)
      Michael Goodwin: Why Trump's 'Dreamers' deal probably won't happen  (Fox 10/11/2017)
      NSA needed Israel to warn them that its tools had been breached by a Russian cybersecurity firm  (JWR 10/11/2017)
      A cigarette, a car backfire: Small sparks can make big fires  (Fox 10/11/2017)
      Our Broken Moral Compasses  (JWR 10/11/2017)
      Russian lawyer who met Trump Jr.: 'I would have' contacted Clinton, too, if she could help  (Fox 10/11/2017)
      Trump's immigration proposals would foster a more prosperous, less-divided America  (Fox 10/11/2017)
      Top GOP Rep.  Royce urges Trump to 'enforce the hell' out of 'flawed' Iran deal  (Fox 10/11/2017)
      Las Vegas shooter's girlfriend placed on TSA watch list, report says  (Fox 10/11/2017)
      Trump Tower meeting wasn't about Clinton 'dirt,' emails show  (Fox 10/11/2017)
      Let Them Leave  (JWR 10/11/2017)
      Trump says 'about time' after NFL's Goodell calls on players to stand for anthem  (Fox 10/11/2017)
      Conway rips Clinton on Weinstein response: 'She needs to not be a hypocrite'  (Fox 10/11/2017)
      Kelly aide Kirstjen Nielsen to be nominated for DHS secretary  (Fox 10/11/2017)
      Oregon driver in fatal DUI crash had blood-alcohol level 4 times legal limit, police say  (Fox 10/11/2017)
      The Virtue Of Party Politics  (JWR 10/11/2017)
      North Korea says Trump 'lit the wick of war,' vows 'a hail of fire'  (Fox 10/11/2017)
      Israel hacked Kaspersky Lab, tipped off US about Russian hackers, report says  (Fox 10/11/2017)
      Las Vegas shooter's home broken into despite intense FBI, police interest  (Fox 10/11/2017)
      Envoy says US cooperation helped reduce attacks in Turkey  (Fox 10/11/2017)
      California's devastating wildfires and God  (Fox 10/11/2017)
      Justices' decision not to review conviction of top bin Laden lieutenant leaves military tribunals...  (JWR 10/11/2017)
      Newt Gingrich: Vengeance: A warning about a dangerous world  (Fox 10/11/2017)
      'Talking drone' trying to lure kids away from playground, Ohio school says  (Fox 10/11/2017)
      Christian group at Oxford University banned from fair out of fear it would 'alienate' students  (Fox 10/11/2017)
      Asteroid flyby: Scientists will use space rock to test global warning network  (Fox 10/11/2017)
      Carnival partners with Dr.  Seuss for 'Horton Hears a Who!'-themed cruise  (Fox 10/11/2017)
      Trump threatens to target licenses of 'NBC and the Networks' after nuclear arsenal report  (Fox 10/11/2017)
      Trump and Mattis team up to refute NBC nuke report, blast 'disgusting' press  (Fox 10/11/2017)
      Illegal immigrant accused of beheading mother to have charges dropped, report says  (Fox 10/11/2017)
      Trump: 'Frankly Disgusting' That Media Can Report 'Whatever They Want'  (Fox 10/11/2017)
      California crazy: Calling a 'he-she' a 'he' can now get you jailed  (JWR 10/11/2017)
      Gingrich: Only Took Goodell 3 Weeks of 'Public Humiliation' to Get the Message  (Fox 10/11/2017)
      Windows phones are really, truly dead  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      Iran's secret sites linked to nuclear weapons development revealed  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      The economist who realized how crazy humans are  (JWR 10/10/2017)
      Lawyer: Filipino doctor to fight US extradition, terror case  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      Google balloons set to bring internet to Puerto Rico  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      Smartphone gaming addict goes blind after playing for 24 hours straight  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      FBI cites black extremists as new domestic terrorist threat  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      Farmer plows message for the NFL: 'We stand for the national anthem'  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      Lawmakers crack down on growing anti-Israel boycotts, 'propaganda campaign'  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      NFL owners considering ordering players to stand during national anthem  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      Trump's new policy will focus on Iran's meddlers  (JWR 10/10/2017)
      Lawmaker calls 'massive' data transfers from Wasserman Schultz aide a 'substantial security threat'  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      'Get a Sense of Humor': Sanders Battles Reporters Over Trump's IQ Comment  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      Liz Peek: Could Corker's fight with Trump topple tax reform?  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      Mozilla gave $100,000 to secure email platform harnessed by Antifa groups  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      Why I am defending the farmer tossed out of a Michigan farmer's market for his traditional...  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      Why Trump's 'Dreamers' deal probably won't happen  (NYP 10/10/2017)
      Trump tweets appreciation for Jerry Jones after national anthem remarks  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      Trump manufacturing push has Australian billionaire doubling down on US investment  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      Vampire scare in Malawi prompts UN to move staff after mob violence, report says  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      Mike Pence, mocked for principles the left just can't fathom  (JWR 10/10/2017)
      US destroyer sails near China-claimed island in South China Sea  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      Las Vegas shooting: Timeline change raises questions about hotel security, police response  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      EPA's Pruitt moves to repeal 'devastating' Obama-era Clean Power Plan  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      A look at what might happen if Catalonia declares secession  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      Dogs, Strangers and the Lord  (JWR 10/10/2017)
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      Are aliens real?  All the evidence, sightings and conspiracy theories on their existence  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      Trump is overwriting Obama's unlawful green schemes  (JWR 10/10/2017)
      Apple granted patent for self-adjusting Watch bands  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      Trump challenges Tillerson to battle of IQ tests over reported 'moron' jab  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      Putin burger?  New York restaurant denies Russian report that it sold Putin-themed hamburger  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      The Democrats' IT scandal just got even more bizarre  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      EU's Tusk sees next Brexit step in December, not this month  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      Weinstein ties to Clinton, Obama run deep  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      Majority of households paying ObamaCare penalty are low and middle-income  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      Artificial intelligence will probably cure cancer: Zeta Global CEO  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      Coal industry says Trump's repeal of Obama-era rule saves jobs  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      Plea bargains are a travesty.  There's another way  (JWR 10/10/2017)
      Why criticize Harvey Weinstein?  Restraint is passé and uncool, right?  So anything goes  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      Iran threatens 'crushing' response as Trump takes aim at nuclear deal  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      Bird photobombs the Space Station and Sun in awesome photo  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      Trump may visit demilitarized zone in South Korea to send a 'significant message'  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      North Korea hackers reportedly stole US, South Korea war plans  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      From tax cuts to pot plantations: new Dutch coalition plans  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      On Iran, Trump's advisers offer 'dumb' and 'dumber' options that will accomplish nothing  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      How the 'revolution' is eating its own  (JWR 10/10/2017)
      Where those who keep power in check go to die  (JWR 10/10/2017)
      Trump goes after Jemele Hill and ESPN, targets NFL 'tax breaks'  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      Sean Hannity: Sleazy Weinstein affair shows Dem hypocrisy yet again  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      Trump confirms he'll use 'power of the pen' on health care  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      Women go overseas for plastic surgery, get stuck when faces no longer match passports  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      Catalonia independence vote: President delays declaration, encourages dialogue with Spain  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      New US-made electric SUV has six doors and retro looks  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      Temple University student shot dead by Miami police after she runs over officer  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      The Latest: Spanish minister calls for 'common sense'  (Fox 10/10/2017)
      A Modest Proposal to End Child Abuse  (JWR 10/09/2017)
      Trump supporters eager to 'drain the swamp' help fill Republican Party coffers  (JWR 10/09/2017)
      Beautiful Dreamer  (JWR 10/09/2017)
      Georgia mom upset about sexual 'identity definitions' quiz at school  (Fox 10/09/2017)
      Corker fight exposes Trump's new GOP problem: Lame-duck senators with ax to grind  (Fox 10/09/2017)
      Columbus deserves his day  (JWR 10/09/2017)
      EPA moves to repeal Obama's Clean Power Plan coal regs  (Fox 10/09/2017)
      The presidential president Donald Trump promised  (JWR 10/09/2017)
      Theresa May says the ball is in EU's court on Brexit talks  (Fox 10/09/2017)
      Pence walks out of an NFL game and sports journalists lose their collective minds  (Fox 10/09/2017)
      ESPN's Jemele Hill suspended from network for two weeks  (Fox 10/09/2017)
      Texas Tech student accused of killing officer is caught, police say  (Fox 10/09/2017)
      Supreme Court ponders if lawyer can concede client's guilt when accused claims innocence  (JWR 10/09/2017)
      Health insurers in Florida request premium hikes as high as 71%  (Fox 10/09/2017)
      Jerry Jones gives Cowboys players ultimatum: Stand for anthem or sit for game  (Fox 10/09/2017)
      Trump's baked-in support  (JWR 10/09/2017)
      Mandalay Bay security guard was shot six minutes before Las Vegas gunman began shooting  (Fox 10/09/2017)
      US companies might use tax reform profits to invest in automation, experts say  (Fox 10/09/2017)
      A Rerun of the 'Da Vinci' Kook  (JWR 10/09/2017)
      An American Madness  (JWR 10/09/2017)
      Iran attempted to buy nuclear technology illegally 32 times, German agency says  (Fox 10/09/2017)
      Steady Tillerson is here to stay  (JWR 10/09/2017)
      Cholera claims unborn children as epidemic spreads Yemen misery  (Fox 10/09/2017)
      Mr.  Trump, Reagan used tax cuts to check the power of the state.  You can, too  (Fox 10/09/2017)
      North Korea could use holiday as excuse to provoke US, experts say  (Fox 10/09/2017)
      The 'Devil's Swimming Pool' on the edge of Victoria Falls is for adrenaline junkies only  (Fox 10/09/2017)
      70-year-old woman punched twice in face in New York supermarket, cops say  (Fox 10/09/2017)
      Iraqi VP warns of 'civil war' over Kurdish-held Kirkuk  (Fox 10/09/2017)
      Outrage over pharmaceutical company that created 'fake' cancer patients  (Fox 10/09/2017)
      After the Niger ambush: Faces of the fallen US soldiers  (Fox 10/09/2017)
      Why celebrate Columbus Day?  Here are a few reasons  (Fox 10/09/2017)
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      Las Vegas massacre shows our learning curve on domestic terror continues  (Fox 10/09/2017)
      Science says it's OK to eat that fatty cheesecake  (JWR 10/09/2017)
      American Airlines cancels flight after cargo catches fire on tarmac  (Fox 10/09/2017)
      Conway: 'Egregious' to Accuse Pence of Political Stunt for Leaving Colts Game  (Fox 10/09/2017)
      Russia warns it may restrict US media within its borders  (Fox 10/08/2017)
      Trump slams Corker, who calls White House 'adult day care center'  (Fox 10/08/2017)
      Turkey, US suspend non-immigrant visa services between the 2 nations  (Fox 10/08/2017)
      Kim Jong Un promotes sister to North Korea's ruling politburo, reports say  (Fox 10/08/2017)
      America is the land of opportunity, and should be proud of it  (Fox 10/08/2017)
      Hundreds of thousands rally in Barcelona against Catalonia secession  (Fox 10/08/2017)
      Vegas shooting proves we have much to learn about domestic terrorism  (NYP 10/08/2017)
      Was the Las Vegas shooter mentally ill?  (Fox 10/08/2017)
      Trump willing to pursue 'temporary deal' on health care  (Fox 10/08/2017)
      Single-payer health care means you might be denied surgery for being too fat no, really  (Fox 10/08/2017)
      Trump seeks sanctuary-city crackdown, curb on unaccompanied minors for 'Dreamer' deal  (Fox 10/08/2017)
      Las Vegas gunman seemed like 'a rational man,' Steve Wynn tells 'Fox News Sunday'  (Fox 10/08/2017)
      London police release man held after 11 hurt in crash outside Natural History Museum  (Fox 10/08/2017)
      Japan fully backs Trump on North Korea, Abe says  (Fox 10/08/2017)
      Alan Dershowitz: Trump's 'calm before the storm' is a message to North Korea and Iran  (Fox 10/08/2017)
      Bump stocks just one chip in Congress' partisan gamble on gun control  (Fox 10/08/2017)
      Autopsy of Las Vegas gunman's body may provide clues about the mystery of why he became...  (Fox 10/07/2017)
      Kim's murder trial to resume with lab visit for VX evidence  (Fox 10/07/2017)
      Las Vegas shooting: America, we've witnessed a new kind of protest against death...  (Fox 10/07/2017)
      James Woods retires from acting after saying he's blacklisted because he's conservative  (Fox 10/07/2017)
      Outrage as Nevada professor suggests Trump deserves blame for Las Vegas massacre  (Fox 10/07/2017)
      Demonic Las Vegas killer brings out grace and heroism in others  (Fox 10/07/2017)
      Gun owners are not evil, but their opponents want to attack firearms ownership however they can  (Fox 10/07/2017)
      Trump wants Secretary of State Tillerson to be 'a little bit tougher'  (Fox 10/07/2017)
      Trump slams late night hosts as 'unfunny,' raises fed's 'equal time' law for Republicans  (Fox 10/07/2017)
      Hundreds of opposition protesters detained in rallies across Russia on Putin's 65th birthday  (Fox 10/07/2017)
      How to stop ads from following you online  (Fox 10/07/2017)
      Swedish journalist Kim Wall's head, legs found by divers  (Fox 10/07/2017)
      Widow Slams Two-Year Sentence For Illegal Immigrant Who Killed Husband, Two Children  (Fox 10/07/2017)
      Dinesh D'Souza: Second Amendment Is There to Protect Against Government Tyranny  (Fox 10/07/2017)
      Investigators reportedly believe Las Vegas gunman had undiagnosed mental illness  (Fox 10/07/2017)
      This is how Trump's tax plan could affect your 401[k]  (Fox 10/07/2017)
      ICE to California: 'No choice' but to arrest illegal immigrants despite sanctuary state legislation  (Fox 10/07/2017)
      Trump should refuse to certify the Iran deal as the first step to fixing a deeply flawed agreement  (Fox 10/07/2017)
      Dr.  Manny Alvarez: The Las Vegas Massacre can teach us important lessons about saving lives  (Fox 10/07/2017)
      Trump tweets 'only one thing will work' on North Korea  (Fox 10/07/2017)
      Illegal immigrant breaks into NJ home, rapes 6-year-old girl, police say  (Fox 10/07/2017)
      London police say vehicle ramming into crowd is not terrorism related, 11 people injured  (Fox 10/07/2017)
      Gregg Jarrett: The Trump-Russia 'collusion' and other great hoaxes  (Fox 10/06/2017)
      Trump to roll back ObamaCare contraceptive mandate: What is it?  (Fox 10/06/2017)
      Lawyer takes on Google, Facebook, Twitter over terror videos  (Fox 10/06/2017)
      'Calm before the storm': Trump remark sparks foreign policy speculation  (Fox 10/06/2017)
      'So-called conservative' New York Times columnist attacks 2nd Amendment  (Fox 10/06/2017)
      Technology crammed into cars worsens driver distraction  (Fox 10/06/2017)
      ISIS-inspired plot targeted Times Square, NYC subway, feds say  (Fox 10/06/2017)
      White House believes chief of staff's personal phone was hacked: report  (Fox 10/06/2017)
      Clear Channel aids FBI in Las Vegas shooting investigation  (Fox 10/06/2017)
      Las Vegas killer Stephen Paddock was lone shooter, police say  (Fox 10/06/2017)
      US tourists back from Cuba claim symptoms similar to mysterious attacks  (Fox 10/06/2017)
      Tesla's autonomous car claim is 'full of crap', says General Motors expert  (Fox 10/06/2017)
      Mueller's Russia investigation: What to know  (Fox 10/06/2017)
      Trump backs Virginia's Gillespie, claims Northam 'fighting for' MS-13  (Fox 10/06/2017)
      Mega-companies distance themselves from charities found donating to anti-Trump group  (Fox 10/06/2017)
      'Calm Before the Storm'  (INN 10/06/2017)
      Ukrainian parliament approves bills related to rebel regions  (Fox 10/06/2017)
      Confederate monument removal costs piling up for cities  (Fox 10/06/2017)
      Denmark joins European nations in banning niqad, burka  (Fox 10/06/2017)
      Sean Hannity: Democrats use Vegas tragedy to undermine Constitution  (Fox 10/06/2017)
      In speech, Donald Trump Jr.  decries left's 'atmosphere of hatred'  (Fox 10/06/2017)
      FLASHBACK: Michelle Obama Praised Harvey Weinstein as a 'Wonderful Human Being'  (Fox 10/06/2017)
      Report: Tulsa police union deletes Facebook post aimed at NFL protests  (Fox 10/06/2017)
      2017 Nobel Peace Prize goes to anti-nuclear weapons NGO  (INN 10/06/2017)
      Fourth US soldier was killed in Niger ambush  (Fox 10/06/2017)
      'He Had Help': Judge Jeanine Says Las Vegas Massacre Was 'Too Vast for One Guy'  (Fox 10/06/2017)
      First of three spacewalks will repair International Space Station's robotic arm  (Fox 10/06/2017)
      Bowe Bergdahl expected to plead guilty to deserting his post  (Fox 10/06/2017)
      Manufacturing jobs booming, but may be harder to fill  (Fox 10/06/2017)
      Homeland Security Chairman McCaul: We are now one step closer to securing our borders  (Fox 10/06/2017)
      Who's playing politics now?  (JWR 10/05/2017)
      Justice Department scraps transgender workplace protections  (Fox 10/05/2017)
      Train derails, crashes into Atlanta house and injures sleeping homeowner  (Fox 10/05/2017)
      Whirlpool wins key US vote in bid to curtail cheap imports from rivals Samsung, LG  (Fox 10/05/2017)
      Antifa stalking UC Berkeley's conservative students, group says  (Fox 10/05/2017)
      Vegas shooter's gambling brings new attention to video poker  (Fox 10/05/2017)
      A coal miner pension bailout could set the stage for a multi-trillion-dollar taxpayer bailout...  (Fox 10/05/2017)
      Indonesians dine on massive python that almost bit off villager's arm  (Fox 10/05/2017)
      Las Vegas sheriff: Mass killer led a 'secret life' before attack  (Fox 10/05/2017)
      NRA calls for ATF review of bump stocks, new regulations after Las Vegas shooting  (Fox 10/05/2017)
      Woman removed from Southwest flight was racially profiled, lawyer claims  (Fox 10/05/2017)
      California becomes 'sanctuary state' as Gov.  Brown defies Trump administration  (Fox 10/05/2017)
      Two First Quarter Cheers For Trump's Principled Realism  (JWR 10/05/2017)
      Boeing-backed, electric-hybrid airliner set to hit market in 2022  (Fox 10/05/2017)
      Is US relying too heavily on African 'partners' in war on terror?  (Fox 10/05/2017)
      Statue of 'America's First Composer' could come down over racism claims  (Fox 10/05/2017)
      Defining evil  (JWR 10/05/2017)
      Donors continue to line up at blood centers in response to Las Vegas massacre  (Fox 10/05/2017)
      US remains the world's most dominant military power.  But that power is dwindling rapidly  (Fox 10/05/2017)
      Vegas shooter booked Chicago hotel room, scouted Boston sites, reports say  (Fox 10/05/2017)
      Vegas survivor: Shot in leg or not, I'm standing for my president  (Fox 10/05/2017)
      Las Vegas gunman targeted aviation fuel tanks during shooting spree, report says  (Fox 10/05/2017)
      Can the Government Keep Us Safe?  (JWR 10/05/2017)
      West Point grad behind pro-communist photos reportedly was flagged to superiors in 2015  (Fox 10/05/2017)
      To win in Syria, we need to fight both ISIS and Assad  (Fox 10/05/2017)
      Prosecutors: Keep 'Slender Man' attacker in mental hospital 40 years  (Fox 10/05/2017)
      Texas cops seek 'tough guy' after violent sucker punch  (Fox 10/05/2017)
      Mueller team interviews spy who compiled Trump-Russia dossier  (Fox 10/05/2017)
      Ambushed US troops weren't covered by drone, officials say  (Fox 10/05/2017)
      Trump Not Letting Media Turn Puerto Rico Into His 'Katrina'  (JWR 10/05/2017)
      Italian effort to stop migrants fuels bloody battle in Libya  (Fox 10/05/2017)
      End to the Iran Deal?  (INN 10/05/2017)
      Chemist testifies VX found on 2 women accused of killing Kim  (Fox 10/05/2017)
      Russian government hackers stole the NSA cyber defense plan, report claims  (Fox 10/05/2017)
      Waqf: Temple Mount is exclusively for Muslims  (INN 10/05/2017)
      Refugees continue to cross from US to Canada in unprecedented numbers  (Fox 10/05/2017)
      Nobel Peace Prize: The odds that Trump, Kim Jung Un, Pope Francis will win coveted prize  (Fox 10/05/2017)
      Trump administration ask Supreme Court to drop travel ban cases  (Fox 10/05/2017)
      Stephen Paddock may have been planning other attacks, including car bombings, official says  (Fox 10/05/2017)
      Abusive gerrymandering can be stopped, but not by judges  (JWR 10/05/2017)
      RNC chairwoman rips Michelle Obama for 'false' claim GOP is 'all men, all white'  (Fox 10/05/2017)
      Even Kennedy funded the 'great society' through tax cuts  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      What is diazepam?  Uses for anti-anxiety med reportedly prescribed to Las Vegas gunman  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      Pennsylvania Attorney General: Equifax data breach an inexcusable breach of trust...  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      The Power of Good  (JWR 10/04/2017)
      Geraldo Blasts 'Fake News' Reports About Trump's Visit to Puerto Rico  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      Two Republican parties confront each other - and tax reform  (JWR 10/04/2017)
      New York City mayor derided as 'fake Italian' as statue debate heats up  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      Alan Dershowitz: The case for a Kurdish state [and the hypocrisy behind opposition to it]  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      Vegas shooter planned to survive and escape after deadly attack, police say  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      Digital Disaster: Facebook, Google carry fake news on Las Vegas shooting  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      Tillerson blasts report of rift with Trump, as president rips 'fake news'  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      Las Vegas shooter's girlfriend denies prior knowledge of attack  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      Republicans rethink full repeal of property tax deductions amid backlash  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      Donors of anti-Trump 'resistance' group revealed  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      Woman's iPhone saves her from Vegas shooter's bullet  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      Why cholera isn't likely in Puerto Rico, but other diseases are  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      Putin says he hasn't decided whether to seek another term  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      Connecticut professor puts up lavish anti-Trump Halloween display  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      Butterfly hallucination made air passenger misbehave, he testifies  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      Polarization and fake posts: How social media won the day  (JWR 10/04/2017)
      Ford to cut costs $14 billion, invest in trucks, electric cars: CEO  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      Michael Moore Calls for Repeal of 'Ancient & Outdated' 2nd Amendment  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      Las Vegas gunman reportedly was prescribed anti-anxiety medication in June  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      We Need Fallacy Control Now!  (JWR 10/04/2017)
      8 overlooked germy places in your kitchen to clean now  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      Against Faux-Feminists who deny the rights of Muslim Women and Jews  (INN 10/04/2017)
      Fannie Mae charged taxpayers $250,000 for a chandelier  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      Was Santa Claus' grave discovered?  Experts may have found final resting place of St.  Nicholas  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      The Inevitable Bias Avalanche in Las Vegas  (JWR 10/04/2017)
      Las Vegas shooter's girlfriend had 'clean conscience,' citizenship questions emerge  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      Woman put glass in her food to get free meals at restaurants, charged with felony  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      Gutfeld: The 'Heroes and Zeroes' of the Las Vegas Massacre  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      Tammy Bruce: Why gun control won't end mass murder  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      Lawmakers target Equifax over $7M IRS contract  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      President Trump surpasses the Pope to become most followed world leader on Twitter  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      Deal or no deal on DACA?  Republicans say no.  Democrats say not yet  (JWR 10/04/2017)
      Iran deal's future may hinge on face-saving fix for Trump  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      The Consequences of Media Weaponized Hatred  (JWR 10/04/2017)
      The media doesn't understand guns and doesn't want to  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      French Muslims enraged by passage of Macron's version of Patriot Act  (JWR 10/04/2017)
      Judge dismisses case against pardoned Arpaio  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      Massachusetts teen threatens Las Vegas-style attack at high school  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      Las Vegas shooter sent girlfriend away while he planned attack, her sisters say  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      UK's May tells divided party to 'shape up' and deliver  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      US relaxes rules of engagement to help troops in Afghanistan defeat Taliban  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      Family of American killed in Barcelona terror attack sues Facebook, Google and Twitter  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      Trump's envoy was not wrong on Israeli settlements  (JWR 10/04/2017)
      Senate investigators have 'hit a wall' seeking origin of salacious anti-Trump dossier  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      US forces ambushed in Niger, officials say  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      White House requests $29B disaster aid package  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      Turkey's Erdogan in Iran amid tensions over Iraqi Kurd vote  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      Three Green Berets killed, two wounded in Niger ambush  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      Bipartisan criminal justice reform is how Congress is supposed to work the time is now...  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      Rep.  Trent Franks: Late abortion bill deserves a straight up or down vote in the Senate  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      Scientists confirm we're not living in a computer simulation  (Fox 10/04/2017)
      Equifax Rule needed for America  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      Yahoo now says all 3B of its accounts were hacked  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      Las Vegas shooting: Facebook, Google surfaced fake news  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      Banned VX poison killed brother of North Korean leader, coroner confirms  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      The Myth That All 'Free Speech' Is Constitutionally Protected  (JWR 10/03/2017)
      IRS involved in $5 million push to press Americans to buy ObamaCare  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      Fmr.  Equifax CEO to expose chain of errors that led to breach in congressional testimony  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      Trump calls Vegas shooter 'demented,' praises police for quick response  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      Gang member who stole guns from Chicago train gets 10 years  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      Sean Hannity: From Las Vegas to Puerto Rico, media plays politics to hurt President Trump  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      Why are US aid policies in Iraq helping Iran and hurting Christian and Yazidi minorities?  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      Mattis backs Iran deal ahead of deadline, despite Trump criticism  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      Las Vegas shooting: Security experts on what hotels can do to prevent another tragedy  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      Fukushima's radioactive cesium found an unexpected hiding spot  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      The Passionate Non-Sequiturs of the Gun Debate  (JWR 10/03/2017)
      Ingraham: 'Despicable' for Hillary, Democrats to Politicize Las Vegas Massacre  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      Cal Thomas: Tax reform, history, and math  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      Judith Miller: Las Vegas was the ultimate 'soft target'  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      Blacks vs.  Police  (JWR 10/03/2017)
      Las Vegas shooting: Remembering the fallen  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      After GOP wins, Supreme Court seems split on whether to crack down on partisan districts  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock gambled and lost in 2012 slipping lawsuit  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      5 arrested in Paris after wired explosives found in posh neighborhood  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      House votes on 20-week abortion ban, with Trump White House support  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      Kurdish referendum inspires Iraq's Christians to fight for their own independence amid fears...  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      Trump on Puerto Rico's debt: 'We're going to have to wipe that out'  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      Exclusive interview: 'Son of Hamas,' the speaker who shocked the UNHRC  (INN 10/03/2017)
      Police took 72 minutes from first emergency call to reach Las Vegas shooter  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      Gang members raped, shot, doused with gasoline two Cleveland men, police said  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      The path out of Las Vegas what matters most is not what we face, but how we face it  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      The Greatest Libel Since the Blood Libel  (JWR 10/03/2017)
      During Las Vegas shooting, heroes risked lives to save others in 'kill zone'  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      George Foreman wants to fight Steven Seagal  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      Trump has leverage against Iran, but he needs a closer  (JWR 10/03/2017)
      Las Vegas shooter sent tens of thousands of dollars 'overseas,' officials say  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      Suspect in death of Kim Wall had recordings of torture, killings of women, prosecutor says  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      Eccentric Jeremy Bentham's severed head to be displayed as scientists look for clues of autism  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      Candidate admits US rep's campaign paid him for leaving race  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      Newt Gingrich: Puerto Rico A 21st century plan for prosperity  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      Scientists produce electricity from tears  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      Mystery of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is 'almost inconceivable,' report says  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      Erick Erickson: Politics really doesn't matter when you have kids and are dying  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      Las Vegas shooting: Photos show killer's guns  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      US expels Cuban diplomats from embassy in Washington  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      Bias Alert: CNN's Jeff Zeleny fails to explain why he thinks Las Vegas victims are Trump supporters  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      White House investigates third private email account affiliated with Ivanka Trump, Kushner family  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      North Korea promises to bring 'nuclear clouds' to Japan, mocks PM as 'headless chicken'  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      Skeletal fragments discovered in Aruba are not Natalee Holloway remains  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      Las Vegas shooter installed cameras in and out of hotel room ahead of 'premeditated' attack  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      Las Vegas tragedy: Shock, resignation, a call for unity and instant politicization  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      Marilou Danley: What we know about Las Vegas gunman's companion  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      Trump surveys hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico, meets San Juan mayor after feud  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      President Trump isn't responsible for Puerto Rico's decades of corruption and collapse  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      Pastor Robert Jeffress: The horror of Las Vegas and the hope of heaven  (Fox 10/03/2017)
      Max Lucado: Las Vegas shooting  (Fox 10/02/2017)
      The Las Vegas attack's unsung heroes  (Fox 10/02/2017)
      It's time for Mitch McConnell to go  (JWR 10/02/2017)
      Las Vegas massacre recalls similar slaughter: Texas clock tower shooting  (Fox 10/02/2017)
      Havana attacks hit US spy network in Cuba  (Fox 10/02/2017)
      1 US soldier killed, 1 wounded in roadside explosion in Iraq  (Fox 10/02/2017)
      CBS fires vice president who said Vegas victims didn't deserve sympathy...  (Fox 10/02/2017)
      Stephen Paddock: What we know about Las Vegas shooting suspect  (Fox 10/02/2017)
      Las Vegas shooting: Are machine guns, rifles legal in the US?  (Fox 10/02/2017)
      Equifax breach makes cybersecurity more urgent than ever  (Fox 10/02/2017)
      Hannity on Dems' Gun Control Push After Tragedy: 'The Left Has No Shame'  (Fox 10/02/2017)
      Las Vegas shooting Let's hold the politics and unite behind those grieving in Nevada  (Fox 10/02/2017)
      How to keep bedbugs away while traveling, according to scientists  (Fox 10/02/2017)
      Las Vegas shooting: At least 59 dead in massacre Trump calls 'act of pure evil'  (Fox 10/02/2017)
      Brilliant Book About European Immigration Defines Election of Trump  (JWR 10/02/2017)
      Man Un-Makyth Manners  (JWR 10/02/2017)
      Tomi Lahren: Las Vegas Victims Were Americans, Not Democrats or Republicans  (Fox 10/02/2017)
      Marseille terror attack suspect released from custody day before assault  (Fox 10/02/2017)
      Supreme Court's in session with Gorsuch on board, gay wedding cake case on deck  (Fox 10/02/2017)
      Las Vegas shooter's father, 'Bingo Bruce,' lived colorful life of crime and deception  (Fox 10/02/2017)
      Consumer welfare is a proxy for the public good.  How Dems are out to destroy it  (JWR 10/02/2017)
      False shooter alert at USC came from faculty member, officials say  (Fox 10/02/2017)
      Gregg Jarrett: Las Vegas shooting Uninformed Hillary shamelessly politicizes Nevada tragedy  (Fox 10/02/2017)
      Couple admits fleecing Amazon out of $1.2M in merchandise  (Fox 10/02/2017)
      Gun control in Europe is almost total.  It hasn't stopped mass shooting attacks like Las Vegas  (Fox 10/02/2017)
      Las Vegas police, feds race to uncover what drove 'aggressively unfriendly' gunman with weapons...  (Fox 10/02/2017)
      Hillary Clinton slammed for 'ignorant' statement on guns after Las Vegas shooting  (Fox 10/02/2017)
      Trial to open for suspected mastermind of Benghazi attacks  (Fox 10/02/2017)
      Federal contractor fined for illegally donating $200,000 to pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC  (Fox 10/02/2017)
      Benghazi trial begins: Prosecutors say alleged mastermind 'hates America'  (Fox 10/02/2017)
      Man shot dead at Marseille's train station after knife attack  (Fox 10/01/2017)
      Prescription drug price gouging: What seniors need to know  (Fox 10/01/2017)
      Jesus matters, even though  (Fox 10/01/2017)
      Texas neighborhood tense over World War II tank parked outside multimillion-dollar home  (Fox 10/01/2017)
      Trump knows how to read the crowd but hasn't learned to govern  (NYP 10/01/2017)
      Kim Jong Nam trial: 2 women plead not guilty to killing Kim Jong Un's half-brother  (Fox 10/01/2017)
      Coast Guard report: Captain's errors led to El Faro sinking  (Fox 10/01/2017)
      Hey, Hillary and Michelle I'll vote for who I want to, thanks, not who YOU say I should  (Fox 10/01/2017)
      Spain riot police smash way into Catalan voting center, more than 800 injured  (Fox 10/01/2017)
      Spain riot police smash way into Catalan voting center  (Fox 10/01/2017)
      Suspect in Canada terror attack is Somali refugee, police say  (Fox 10/01/2017)
      Terrorism suspected in Edmonton attack that leaves 5 injured  (Fox 10/01/2017)
      Russia giving cover to Iran could doom nuclear deal as Trump considers whether to certify  (Fox 10/01/2017)
      Trump: Talking to Kim Jong Un a waste, 'will do what needs to be done'  (Fox 10/01/2017)
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      Next move in America's 'maximum pressure' campaign: Stress North Korean atrocities...  (Fox 09/30/2017)
      Supreme Court kickoff: Trump agenda, union dues, Kennedy speculation  (Fox 09/30/2017)
      Amid outcry over Confederate markers, new ones are going up  (Fox 09/30/2017)
      The pain in Spain's not easy to explain  (Fox 09/30/2017)
      Tillerson says US has 'lines of communications' to North Korea  (Fox 09/30/2017)
      Everybody prayed for Scalise, who prayed for others in life-death moment  (Fox 09/30/2017)
      Judith Miller: The incredible new threats that keep our security, intelligence pros up at night  (Fox 09/30/2017)
      Spain shuts down Catalonia independence vote technology as tensions rise  (Fox 09/30/2017)
      I'm thankful I wasn't offered assisted suicide when I was told I was dying three years ago  (Fox 09/30/2017)
      Trump seeks new health chief after Price resignation  (Fox 09/30/2017)
      Will Trump be re-elected?  (Fox 09/30/2017)
      Trump slams mayor in Puerto Rico, then praises other officials over recovery effort  (Fox 09/30/2017)
      Bring on transgender nudity and demonize the military?  (JWR 09/29/2017)
      Professors propose 'privileged identity' training for traveling whites  (JWR 09/29/2017)
      Federal judge tells Pennsylvania county to drop the Christian cross from its seal  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      NBA Commissioner Adam Silver says he expects players to stand for national anthem  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      Equifax board considers clawing back executives' compensation  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      Dershowitz mulls UC Berkeley lawsuit over possible 'content-based discrimination'  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      Trump takes tax reform push to manufacturers  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      Rep.  Adam Kinzinger: Syria continues to suffer from Assad's wicked, horrible acts.  It must end  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      Mexico quake toll 345 after 1 more death reported in capital  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      O.J.  Simpson not welcome in Florida, state AG says  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      Instead of taking a knee in protest, take two knees in prayer  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      'Concealed carry' ruling could help put gun issue on Supreme Court agenda  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      Harry Reid expected to be called to testify in Menendez trial, source says  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      Crooked highway stripes irritating Alaska drivers  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      Freddy Krueger-style metal glove with six-inch blades turned in to UK police  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      Woman objects to Confederate flag, gets own permit for Black Lives Matter flag  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      'Patriot' Tennessee business owner says NFL will lose more ads  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      HHS Secretary Tom Price resigns over private plane trips  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      The GOP establishment still can't figure out how to work with Trump  (JWR 09/29/2017)
      'I Kneel for the Lord & I Stand for the Flag': NFL Fans Sound Off on Anthem Protests  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      Ben Stein: Price Was Really Ousted Over Health Care Failure  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      Mr.  Trump, don't just address the symptoms.  Cure the 'swamp disease'  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      A US economic reboot is underway  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      B-17 bomber flies cross country to honor World War Two veterans  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      Oklahoma man guilty in 2014 beheading of co-worker  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      Uber driver stabbed in New York City road rage case, police say  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      Wisconsin girl to avoid prison in 'Slender Man' stabbing with plea agreement  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      North Korea: Trump threat inspired millions to volunteer for army  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      Iowa mother left 4 kids home alone while she went to Europe, police say  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      Flight furor: Obama officials also took pricey, non-commercial planes  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      Unfair Charges of Systemic Racism  (JWR 09/29/2017)
      Canada to stop ticketing drunken canoeists for paddling while intoxicated  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      Florida student dies hours after visiting school health clinic  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      NFL players who protest should 'kneel in front of a freight train,' said Wisconsin restaurant owner  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      Trump delays Air Force One to call officer injured in motorcade crash  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      IMF's Lagarde: Digital currencies are here to stay  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      Keith Ablow: Is new technology fueling new levels of conflict?  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      Business, labor leader: Regulatory reform means jobs  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      Football and Racial Fault Lines?  (JWR 09/29/2017)
      Cops using sneakers to spot MS-13 members, gang leader says  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      Florida pastor vows to tear down teacher's satanic holiday display  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      Baby died after parents refused treatment for jaundice, police say  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      Who's Buried in Grant's Tomb?  An Unlikely Story of Transformation and Repentance  (JWR 09/29/2017)
      The Southern Poverty Law Center put me on its hate list.  It's a smear and I don't belong there  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      GM-based V12 engine now available for custom car builds  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      Welcome to the Divided States of America  (JWR 09/29/2017)
      Mom facing jail over refusal to vaccinate son  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      Nobel Peace Prize: The winners that soared and sank  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      MS-13 continues targeting young immigrants for gang, as police efforts ramp up  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      Mumbai rush hour stampede leaves 22 dead  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      Paul, Collins, McCain the three GOP senators blocking Trump's powerful agenda  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      Costs double around project to repair London's Big Ben  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      The crass politics of windy compassion  (JWR 09/29/2017)
      In 47 of 50 cities, ObamaCare coverage will be 'unaffordable' in 2018 by law's definition  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      Elon Musk wants Giant SpaceX spaceship to fly people to Mars by 2024  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      Stanford professor spends years trying to decipher a hole behavior  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      Female Georgia police officer shot and killed in 'ambush', 2 suspects in custody  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      Over 40 treated for rabies after being exposed to bats at Utah high schools  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      Trump meets with Kevin Warsh about Fed chairman job  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      Yom Kippur should be welcomed by Jews and non-Jews as reminder that God is with us  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      Travel anywhere in under an hour: Elon Musk's new plan  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      Miley Cyrus backtracks on vow to leave America because Trump was elected  (Fox 09/29/2017)
      Rush Limbaugh on NFL anthem controversy: 'The left has hijacked this game'  (Fox 09/28/2017)
      Fish rain down from sky in northern Mexico  (Fox 09/28/2017)
      Who is FBI Director Christopher Wray?  (Fox 09/28/2017)
      Real news did more damage than fake news on Election Day  (Fox 09/28/2017)
      Deep state?  78 Obama appointees 'burrowed' in gov't, report says  (Fox 09/28/2017)
      US Air Force Academy: Racist slurs written on 5 black cadet doors at prep school  (Fox 09/28/2017)
      Speaker Ryan heads to Pennsylvania factory to push tax reform plan  (Fox 09/28/2017)
      How Silicon Valley turned off the left and right  (JWR 09/28/2017)
      Death tax threatens legacy of small business, Tom Farms CEO says  (Fox 09/28/2017)
      The Warmbiers are right: North Korea should be back on the State Sponsors of Terror list  (Fox 09/28/2017)
      Kathy Griffin: 'I didn't do anything wrong' with Trump beheading photo shoot  (Fox 09/28/2017)
      Spacecraft's final moment: Scientists release last image from Rosetta probe before comet crash  (Fox 09/28/2017)
      What we still don't know about Obama-era 'unmasking'  (JWR 09/28/2017)
      Kaepernick and Lynch jerseys used as doormats at Missouri bar, owner accused of racism  (Fox 09/28/2017)
      Feds: Every legal Mexican immigrant sponsors six more to US  (Fox 09/28/2017)
      Trump vs.  the NFL: A stark illustration of our fractured country  (Fox 09/28/2017)
      White House opens internal investigation into personal email use  (Fox 09/28/2017)
      Alleged leaker hid NSA documents in pantyhose, report says  (Fox 09/28/2017)
      ICE arrests nearly 450 illegal immigrants in sanctuary city raids  (Fox 09/28/2017)
      Here Come the Fascists ...  and the Communists  (JWR 09/28/2017)
      The case for a 'clean withdrawal' from the Iran Nuclear Deal  (Fox 09/28/2017)
      Big tech titans summoned to Capitol Hill as fight over Russian election interference intensifies  (Fox 09/28/2017)
      Trump: NFL owners 'afraid' to take action against kneeling players  (Fox 09/28/2017)
      Wray installed as FBI director, replacing Comey  (Fox 09/28/2017)
      Grassley threatens to subpoena FBI officials for answers on Comey, Clinton, Russia  (Fox 09/28/2017)
      SICK!  Teachers desecrate American flag Inside a school library  (Fox 09/28/2017)
      Unnecessary roughness  (JWR 09/28/2017)
      Gregg Jarrett: Trump won't fire Mueller because the president did nothing wrong  (Fox 09/28/2017)
      Rush Limbaugh on 'Hannity': Establishment Can't Afford to Let Trump Succeed  (Fox 09/28/2017)
      All in all, Trump has had a pretty good run so far  (JWR 09/28/2017)
      Antifa leader, teacher Yvonne Felarca arrested at 'empathy tent' Berkeley brawl  (Fox 09/28/2017)
      Fox News Poll: World going to hell in a handbasket as nation comes apart at seams  (Fox 09/28/2017)
      Former Democrat Congressman rips West Point grad behind pro-communist photos  (Fox 09/28/2017)
      China closes North Korean businesses; North Korea allegedly swells army to fight US  (Fox 09/28/2017)
      Tomi Lahren Takes on Michelle Obama's Criticism of Female Trump Voters  (Fox 09/28/2017)
      ATHENA laser weapon 'kills' 5 'outlaws'  (Fox 09/28/2017)
      Charlie Daniels slams NFL protests: 'I will not stand by and see America insulted'  (Fox 09/28/2017)
      Antifa violence forces Berkeley campus police to rethink their tactics  (Fox 09/28/2017)
      Escape from Venezuela: Colombia border crossing mobbed as starving citizens flee  (Fox 09/28/2017)
      Accused Gov't Leaker Reality Winner: I Was Mad NSA Airs Fox News Channel  (Fox 09/28/2017)
      'It's an Attack Against the Military': Vet Burns Steelers Jacket Over NFL Anthem Protests  (Fox 09/28/2017)
      Politics Makes for Strange Bedfellows, Or So Trump Learns The Hard Way In Alabama  (JWR 09/28/2017)
      The National Anthem Protests: Do Facts Matter?  (JWR 09/28/2017)
      For congressional Republicans, it's tax reform or die  (JWR 09/27/2017)
      Borders are back and a new game looms  (JWR 09/27/2017)
      Liz Peek: Tax plan do or die for GOP  (Fox 09/27/2017)
      Zuckerberg fires back at Trump's 'collusion' claims, says Facebook is what 'all ideas looks like'  (Fox 09/27/2017)
      Trump plans to slash refugee admissions to lowest level since 2006  (Fox 09/27/2017)
      JFK assassination: Lawmakers call on Trump to release all classified documents  (Fox 09/27/2017)
      The New Democrat Party  (JWR 09/27/2017)
      Small business group applauds GOP tax plan  (Fox 09/27/2017)
      Could Trump's tax reform plan [and robots] put accountants out of work?  (Fox 09/27/2017)
      Anti-Trump liberal media remains pathologically fixated on their hatred for the president  (Fox 09/27/2017)
      John Stossel: The incredible threat to free speech that no one is talking about  (Fox 09/27/2017)
      British hiker attacked, devoured by wolves in Greece, coroner says  (Fox 09/27/2017)
      'Collusion?' Trump slams Facebook, 'Fake News' media for conspiring against him  (Fox 09/27/2017)
      NFL Pigskins at the Public Trough  (JWR 09/27/2017)
      Ryder pumping up its truck fleet with innovative Halo Tire Inflator  (Fox 09/27/2017)
      Does our society still support the right to be wrong?  (JWR 09/27/2017)
      American presidents have trained North Korea to ignore our threats  (Fox 09/27/2017)
      That burning smell of patriotism  (JWR 09/27/2017)
      Obama hauls in millions from Wall Street, media don't say a word  (JWR 09/27/2017)
      Trump sells tax plan: 'There's never been tax cuts like we're talking about'  (Fox 09/27/2017)
      Will we renew our patriotism and respect our shared history, America, or choose decay?  (Fox 09/27/2017)
      Tim Allen believes likable conservative character cost him 'Last Man Standing'  (Fox 09/27/2017)
      Menendez threatened State Dept.  if it didn't help his rich friend, witness says  (Fox 09/27/2017)
      Are All Millionaire Athletes Really That Dense?  (JWR 09/27/2017)
      Illegal immigration costing record $135 billion a year, study shows  (Fox 09/27/2017)
      Trump's effort to roll back 'misguided' Cuba policy stalls  (Fox 09/27/2017)
      Farewell To Title IX's Kangaroo Courts  (JWR 09/27/2017)
      NFL players should hand a folded flag to a dead soldier's family, then consider kneeling  (Fox 09/27/2017)
      Why pilots and co-pilots don't eat the same meals on a flight  (Fox 09/27/2017)
      Once upon a knee at the old ball yard  (JWR 09/26/2017)
      Equifax CEO steps down following massive hack  (Fox 09/26/2017)
      We can definitely stop calling it a 'Muslim ban'  (JWR 09/26/2017)
      Trump effect hits the NFL Teams with more protesters were more likely to lose  (Fox 09/26/2017)
      Otto Warmbier's parents open up about son's torture by North Korea: 'They are terrorists'  (Fox 09/26/2017)
      Gillette Stadium charges fans $4.50 for tap water in cups after bottled water runs out  (Fox 09/26/2017)
      Trump calls on NFL to outlaw anthem protests, blasts Cowboys for kneeling  (Fox 09/26/2017)
      American sniper's wife Taya Kyle: An open letter to the NFL  (Fox 09/26/2017)
      Not a Day Care  (JWR 09/26/2017)
      Donations pour in for woman who lost job after shooting robbery suspect  (Fox 09/26/2017)
      If data is the new oil, are tech companies robbing us blind?  (Fox 09/26/2017)
      Now friendships are on busybody schools' hit list  (Fox 09/26/2017)
      Australian cruise line under fire for leaving woman behind on remote beach  (Fox 09/26/2017)
      Spy satellites, drones, help experts discover lost city in Iraq founded after Alexander the Great  (Fox 09/26/2017)
      Witch doctors in Uganda sacrificing children in bid to end drought, report says  (Fox 09/26/2017)
      Critics call Trump 'self-interested' like it's a bad thing  (JWR 09/26/2017)
      Super-rich ex-presidents and the law that supports them  (JWR 09/26/2017)
      Hero in Tennessee church shooting proves guns could reduce crime, expert says  (Fox 09/26/2017)
      US to curb Russian military flights over American territory  (Fox 09/26/2017)
      Attacks on religious freedom in US more than double since 2011, report finds  (Fox 09/26/2017)
      Protesters, beware: Americans adore the flag  (JWR 09/26/2017)
      Embarrassment as Washington Post corrects its 'scoop' about Obama, Facebook and Russia  (Fox 09/26/2017)
      No deal to release jailed Pakistani doctor who helped confirm bin Laden's location  (Fox 09/26/2017)
      Trump: I Was Ashamed, Not Preoccupied by NFL Anthem Protests  (Fox 09/26/2017)
      High-court case a window on how legislators pick their voters  (JWR 09/26/2017)
      Twitter explains why Trump's account hasn't been suspended  (Fox 09/26/2017)
      Muslim college in Berkeley buys Lutheran seminary campus  (Fox 09/26/2017)
      Puerto Rico struggles to recover from Hurricane Maria, as Trump plans visit  (Fox 09/26/2017)
      Tennis ball-sized diamond sells for $53 million  (Fox 09/26/2017)
      Trump calls NFL kneeling 'disgraceful,' disrespectful to veterans  (Fox 09/26/2017)
      World's first sand-castle hotel opened and closed in Australia  (Fox 09/26/2017)
      North Korea's history of declaring war on US  (Fox 09/26/2017)
      NFL anthem controversy: Does the left ever want to win elections again?  (Fox 09/26/2017)
      Hitler may have come close to building atomic bomb, German treasure hunter finds  (Fox 09/26/2017)
      Former Trump administration officials: Where are they now?  (Fox 09/26/2017)
      Who's Divisive the President or the Players?  (JWR 09/26/2017)
      Of Dotards and Dithyrambs: On learning English from the North Koreans  (JWR 09/26/2017)
      Marc Thiessen: Want to protest Trump?  Disrespecting the flag is a disgraceful way to do it  (Fox 09/26/2017)
      Zinke: One third of Interior employees 'not loyal' to Trump team  (Fox 09/26/2017)
      The sad tale of two stumbling parties  (JWR 09/25/2017)
      The bell tolls for liberty on campus  (JWR 09/25/2017)
      Trump unveils STEM-focused jobs initiative for 'new generation of American workers'  (Fox 09/25/2017)
      Gregg Jarrett: Trump is correct, NFL teams can legally fire players for their conduct  (Fox 09/25/2017)
      Japanese bullet train makes emergency stop after tablet catches fire  (Fox 09/25/2017)
      Trump's UN speech promoted classic conservative ideas.  No wonder the left hated it  (JWR 09/25/2017)
      Supreme Court cancels arguments in dispute over Trump travel ban  (Fox 09/25/2017)
      Tennessee church shooter admits to crime as bizarre Facebook posts surface  (Fox 09/25/2017)
      LA 'UFO' mystery solved  (Fox 09/25/2017)
      Collins says no on ObamaCare repeal bill, effectively derailing Graham-Cassidy legislation  (Fox 09/25/2017)
      Bannon rails against GOP 'elites' working against Trump in 'Hannity' interview  (Fox 09/25/2017)
      Anthony Weiner sentenced to 21 months in prison in teen sexting case  (Fox 09/25/2017)
      French tourist saves bus from careening off cliff in Austrian Alps  (Fox 09/25/2017)
      Dinesh D'Souza: Colin Kaepernick's big lie  (Fox 09/25/2017)
      New York Times' error-filled book review latest sign of paper's eroding editorial standards?  (Fox 09/25/2017)
      Statue of Limitations  (JWR 09/25/2017)
      Iran's supposed missile launch was fake, US officials say  (Fox 09/25/2017)
      Illiberal Libs on Campus - It's Worse than You Thought  (JWR 09/25/2017)
      Trump's 'sovereignty' talk was what the UN needed to hear  (JWR 09/25/2017)
      An Overwrought Hatefest at the Emmy Awards  (JWR 09/25/2017)
      Cassidy-Graham: An inspired policy idea that came out of the blue  (JWR 09/25/2017)
      The difference between the Kurds and 'Palestinians': Why one deserves the right to proclaim...  (JWR 09/25/2017)
      Traditional Values Are White Supremacy?  (JWR 09/25/2017)
      MAGA singer asks, 'Are we living in 1984?' as Free Speech Week goes kaput  (Fox 09/25/2017)
      North Korea's 'gruesome' murder of Kim's brother meant to 'horrify world,' new report says  (Fox 09/25/2017)
      Our national anthem, once a source of unity, now rings with discord and dissonance  (Fox 09/25/2017)
      GOP rep calls for McCain 'recall' amid cancer diagnosis, ObamaCare repeal fight  (Fox 09/25/2017)
      Hollywood confession: I don't think I can stomach voting for Academy Awards anymore  (Fox 09/25/2017)
      Sessions to declare free speech 'under attack' on campus, in broadside at political correctness  (Fox 09/25/2017)
      Republican senators offer conservative alternative to DREAM Act  (Fox 09/25/2017)
      Pittsburgh Steelers' player Alejandro Villanueva is a hero among cowards  (Fox 09/25/2017)
      White House rebuffs North Korea claim: 'We have not declared war'  (Fox 09/25/2017)
      Tennessee church shooting suspect identified; 1 killed, 7 wounded  (Fox 09/24/2017)
      Why Trump's economic moves against North Korea may do more to tame Kim than any insult  (Fox 09/24/2017)
      Trump: Outrage over kneeling NFL players about 'respect,' not race  (Fox 09/24/2017)
      Trump is right, Newsweek.  Socialism doesn't work  (Fox 09/24/2017)
      U.S.  doesn't have 'a lot of good options' to solve North Korean crisis, expert says  (Fox 09/24/2017)
      Trump travel ban expires Sunday; new restrictions expected  (Fox 09/24/2017)
      NFL players taking a knee, Commissioner Roger Goodell, shame on all of you  (Fox 09/24/2017)
      Trump: North Korean leaders 'won't be around much longer' if they strike US  (Fox 09/24/2017)
      Senate's bill to repeal, replace ObamaCare 'not dead,' top Trump adviser says  (Fox 09/24/2017)
      Mystery of Great Pyramid may be solved, researchers say  (Fox 09/24/2017)
      'Arrogant Young Millionaires' Who Feel Oppressed 'Need a Therapist, Not a Publicity Stunt'  (Fox 09/24/2017)
      Reported acid attack at London mall causes injuries  (Fox 09/23/2017)
      If North Korea gets ready to test a nuclear missile in the Pacific Ocean destroy it first  (Fox 09/23/2017)
      Conservative Catholics accuse pope of spreading heresy  (Fox 09/23/2017)
      Earthquake detected in North Korea, reports conflict on scale and nature  (Fox 09/23/2017)
      Like Trump, Germany's anti-immigrant party shows unexpected strength  (Fox 09/23/2017)
      Mr.  President, target the Iranian deep state, not the Iranian people  (Fox 09/23/2017)
      Trump targets Paul, Murkowski, McCain on ObamaCare vote in tweets  (Fox 09/23/2017)
      Trump vs.  pro sports: President finds new target in America First agenda  (Fox 09/23/2017)
      U.S.  airlines net $1.2 billion in checked bag fees, break revenue records  (Fox 09/23/2017)
      Iran releases video of new ballistic missile being test-fired  (Fox 09/23/2017)
      Media says Trump is just like crazy dictator Kim Jong Un, and other absolutely moronic...  (Fox 09/23/2017)
      Liz Peek: McCain's defection on health care is inexcusable  (Fox 09/23/2017)
      Michael Waltz: If N.  Korea Tests Hydrogen Bomb, It Could Be the 'Final Straw'  (Fox 09/23/2017)
      UC Berkeley student group cancels 'Free Speech Week' event  (Fox 09/23/2017)
      Strong new magnitude 6.1 earthquake rocks jittery Mexico  (Fox 09/23/2017)
      Like Trump, German's anti-immigrant party shows unexpected strength  (Fox 09/23/2017)
      Flush with success, Texas toilet-seat artist ready to retire  (Fox 09/23/2017)
      Steve Bannon to travel to Alabama to campaign against Trump-endorsed candidate  (Fox 09/23/2017)
      Dan Bongino: 'John McCain Sold Us All Out'  (Fox 09/23/2017)
      German plane hijacked to Somalia in 1977 brought back home  (Fox 09/23/2017)
      $1B OK'd for Puerto Rico hurricane aid, but governor says he'll seek more  (Fox 09/23/2017)
      Gorka: Trump Was Pressured to Endorse 'Swamp Dweller' Strange  (Fox 09/23/2017)
      Trump rescinds NBA Curry's White House invite after 'send a message' remark  (Fox 09/23/2017)
      Hey, Golden State Warriors, President Trump honors winners, not whiners  (Fox 09/23/2017)
      Alan Dershowitz: Valerie Plame knew exactly what she was tweeting  (Fox 09/22/2017)
      TV programs in California interrupted with end-of-world prediction  (Fox 09/22/2017)
      Rob Reiner's new starring role: He investigates Russia's role in the 2016 election  (Fox 09/22/2017)
      DeVos rescinds Obama-era rules on campus sexual assault cases  (Fox 09/22/2017)
      Trump responds after North Korea threatens hydrogen bomb test  (Fox 09/22/2017)
      Dr.  Manny Alvarez: Hurricane Maria's second direct hit: Puerto Rico's health care system  (Fox 09/22/2017)
      McCain comes out against ObamaCare overhaul, dealing blow to GOP's repeal hopes  (Fox 09/22/2017)
      Trump-Kim coverage draws charges of moral equivalence  (Fox 09/22/2017)
      COULD the world come to an end?  (Fox 09/22/2017)
      How much does our health care cost?  Americans have the right to know  (Fox 09/22/2017)
      North Korea H-bomb test in Pacific would be close to an act of war: Ralph Peters  (Fox 09/22/2017)
      Graham-Cassidy health care bill to replace ObamaCare: What is it  (Fox 09/22/2017)
      As Germany heads to the polls, a growing split between European voters and elites  (Fox 09/22/2017)
      Berkeley 'Free Speech Week' set to begin amid threats of Antifa protests, speaker uncertainty  (Fox 09/22/2017)
      Ben Carson praises Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore in apparent break with Trump  (Fox 09/22/2017)
      Frank, the lawnmower boy, still has liberals all worked up.  Let's cut the crap, folks!  (Fox 09/22/2017)
      Mass global extinction that wipes out human civilization will begin in 2100, mathematician predicts  (Fox 09/22/2017)
      North Korea's nuclear weapons program has grown with each Kim regime  (Fox 09/22/2017)
      Buck Sexton: Trump is pushing Kim Jong Un into a corner.  Who knows what happens next?  (Fox 09/22/2017)
      The doctor told my wife she had six weeks to live two years ago  (Fox 09/22/2017)
      North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un's executions: anti-aircraft guns, flamethrowers, mortars  (Fox 09/22/2017)
      Scientists discover 60 ancient shipwrecks in the Black Sea  (Fox 09/22/2017)
      British principal killed, dumped in Amazon River wrote cryptic tweet before death  (Fox 09/22/2017)
      Why this ObamaCare repeal gives Democrats a fright  (Fox 09/22/2017)
      Free speech week: The circus is back at Berkeley [and there are plenty of clowns]  (Fox 09/22/2017)
      Parsons Green subway attack suspect charged by police  (Fox 09/22/2017)
      Trump should not certify Iran's nuclear compliance and here's how he can do it  (Fox 09/22/2017)
      Rare genetic disease keeps patients awake until death  (Fox 09/22/2017)
      Hero dog saves lives following earthquake in Mexico  (Fox 09/22/2017)
      DHS urges Trump to impose 'tough and tailored' rules as travel ban set to lapse  (Fox 09/22/2017)
      Alabama rally: Trump campaigns in last-ditch effort for Senate candidate Luther Strange  (Fox 09/22/2017)
      Hawaii reportedly prepares for nuclear attack amid North Korea rhetoric  (Fox 09/22/2017)
      'Tell That Son of a B***h He's Fired': Trump Blasts NFL Anthem Kneelers  (Fox 09/22/2017)
      North Korean Defector Warns US to Take Kim Jong Un's Threats Seriously  (Fox 09/22/2017)
      Newt Gingrich: Health care in America the single-payer disaster  (Fox 09/22/2017)
      The UN: Once 'useless,' now useful  (JWR 09/21/2017)
      North Korea says sanctions block imports of athletes' gear  (Fox 09/21/2017)
      Huckabee Blasts Hillary's N.  Korea Criticism: You Were Top Diplomat, How'd That Work Out?  (Fox 09/21/2017)
      The Constitution still has plenty to teach us if we bother to learn it  (Fox 09/21/2017)
      Islamic State backers find new way to share propaganda: Instagram  (Fox 09/21/2017)
      China banks reportedly to halt business with North Korea as South Korea sends $8 million  (Fox 09/21/2017)
      Facebook will release Russia-linked ads to Congress, Mark Zuckerberg says  (Fox 09/21/2017)
      Allegations of foreign election tampering have always rung hollow  (JWR 09/21/2017)
      Liberal California fails at fighting poverty, conservative Texas succeeds  (Fox 09/21/2017)
      US, Russian generals meet after Pentagon accuses Russia of bombing US-backed forces  (Fox 09/21/2017)
      Patriotic parent balks at teacher's gender-neutral Declaration of Independence  (Fox 09/21/2017)
      Nikki Haley Defends Trump's 'Rocket Man' Remark: 'It Worked'  (Fox 09/21/2017)
      Hillary, Here Is What Happened  (JWR 09/21/2017)
      'I Say: We Let the Planet Die'  (JWR 09/21/2017)
      Judge Andrew Napolitano: Trump's frightening and tightening legal noose  (Fox 09/21/2017)
      111-year-old woman credits whisky for her longevity  (Fox 09/21/2017)
      North Korea's nuclear weapons program has grown with each Kim regime  (Fox 09/21/2017)
      Marc Thiessen: The real reason the left freaked out when Trump talked tough this week  (Fox 09/21/2017)
      Mexico earthquake: At least one adult feared trapped in rubble of school  (Fox 09/21/2017)
      Trump's presence at the UN General Assembly was reassuring  (JWR 09/21/2017)
      Super-rich ex-presidents and the taxpayers who support them  (Fox 09/21/2017)
      As Kurds vote for independence, Americans should cheer  (JWR 09/21/2017)
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      Can Ukraine survive?  (Fox 09/20/2017)
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      Trump jingles spurs at U.N., decries rogue regimes Obama bowed to  (JWR 09/20/2017)
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      Over DACA, an acute case of Trump Panic Syndrome  (JWR 09/20/2017)
      Trump hits back at 'Crooked Hillary,' blames her for North Korea's nuclear progress  (Fox 09/20/2017)
      Samantha Power sought to unmask Americans on almost daily basis, sources say  (Fox 09/20/2017)
      Mueller ratchets up pressure on Paul Manafort, but who is leaking these damaging details?  (Fox 09/20/2017)
      Sheriff Clarke curses out reporter who questioned his need for a security detail  (Fox 09/20/2017)
      Mexico earthquake death toll surpasses 200  (Fox 09/20/2017)
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      Media mob savages Sean Spicer for an Emmy Joke he saw as harmless fun  (Fox 09/19/2017)
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      Dozens arrested as second night of St.  Louis protests turns violent  (Fox 09/17/2017)
      Rouhani's UN visit makes a mockery of Iran's human rights censure  (Fox 09/17/2017)
      Tillerson Considers Closing Embassy in Havana Where Diplomats Mysteriously Got Sick  (Fox 09/17/2017)
      Here's what really happened to Hillary  (Fox 09/16/2017)
      California lawmakers approve 'sanctuary state' bill  (Fox 09/16/2017)
      College puts professor who tweeted about teaching 'future dead cops' on administrative leave  (Fox 09/16/2017)
      Tough talk from Kim Jong Un, but expert says it may signal an 'opening'  (Fox 09/16/2017)
      Roy Moore consolidating anti-establishment support in Alabama Senate race  (Fox 09/16/2017)
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      St.  Louis protesters break windows at home of city's mayor after cop's acquittal  (Fox 09/16/2017)
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      Holding Trump Accountable When Necessary  (JWR 09/15/2017)
      St.  Louis ex-officer Jason Stockley acquitted in killing of black man  (Fox 09/15/2017)
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      Nikki Haley to North Korea: 'No problem' letting Mattis deal with you  (Fox 09/15/2017)
      Police: London Subway Bomb Did Not Fully Detonate; Manhunt Underway  (Fox 09/15/2017)
      Ben Shapiro speech at UC Berkeley results in arrests at protests  (Fox 09/15/2017)
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      Jeff Sessions can't withhold grant money from sanctuary cities, judge rules  (Fox 09/15/2017)
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      Trump's bipartisanship overhyped by media foes; he'll do what it takes to move agenda forward  (Fox 09/15/2017)
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      'Pharma Bro' locked up with terrorism and mob suspects  (Fox 09/15/2017)
      Anti-Israel ties causing problems for Democratic candidates  (Fox 09/15/2017)
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      Pets or meat?  Venezuela's Maduro urges starving populace to eat rabbits  (Fox 09/15/2017)
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      Hurricane Shapiro descends on Berkeley  (Fox 09/14/2017)
      Why Democrats are scared to death of voter fraud investigations  (Fox 09/14/2017)
      Trump rips Susan Rice over unmasking, says it's 'just the tip of the iceberg'  (Fox 09/14/2017)
      US citizen fighting for ISIS surrenders to US-backed forces in Syria  (Fox 09/14/2017)
      Gruesome, fanged 'demon fish' washes up on Texas beach, sparking mystery  (Fox 09/14/2017)
      Tattooed, shirtless looters arrested for stealing power pole as police turn up the heat  (Fox 09/14/2017)
      Bipartisan initiative to thwart election hacking gains steam  (JWR 09/14/2017)
      School fears 'USA' chant could be intolerant and offensive  (Fox 09/14/2017)
      Spokane school shooting stopped by hero janitor, authorities say  (Fox 09/14/2017)
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      Don't buy all the PR hooey about 'dreamers'  (JWR 09/14/2017)
      DOJ's prosecution policy for white-collar crimes, weed under review  (Fox 09/14/2017)
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      The Anger of the Hurricane Media  (JWR 09/14/2017)
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      Reporter for prestigious newspaper eaten by crocodile while relieving himself in lagoon  (Fox 09/14/2017)
      Hillary and the white nationalist agenda  (JWR 09/14/2017)
      North Korea fires 2nd missile over Japan in a month, sparking US condemnation  (Fox 09/14/2017)
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      Benghazi victim's mother slams Clinton for calling attack fallout 'political'  (Fox 09/14/2017)
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      Watchdog calls on top Dem senators to return Menendez campaign cash  (Fox 09/13/2017)
      Report finds driver, Tesla Autopilot both came up short in fatal crash  (Fox 09/13/2017)
      US hits Al Qaeda-affiliated group in Somalia in new drone strikes  (Fox 09/13/2017)
      We're All to Blame  (JWR 09/13/2017)
      London police release more photos of jogger who pushed woman in front oncoming bus  (Fox 09/13/2017)
      Fool us once ...  Yet again, the scheming Dems are signing checks the country can't cash  (JWR 09/13/2017)
      Trump prods lawmakers to 'move fast' on tax cuts  (Fox 09/13/2017)
      Chelsea Manning, Sean Spicer named fellows at Harvard  (Fox 09/13/2017)
      Stop playing 'Hallelujah Chorus' atheists tell school  (Fox 09/13/2017)
      Trish Regan: 'So Disrespectful' for Clinton to Blame Benghazi for 2016 Loss  (Fox 09/13/2017)
      6 dead at Florida nursing home due to intense heat, loss of power after Irma  (Fox 09/13/2017)
      Liberals sick of the alt-left are taking 'the red pill'  (Fox 09/13/2017)
      South Korea conducts cruise missile drill as North Korea threatens action  (Fox 09/13/2017)
      Barcelona van driver caught in chilling video moments after terror attack  (Fox 09/13/2017)
      A higher education  (JWR 09/13/2017)
      Blame for Disaster  (JWR 09/13/2017)
      'The Nation' Compares Climate Change Deniers to Murderers  (Fox 09/13/2017)
      America got Russia to agree to a watered-down resolution on N.  Korea, but...  (JWR 09/13/2017)
      John Stossel: Of course climate change is real!  Climate changes it always has and always will  (Fox 09/13/2017)
      Florida sees looting, BVI prisoners escape in Irma aftermath  (Fox 09/13/2017)
      Dem Rep.  Gutierrez owes John Kelly an apology, House majority leader says  (Fox 09/13/2017)
      Officials: Bomber kills 7 outside Afghan cricket stadium  (Fox 09/13/2017)
      Hillary Clinton embarks on her blame game book tour  (Fox 09/13/2017)
      Gregg Jarrett: Hillary's got FORTY-THREE reasons why she didn't win.  Really?  (Fox 09/13/2017)
      US refugee quota may be lowered to 1980 level: report  (Fox 09/13/2017)
      Never Forget: Muslim Hate Crime Hoaxes  (JWR 09/13/2017)
      DOJ refusing to let FBI staffers speak to Senate investigators, amid Comey questions  (Fox 09/13/2017)
      Transplant patients hold old hearts in their hands  (Fox 09/13/2017)
      Stuart Varney: President Trump is now on a political up-swing thanks to bipartisan deal  (Fox 09/13/2017)
      Crime and immigration: What's actually in that 'Dream' act  (JWR 09/13/2017)
      GOPers score win at High Court, likely impacting 2018 election  (JWR 09/13/2017)
      Georgia teacher removed from classroom after comparing Trump slogan to swastika  (Fox 09/13/2017)
      North Korean hackers targeting bitcoins to fund Kim Jong Un, report says  (Fox 09/12/2017)
      US Navy dispatches carrier to help search-and-rescue operations in Florida Keys  (Fox 09/12/2017)
      GOP senator wants full transcripts from Comey staffer interviews  (Fox 09/12/2017)
      White House: DOJ 'should certainly look at' prosecuting James Comey  (Fox 09/12/2017)
      Trump's bipartisan politics only surprising because of Obama  (NYP 09/12/2017)
      Teen shoots, kills mother for not letting him keep puppy, police say  (Fox 09/12/2017)
      'Monster fatberg,' mix of wet wipes, diapers and oil, clogs up London sewer  (Fox 09/12/2017)
      JPMorgan's Jamie Dimon: Bitcoin 'is a fraud'  (Fox 09/12/2017)
      Has a British author finally solved America's most grisly murder?  (Fox 09/12/2017)
      Canadian judge who wore Trump hat suspended without pay  (Fox 09/12/2017)
      Looters' paradise?  Lawlessness reportedly rampant in Caribbean islands devastated...  (Fox 09/12/2017)
      Why do Democrats want to dump the Electoral College?  (Fox 09/12/2017)
      Family dies after falling in volcanic crater near Naples  (Fox 09/12/2017)
      Slender Man trial: Girl accused of stabbing classmate was delusional, defense says  (Fox 09/12/2017)
      Belgian media say teen suspected of slashing mayor's throat  (Fox 09/12/2017)
      Lung recipient meets donor's family year after transplant  (Fox 09/12/2017)
      Single-payer health care a bad idea Democrats love  (Fox 09/12/2017)
      Ron Paul: Crony defense budget hands SpaceX a monopoly  (Fox 09/12/2017)
      Viking sword discovery: Hunter finds 1,100-year-old weapon on Norwegian mountain  (Fox 09/12/2017)
      Rome's mayor expresses outrage at rape of Finnish woman  (Fox 09/12/2017)
      London police unveil 'Talon' to thwart car-ramming terror attacks  (Fox 09/12/2017)
      Pizza festival a 'scam'; tiny pie cost $75, attendees claim  (Fox 09/12/2017)
      Newlywed's leg ravaged by spider bite while on Jamaica honeymoon  (Fox 09/11/2017)
      How 9/11 saved my life A story about me, a baby and 'The  (Fox t'/0/2017)
      Investigation into Clinton lawyers accused of deleting emails is ordered  (Fox 09/11/2017)
      What Founding Father Patrick Henry would think about America's new war on history...  (Fox 09/11/2017)
      America's Crisis with Opioids  (JWR 09/11/2017)
      Kmart rebrands plus-size section, calls it 'fabulously-sized'  (Fox 09/11/2017)
      Dan Bongino: 'Apparently, Condemning Irma Looters Makes You Racist'  (Fox 09/11/2017)
      Ex-Google employee James Damore: 'Underground conservative network' in Silicon Valley being...  (Fox 09/11/2017)
      Florida looting crackdown is 'white supremacy,' claims author Sarah Jaffe  (Fox 09/11/2017)
      Robert E.  Lee statue removal crane involved in deadly Dallas crash  (Fox 09/11/2017)
      When did the Miss America pageant turn into a Nasty Woman protest?  (Fox 09/11/2017)
      Parole denied for prison tailor who helped 2 killers conduct 'Shawshank' escape  (Fox 09/11/2017)
      New pressure on Comey to return to Capitol Hill, as White House accuses him of 'false testimony'  (Fox 09/11/2017)
      Muted backlash to Trump's bipartisanship signals warning for GOP  (JWR 09/11/2017)
      US national debt tops $20T for first time in history  (Fox 09/11/2017)
      Will robots soon replace teachers in the classroom?  (Fox 09/11/2017)
      Upset about Trump's Harvey debt-ceiling deal?  Republicans, you brought this on yourselves  (JWR 09/11/2017)
      American Airlines flight cancelled after a scorpion was found on board  (Fox 09/11/2017)
      San Francisco residents hire team to help win back their street that sold for $90K  (Fox 09/11/2017)
      Amazon massacre?  Members of uncontacted tribe killed by miners, reports say  (Fox 09/11/2017)
      A chance for Congress to get its mojo back  (JWR 09/11/2017)
      13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi  (JWR 09/11/2017)
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      That sound you hear is the Trump boom arriving  (JWR 09/11/2017)
      Rescue dog dies after eating cupcake made with sugar substitute  (Fox 09/11/2017)
      Sessions wants lie detector test for NSC workers, says report  (Fox 09/11/2017)
      Tomi Lahren: Final Thoughts on Sunday Kneeling by NFL Players  (Fox 09/11/2017)
      Hurricane Irma: Cops warn looters they're making 'fairly bad life choice'  (Fox 09/11/2017)
      British billionaire Branson calls for 'Marshall Plan' after Irma ravages Caribbean  (Fox 09/11/2017)
      Hurricane Irma: Nearly half of Florida in the dark, Tampa takes pounding  (Fox 09/11/2017)
      The Apocalypse Beat: Life in an era of hurricanes, wildfires and nuclear threats  (Fox 09/11/2017)
      North Korea and the Responsibility to Protect  (Fox 09/11/2017)
      South Korea on sale, despite a hostile North Korea  (Fox 09/11/2017)
      Dark Web decodes nun's letter from the 'devil'  (Fox 09/11/2017)
      Dr.  Manny Alvarez on Irma: Now we wait and pray  (Fox 09/10/2017)
      Feinstein's anti-Catholic bigotry blasted by Notre Dame president  (Fox 09/10/2017)
      Irma's winds knock down three cranes in South Florida  (Fox 09/10/2017)
      Hurricane Irma strands manatees on beach until Floridians come to the rescue  (Fox 09/10/2017)
      Antifa throws smoke and projectiles at police at Portland rallies; 7 arrested  (Fox 09/10/2017)
      Nobel laureates cite top dangers to human survival overlook gravest one  (Fox 09/09/2017)
      What I learned from the Antifa handbook: For starters, you won't believe who is defined...  (Fox 09/09/2017)
      We may be witnessing a turning point in the Trump presidency  (NYP 09/09/2017)
      Holocaust Museum removes study that critics say whitewashed Obama's Syria policy  (Fox 09/09/2017)
      North Korea could face strictest sanctions ever in UN vote Monday  (Fox 09/09/2017)
      Norway wrestles with national values, immigration, EU ties in election  (Fox 09/09/2017)
      Here's how to help students improve their writing  (Fox 09/09/2017)
      Duterte softens stance on drug war after backlash following teen deaths  (Fox 09/09/2017)
      US, Russia diplomats to meet despite tensions: source  (Fox 09/09/2017)
      3,500-year-old pharaonic tomb discovered in Luxor  (Fox 09/09/2017)
      Man completes Appalachian Trail in 45 days, shatters speed record  (Fox 09/09/2017)
      North Koreans celebrate holiday with familiar routines  (Fox 09/09/2017)
      DACA media coverage is a nightmare of bias and other journalism horror stories this week  (Fox 09/09/2017)
      US pulls back from watching ISIS convoy at request of Russians , Pentagon says  (Fox 09/08/2017)
      When great institutions lie  (JWR 09/08/2017)
      Why are Republicans working to bail out ObamaCare and raise taxes?  (Fox 09/08/2017)
      New FBI head said he's detected no White House interference in the Russia investigation  (JWR 09/08/2017)
      Powerful earthquake hits Mexico's coast, tsunami waves reported  (Fox 09/08/2017)
      OMG, Falling in Love with the President  (JWR 09/08/2017)
      Trading the ass for a little horse sense  (JWR 09/08/2017)
      GOP candidate: De Blasio should use his given German name  (Fox 09/08/2017)
      Mueller looking to interview Spicer, Priebus and others as part of Russia probe  (Fox 09/08/2017)
      Massive black hole 100,000 times bigger than the Sun discovered  (Fox 09/08/2017)
      Trump rips GOP for Hill failures, after siding with Dems over Ryan and McConnell  (Fox 09/08/2017)
      Trump sidesteps roadblock of Republicans  (JWR 09/08/2017)
      Hurricane essentials: 12 must-have items to help you survive the storm  (Fox 09/08/2017)
      California teens ignite 100-acre wildfire with illegal fireworks, police say  (Fox 09/08/2017)
      Out-of-staters may have won New Hampshire for Clinton, data suggest  (Fox 09/08/2017)
      Poking the Beehive  (JWR 09/08/2017)
      In major Supreme Court case, Justice Dept.  sides with baker who refused to make wedding cake...  (JWR 09/08/2017)
      Trump's pivot to Democrats is completely understandable thanks to GOP's obstruction, hypocrisy  (Fox 09/08/2017)
      Trump admin considering demanding Israel give back key US military aid  (Fox 09/08/2017)
      Price-gouging reported in Florida ahead of Irma  (Fox 09/08/2017)
      Equifax CEO will have to answer for hack, experts say  (Fox 09/08/2017)
      If voter fraud by out-of-state Democrats managed to sway New Hampshire elections...  (Fox 09/08/2017)
      South Korea detects radioactive material following North Korean nuclear test  (Fox 09/08/2017)
      Malkin: There Are No Good Choices for Trump in Dealing With the D.C.  'Swamp'  (Fox 09/08/2017)
      Fewer Americans value a college degree  (Fox 09/08/2017)
      Comey's incredible secret power: What if the FBI had a lot to do with that fake Trump 'dossier'?  (Fox 09/08/2017)
      Another spoiled NFL player makes fans furious after he disrespects the USA  (Fox 09/08/2017)
      Hurricane Irma: Massive effort to ship fuel into Florida, ease gas shortages  (Fox 09/08/2017)
      Trump is dismantling Obama's executive action legacy  (Fox 09/08/2017)
      What would happen if North Korea fires a missile at the US  (Fox 09/08/2017)
      China, Pakistan take swipes at Trump's Afghan policy  (Fox 09/08/2017)
      North Korea may launch ICBM on Saturday, South Korean president warns  (Fox 09/07/2017)
      Are US officials purposely offering mix messages 9/7 on North Korean  (JWR t?/0/2017)
      North Korea celebrates nuclear tests  (Fox 09/07/2017)
      With Roosevelt on Labor Day  (JWR 09/07/2017)
      DeVos: Replace Obama-era rules on campus sexual assault cases with more 'fair system'  (Fox 09/07/2017)
      Graham wants to haul back Comey to testify on Clinton email case, says 'I smell a rat'  (Fox 09/07/2017)
      Pelosi, Feinstein admit it's time to stop attacking Trump.  What's next...  pigs flying?  (Fox 09/07/2017)
      What did Jesus say about natural disasters?  (Fox 09/07/2017)
      Turkey increasingly arrests and detains German and US citizens...  (Fox 09/07/2017)
      House passes $7.85B aid package for Hurricane Harvey victims  (Fox 09/07/2017)
      Israeli airstrikes target Syrian research center linked to chemical weapons  (JWR 09/07/2017)
      Beware of narratives and misinformation  (JWR 09/07/2017)
      White Christians shift from majority to minority in US population: survey  (Fox 09/07/2017)
      Hillary takes some blame, lashes out in new book: Does it still matter?  (Fox 09/07/2017)
      Hurricane essentials: 12 must-have items to help you survive the storm  (Fox 09/07/2017)
      Venezuela is what income equality looks like  (Fox 09/07/2017)
      Harvey Shows America's Colorblind Spirit Bad News for Race Hustlers  (JWR 09/07/2017)
      It's incredible that online sex traffickers still get legal protection as they commit crimes  (Fox 09/07/2017)
      Senate OKs debt-ceiling suspension with Harvey aid, amid conservative angst  (Fox 09/07/2017)
      Myanmar another Obama-Clinton foreign policy legacy blows up  (Fox 09/07/2017)
      Mnuchin: Trump's Democrat deal on Harvey, debt ceiling clears way for tax reform  (Fox 09/07/2017)
      Gregg Jarrett: Hillary's 'What Happened' needs a better name How about 'I was entitled'?  (Fox 09/07/2017)
      Trump travel ban scope rejected by appeals court  (Fox 09/07/2017)
      Prosecutors want Shkreli's bail revoked over Clinton posting  (Fox 09/07/2017)
      Editorial blasts Trump for giving Democrats 'exactly what they want' on debt ceiling deal  (Fox 09/07/2017)
      Donald Trump Jr.  questioned by Senate committee staff  (Fox 09/07/2017)
      Hillary Clinton's enemies emerge in upcoming book, 'What Happened'  (Fox 09/07/2017)
      Clinton regrets not hammering Comey 'hard' over email statements  (Fox 09/07/2017)
      The Jordan Option  (INN 09/06/2017)
      US Navy says most 7th Fleet warships lacked proper certification  (Fox 09/07/2017)
      Florida Sheriff: Sex Offenders, Those With Warrants Not Welcome at Hurricane Shelters  (Fox 09/07/2017)
      Cal Thomas: On taxes and immigration look to Hungary  (Fox 09/07/2017)
      Pro-DACA coverage on ABC, CBS and NBC was 99 percent against Trump's decision  (Fox 09/07/2017)
      Debt ceiling disaster: Trump just did us all a favor...  (Fox 09/07/2017)
      Judge Andrew Napolitano: DACA and the rule of law  (Fox 09/07/2017)
      Merkel hit with tomato during campaign rally in Germany  (Fox 09/07/2017)
      Trump warns US military response would mark 'very sad day for North Korea'  (Fox 09/07/2017)
      Tax cut would bring long-awaited hope and change  (Fox 09/07/2017)
      If Republicans cower and punt on DACA  (JWR 09/06/2017)
      Trump just took a giant step toward truly legalizing the 'Dreamers'  (JWR 09/06/2017)
      Charles Manson follower Leslie Van Houten granted parole  (Fox 09/06/2017)
      Trump must confront Iran [not just North Korea] as he tackles the nuclear threat  (Fox 09/06/2017)
      Former Dem IT staffer strikes deal to return from Pakistan and face charges in US  (Fox 09/06/2017)
      No, they aren't terrorists, but stop appeasing antifa  (JWR 09/06/2017)
      Trump's personal $1 million donation for Hurricane Harvey relief is going to 12 organizations  (Fox 09/06/2017)
      Fed's Fischer announces resignation, to leave mid-October  (Fox 09/06/2017)
      Senate Democrats attack Trump judicial nominee's Catholic faith  (Fox 09/06/2017)
      North Korea is the greatest test of the Trump presidency  (Fox 09/06/2017)
      Trump vs.  Congress: Debt ceiling, budget crises loom Maybe it's time for a good...  (Fox 09/06/2017)
      CDC Director: Every 40 seconds someone in the US has a stroke.  This is a wake up call, America  (Fox 09/06/2017)
      Libs in a Tizzy  (JWR 09/06/2017)
      Conservatives sign letter warning media against Southern Poverty Law Center  (Fox 09/06/2017)
      Kim Jong Un's rocket scientist behind North Korea's missile program revealed  (Fox 09/06/2017)
      Truth Suffers in Defense of Antifa  (JWR 09/06/2017)
      After Trump acts, DACA is now congress' problem  (JWR 09/06/2017)
      Mr.  Trump, Mr.  Putin is sending you a message.  You might want to listen  (Fox 09/06/2017)
      Trump has 'no second thoughts' on DACA as he meets with congressional leaders  (Fox 09/06/2017)
      DACA decision: 15 states, DC sue Trump administration  (Fox 09/06/2017)
      German court throwing out case against Nazi guard, as time runs short...  (JWR 09/06/2017)
      If Republicans Don't Make a Move, They Deserve to Lose  (JWR 09/06/2017)
      Here comes debt ceiling madness all over again.  This time Congress must get serious about reform  (Fox 09/05/2017)
      Trump tweets he'll 'revisit' DACA if Congress can't pass immigration bill  (Fox 09/05/2017)
      Huma Abedin cried over FBI investigation into Weiner sexting, leaked Clinton excerpt shows  (Fox 09/05/2017)
      What is DACA and why is the Trump administration ending it?  (Fox 09/05/2017)
      Wisconsin woman loses $2,000 after being 'completely fooled' by wallet scam  (Fox 09/05/2017)
      Republicans eye legislative fix as Trump ends DACA; Dems blast decision  (Fox 09/05/2017)
      This is how tomorrow's battlefields will look  (INN 09/05/2017)
      Clinton blasts Bernie Sanders for inspiring 'Crooked Hillary' attacks  (Fox 09/05/2017)
      Conservative publisher Regnery cuts ties with the New York Times over best-seller lists  (Fox 09/05/2017)
      DACA: If Trump plays his cards right he's just made a brilliant move on immigration  (Fox 09/05/2017)
      North Korea mountain used as nuclear test site at risk of collapsing, Chinese scientist says  (Fox 09/05/2017)
      Clinton's former top campaign lawyer behind New Hampshire voter ID lawsuit  (Fox 09/05/2017)
      School lesson describes God as 'mythical creature like a unicorn'  (Fox 09/05/2017)
      Hillary Clinton ready to pick up big bucks for explaining why she's a big loser  (Fox 09/05/2017)
      North Korea reportedly moves rocket that may be ICBM amid tensions  (Fox 09/05/2017)
      To defeat North Korea, Trump [and his team] need to quit making empty threats, focus on...  (Fox 09/05/2017)
      Tech execs slam Trump administration's decision to end DACA  (Fox 09/05/2017)
      Fast food workers strike for $15 minimum wage  (Fox 09/04/2017)
      In rare move, Trump slams South Korea's approach to North Korea  (Fox 09/04/2017)
      Trump expected to phase out Obama program for child illegals, although decision is not finalized  (JWR 09/04/2017)
      The perfect murder  (INN 09/04/2017)
      South Korean newspaper wants country to build its own nuclear arsenal amid North Korea threat  (Fox 09/04/2017)
      Trump's third party  (JWR 09/04/2017)
      A modest proposal for fascists and anti-fascists  (JWR 09/04/2017)
      Republicans Attack Planned Parenthood for the Wrong Reason  (JWR 09/04/2017)
      It's time for the GOP to go on the offensive, ignore the liberal media, and speak directly...  (Fox 09/04/2017)
      The violence next time  (JWR 09/04/2017)
      Legal automation spells relief for lower-income Americans, hard times for lawyers  (JWR 09/04/2017)
      Every mass shooting over the last 20 years has one thing in common .  .  .  and it's not guns  (JWR 09/04/2017)
      North Korea reportedly appears to be readying for new launch  (Fox 09/04/2017)
      Labor Day: Let's stop debating 'income inequality' and get real about what's happening...  (Fox 09/04/2017)
      Judge Richard Posner leaves the bench: One of our most important judges and legal scholars...  (Fox 09/04/2017)
      China says Trump's trade threat over N.  Korea 'unacceptable'  (Fox 09/04/2017)
      Haley says North Korea is 'begging for war,' calls for strongest possible UN sanctions  (Fox 09/04/2017)
      Trump spends busy Labor Day working on response to North Korea, Hurricanes, and DACA  (Fox 09/04/2017)
      British girl finds her own 'Excalibur' in legendary pool  (Fox 09/04/2017)
      Trump, GOP should keep DACA but scrap birthright citizenship  (Fox 09/04/2017)
      How do you move Confederate monuments?  Very carefully  (Fox 09/04/2017)
      North Korea claims hydrogen bomb test was 'perfect success,' 6th nuclear test  (Fox 09/03/2017)
      A North Korea nuclear nightmare: Trump has strong options he can use against Kim...  (Fox 09/03/2017)
      Conn.  police dog gets final salute before being euthanized  (Fox 09/03/2017)
      Trump calls North Korea 'dangerous' and 'great threat' after overnight nuclear test  (Fox 09/03/2017)
      Italy police nab refugee as last suspect in beach gang rape  (Fox 09/03/2017)
      Xi says BRICS nations should stand up against protectionism  (Fox 09/03/2017)
      Trump, Mattis, Mnuchin warn North Korea of 'overwhelming' military response, halted trade  (Fox 09/03/2017)
      Trump nominates Pennsylvania's Marino to be drug czar  (Fox 09/02/2017)
      Astronaut Peggy Whitson returns to Earth after record-breaking spaceflight  (Fox 09/02/2017)
      Peggy Noonan: Give Texas everything it needs, and do it right quick  (Fox 09/02/2017)
      The case for a special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton  (NYP 09/02/2017)
      Trump wants to make Reagan-style tax reform great again.  The GOP should pay attention  (Fox 09/02/2017)
      Palestinian terror group allowed to run in German parliament elections  (Fox 09/02/2017)
      North Korea claims to have hydrogen bomb for long-range missile  (Fox 09/02/2017)
      Wary of North Korea, Japan mulls additional military options  (Fox 09/02/2017)
      US takes control of Russian posts in three cities after expelling diplomats  (Fox 09/02/2017)
      Comey and Clinton: Rigged from the beginning  (Fox 09/02/2017)
      Liberal media exploits hurricane Harvey to attack President Trump  (Fox 09/02/2017)
      A big opportunity for Scott Pruitt and Team Trump to demonstrate its support for...  (Fox 09/02/2017)
      President Trump meets victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas: 'There's a lot of love'  (Fox 09/02/2017)
      Russian minister criticizes Moldova's call for troop pullout  (Fox 09/02/2017)
      Hurricane causes flood of media hate against Texas and Trump; and other journalism disasters  (Fox 09/02/2017)
      UN rips Venezuelan human rights abuses, as government orders opposition leader's wife to court  (Fox 09/02/2017)
      Trump returns to Texas, then Louisiana, amid reports he'll now seek $14.5B in immediate Harvey aid  (Fox 09/02/2017)
      Activists on the left attempt to cash in on Harvey relief  (Fox 09/02/2017)
      Mueller's Russia probe team reportedly has Trump's draft letter on Comey firing  (Fox 09/02/2017)
      Trump administration weighs withdrawal from South Korea trade pact  (Fox 09/02/2017)
      Prez Must Take Charge on Tax Reform  (JWR 09/01/2017)
      Attacks on US diplomats in Cuba continued longer than first announced, State Department now says  (Fox 09/01/2017)
      Release Clinton email probe details, judge orders FBI  (Fox 09/01/2017)
      Time to admit that talents and interests aren't proportionately distributed in a fair society  (JWR 09/01/2017)
      Putin says US and North Korea are 'on the verge of a large-scale conflict'  (Fox 09/01/2017)
      Comey's alleged Clinton 'exoneration statement' calls Senate testimony into question  (Fox 09/01/2017)
      FBI, DHS warned of increasingly violent Antifa clashes in 2016, documents show  (Fox 09/01/2017)
      Writing an algorithm to solve this chess problem could net you a cool $1 million  (Fox 09/01/2017)
      Ex-IT aide for Wasserman Schultz pleads not guilty  (Fox 09/01/2017)
      Washington Post writer slams Jeff Bezos in op-ed for mistreating workers  (Fox 09/01/2017)
      ISIS convoy stuck in Syria after US airstrikes block it  (Fox 09/01/2017)
      Colleges struggle over defending or curbing free speech  (Fox 09/01/2017)
      Remembering History With Herbert Hoover  (JWR 09/01/2017)
      Obama's 2018 expenses will cost US taxpayers $1.1M: memo  (Fox 09/01/2017)
      Afghan and Iraqi wartime allies who fought with us should be named 'Honorary Veterans'...  (Fox 09/01/2017)
      The ill wind that blows the shyster good  (JWR 09/01/2017)
      Melania and the media what we learned this week about the press and our first lady  (Fox 09/01/2017)
      Prostate cancer symptoms and warning signs  (Fox 09/01/2017)
      US economy adds fewer jobs in August than expected  (Fox 09/01/2017)
      Vladimir Putin says the leader in artificial intelligence 'will be the ruler of the world'  (Fox 09/01/2017)
      An open letter to Antifa  (Fox 09/01/2017)
      As Texas floodwaters recede, dangers abound  (Fox 09/01/2017)
      Clint Eastwood re-enacts France train attack  (Fox 09/01/2017)
      It's so easy to focus on the hate.  That's why Houston's human spirit humbles me so much  (Fox 09/01/2017)
      Conan O'Brien: Israeli doctors who treat Syrian patients 'deserve a Nobel Peace Prize'  (Fox 09/01/2017)
      Canadian university falls victim to email phishing scam, loses $9.5M to fraudsters  (Fox 09/01/2017)
      Female deputy DA found bloody, beaten after gang attack in California: source  (Fox 09/01/2017)
      All the president's men [he can't fire]  (JWR 09/01/2017)
      Leftist Artists Show Hate for Houston Victims  (JWR 09/01/2017)
      How do you solve a problem like North Korea?  (JWR 09/01/2017)
      Houston's human spirit humbles me  (Fox 09/01/2017)
      Houston bakers get trapped inside shop, bake tons of bread for Harvey victims  (Fox 09/01/2017)
      Actress: I came out as a conservative in Hollywood.  Here's the incredible story of what...  (Fox 09/01/2017)
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      The Dems' silence on antifa is dangerous  (JWR 08/31/2017)
      Mueller reportedly working with top Trump foe, could end-run presidential pardon  (Fox 08/31/2017)
      Trump administration retaliates against Russia, forces closure of US posts  (Fox 08/31/2017)
      Harvey shuts down America's largest gasoline pipeline, but don't panic just yet  (Fox 08/31/2017)
      Melania, America loves you [stillettos and all].  Don't let the hypocrites change your style  (Fox 08/31/2017)
      Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke resigns  (Fox 08/31/2017)
      This common hotel booking scam costs travelers around $4 billion a year  (Fox 08/31/2017)
      The Senate should scrap the filibuster  (Fox 08/31/2017)
      Texas chemical plant could see more explosions, executive says: 'It's not over'  (Fox 08/31/2017)
      Congress is about to go on a deficit-spending spree  (Fox 08/31/2017)
      Wasserman Schultz leads efforts to remove Confederate names, statue  (Fox 08/31/2017)
      Texas man plays piano in his flooded home; 'beauty in the suffering'  (Fox 08/31/2017)
      Ex-NFL star Burgess Owens: The flag and why I stand  (Fox 08/31/2017)
      Wells Fargo reveals up to 1.4 million more fake accounts  (Fox 08/31/2017)
      Harvey heroism: Citizens step up to help others during deadly storm  (Fox 08/31/2017)
      Dangers Are Coming to the Rule of Law  (JWR 08/31/2017)
      Where is God in the terrible tragedy in Houston?  (Fox 08/31/2017)
      Google critic reportedly ousted from think tank funded by company  (Fox 08/31/2017)
      Confederate Monuments: The Problem With Politically Correct History  (JWR 08/31/2017)
      Harvey devastation ups pressure on Congress to extend, fix flood insurance program  (Fox 08/31/2017)
      Glenn Beck's Blaze announces mass layoffs  (Fox 08/31/2017)
      Pardoning Sheriff Arpaio  (JWR 08/31/2017)
      Princess Diana's reported last words revealed by firefighter who gave her CPR  (Fox 08/31/2017)
      Black leaders call for removal of Confederate President Jefferson Davis statue  (Fox 08/31/2017)
      Unruly passenger ordered to pay airline nearly $100G  (Fox 08/31/2017)
      Harvey scams abound as crooks prey on disaster victims and altruistic Americans  (Fox 08/31/2017)
      Newt Gingrich: Why doesn't the media condemn leftwing violence?  (Fox 08/31/2017)
      Judge Andrew Napolitano: Dangers are coming to the rule of law  (Fox 08/31/2017)
      Innocent words [and names] are under attack  (JWR 08/31/2017)
      The Trump-Russia story survives, even as evidence of collusion fades  (JWR 08/31/2017)
      Fox News Poll: Candid?  Yes.  Presidential?  Not so much.  Voters describe Trump  (Fox 08/31/2017)
      Trump expected to announce end to Obama-era DACA, official says  (Fox 08/31/2017)
      Congress shouldn't fund a Trump-Russia fishing expedition  (Fox 08/31/2017)
      Which Confederate statues were removed?  A running list  (Fox 08/31/2017)
      Death threat against mosquito gets guy's Twitter account permanently frozen  (Fox 08/31/2017)
      An Alternative to Tearing Statues Down  (JWR 08/31/2017)
      Thieves drill through Paris catacombs, steal $330G of wine  (Fox 08/31/2017)
      Texas county morgue could soon run out of room after Harvey  (Fox 08/31/2017)
      President Trump is pledging $1 million of personal money to Harvey victims: WH  (Fox 08/31/2017)
      Message for Houston flood victims: My house was once under 9 feet of water, too.  Here's how...  (Fox 08/31/2017)
      Max Lucado: What Harvey teaches us as Christians  (Fox 08/31/2017)
      2 President Trumps: Can both be real?  (JWR 08/30/2017)
      Harvey reveals the better side of a divided America  (JWR 08/30/2017)
      www.foxnews.com  (Fox 08/30/2017)
      Antifa violence leaves leftists to question whether movement hurts or helps  (Fox 08/30/2017)
      US shoots down ballistic missile in test amid recent North Korean provocations  (Fox 08/30/2017)
      This charming, diminutive woman was also an intrepid WWII spy  (JWR 08/30/2017)
      Melania's shoes Media heels kick up a controversy about the first lady's footwear  (Fox 08/30/2017)
      Good thing these women aren't around to see created generation of victims  (JWR 08/30/2017)
      Keith Ogre-mann: Conde Nast-y's Misogynist-in-Chief  (JWR 08/30/2017)
      Houston reminds us who Americans really are NOT the parade of deplorables portrayed by...  (Fox 08/30/2017)
      Trump vs.  the filibuster  (JWR 08/30/2017)
      The Totalitarianism of the Now  (JWR 08/30/2017)
      North Korean prisoners look like 'walking skeletons' in Kim Jong Un's labor camps, officials say  (Fox 08/30/2017)
      Washington Post: Antifa is violent.  Will the rest of the media finally tell the truth, too?  (Fox 08/30/2017)
      Professor Chastised After Calling Antifa Violence 'Legitimate Response'  (Fox 08/30/2017)
      Racial Lies and Racism  (JWR 08/30/2017)
      Lib media's fault that Hillary lost.  Seriously!?  (JWR 08/30/2017)
      Georgia police officer at DUI stop: 'We only kill black people'  (Fox 08/30/2017)
      Tax reform now failure to act could mean minority status for GOP in 2019  (Fox 08/30/2017)
      Pentagon chief Mattis freezes Trump's ban on 'transgender' troops  (JWR 08/30/2017)
      Mayor wants University of California, Berkeley to cancel Free Speech Week after recent melees  (Fox 08/30/2017)
      Princess Diana's death could have been prevented, says former bodyguard  (Fox 08/30/2017)
      Third World War II-era bomb discovered near British nuclear power plant  (Fox 08/30/2017)
      NAACP, like a rapist, blames a victim, finger-points Trump  (JWR 08/30/2017)
      Convicted serial killer looks to avoid execution  (Fox 08/30/2017)
      Dartmouth faculty supports professor's comments justifying Antifa violence  (Fox 08/30/2017)
      What Hurricane Harvey Teaches Us About Humanity  (JWR 08/30/2017)
      Why the Left can't let go of racism  (Fox 08/29/2017)
      Houston father: 'Daddy, are we going to lose everything?' A mandatory evacuation with five kids  (Fox 08/29/2017)
      Trump's Immigration Policy Working, Without Building a Wall  (JWR 08/29/2017)
      'Gone With the Wind' actor's widow blasts theater that banned film  (Fox 08/29/2017)
      State to eliminate Obama-era envoys, as Trump signals he won't fill vacancies  (Fox 08/29/2017)
      Family of six counted among the dead as Harvey death toll rises to 14  (Fox 08/29/2017)
      California woman finds live frog in her Target salad  (Fox 08/29/2017)
      New cancer treatment can eradicate tumors, scientists say  (Fox 08/29/2017)
      Kim Jong Un called missile launch 'meaningful prelude' to containing Guam, North Korea says  (Fox 08/29/2017)
      Houston combating Harvey looters with mandatory jail time  (Fox 08/29/2017)
      Antifa, the left's legacy, actually called out by mainstream media  (JWR 08/29/2017)
      FBI shuts down request for files on Hillary Clinton by citing lack of public interest  (Fox 08/29/2017)
      Surfer escapes shark attack off Australian beach  (Fox 08/29/2017)
      GOP governor hopeful refuses to apologize for saying George Soros has 'Hatred for America'  (Fox 08/29/2017)
      Mexican police trade guns for guitars in hope that mariachi restores public trust  (Fox 08/29/2017)
      North Korea's launch of ballistic missile over Japan sends clear message to US, allies  (Fox 08/29/2017)
      Why the vent above your airline seat should always remain on  (Fox 08/29/2017)
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      Florida professor who tweeted Texans deserved Harvey for supporting Trump is fired  (Fox 08/29/2017)
      Those Who Don't Fight Evil Fight Statues  (JWR 08/29/2017)
      Turkey charges US pastor with espionage, seeking overthrow of government  (Fox 08/29/2017)
      North Korea's antique airplane could be its most dangerous weapon yet  (Fox 08/29/2017)
      Trump on North Korea missile launch: 'All options are on the table'  (Fox 08/29/2017)
      Sheriff Joe finds a little justice  (JWR 08/29/2017)
      Houston police officer, part of Harvey response, confirmed dead  (Fox 08/29/2017)
      Trump surveys Harvey damage, calls for recovery 'better than ever before'  (Fox 08/29/2017)
      Michigan woman gets life in prison for murder parrot allegedly witnessed  (Fox 08/29/2017)
      North Korea just showed the world how it could start a war  (Fox 08/29/2017)
      Judge throws out Sarah Palin's lawsuit against New York Times  (Fox 08/29/2017)
      Baby died in car seat while New Jersey Mom was high on drugs, prosecutors say  (Fox 08/29/2017)
      Stop making excuses for antifa thuggery  (JWR 08/28/2017)
      Philippines' Duterte to cops: It's OK to kill 'idiots' who resist arrest  (Fox 08/28/2017)
      Philippines' Duterte to cops: It's OK to kill 'idiots' who resist arrest  (Fox 08/28/2017)
      Houston hears your prayers, America, thank you  (Fox 08/28/2017)
      'Ten Commandments Judge' Roy Moore's star rising in Alabama Senate runoff race  (Fox 08/28/2017)
      Berkeley conservatives speak out against Antifa following violent protests  (Fox 08/28/2017)
      Arpaio says Republicans should rally around Trump  (Fox 08/28/2017)
      Trump slams Obama and Clinton for their clemency decisions, stands by Arpaio pardon  (Fox 08/28/2017)
      Harvey's biggest lesson: This is the one thing Houston floodwaters could not destroy  (Fox 08/28/2017)
      Arpaio opens door to return to public office, after Trump pardon  (Fox 08/28/2017)
      GOP Gov.  Rauner accused of making Illinois a 'sanctuary state' with new law  (Fox 08/28/2017)
      Can Trump actually shut down the government over wall funding?  (JWR 08/28/2017)
      Surgeons in France reattach woman's arms after train accident  (Fox 08/28/2017)
      The 'father of modern artificial intelligence' wrote 'I detest America'  (Fox 08/28/2017)
      How President Trump and the media should respond to Hurricane Harvey  (JWR 08/28/2017)
      The Fire And Fury Of Presidents  (JWR 08/28/2017)
      Take 'em all down?  10 of the world's iconic statues and why they could be removed  (Fox 08/28/2017)
      India, China to pull back troops from border confrontation  (Fox 08/28/2017)
      Girl, 3, bitten by shark at Florida beach  (Fox 08/28/2017)
      Evil Is Evil  (JWR 08/28/2017)
      Stuart Varney: Why Harvey is a test and not just for Houston  (Fox 08/28/2017)
      Humane Society: Houston's animals and pets need our help, too  (Fox 08/28/2017)
      Al Qaeda suspect facing up to 45 years in jail is arraigned  (Fox 08/28/2017)
      Common sense has 'Gone With the Wind' in Memphis  (Fox 08/28/2017)
      Trump and approval ratings  (Fox 08/27/2017)
      Trump tweets show frustration over 'worst' NAFTA deal, border wall funding  (Fox 08/27/2017)
      Man arrested in beating of Deandre Harris in Charlottesville, police say  (Fox 08/27/2017)
      Apple, J.P.  Morgan and the Southern Poverty Law Center's 'hate list': What are gifts...  (Fox 08/27/2017)
      Trump plans to lift Obama-era ban on giving local police military equipment  (Fox 08/27/2017)
      Harvey causes 'catastrophic flooding' in Houston, thousands of rescue calls made  (Fox 08/27/2017)
      Mexicans, Chinese among 30 illegal immigrants arrested by Border Patrol outside new...  (Fox 08/27/2017)
      North Korea likely tested a weapon that could start a Second Korean War  (Fox 08/27/2017)
      North Korean missile test does not mean we are close to war  (Fox 08/27/2017)
      5 assaulted at Berkeley protests as black-clad anarchists storm rightwing rally  (Fox 08/27/2017)
      Houston father: 'How am I supposed to get five small children up on my roof?'  (Fox 08/27/2017)
      Desperate Democrats want to keep Trump's judicial picks off the bench at all costs...  (Fox 08/26/2017)
      Media's 'crazy' attack on Trump is top fail of the week  (Fox 08/26/2017)
      Controversial Black Lives Matter comment results in suspension of university professor  (Fox 08/26/2017)
      Trump's pardon of ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio was the right [and courageous] thing to do  (Fox 08/26/2017)
      The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's Richard Cordray thinks he's above the law...  (Fox 08/26/2017)
      Combative ex-Trump aide Sebastian Gorka in talks to rejoin Breitbart  (Fox 08/26/2017)
      Hurricane Harvey victims: Here is what you can do to help  (Fox 08/26/2017)
      Trump Movement Transcends Trump  (JWR 08/25/2017)
      Sheriff Joe Arpaio wins pardon from Trump  (Fox 08/25/2017)
      Hating each other is a lifeline for Trump and the media  (JWR 08/25/2017)
      North Korea sanctions are finally getting serious  (Fox 08/25/2017)
      Trump aide Sebastian Gorka departs White House post  (Fox 08/25/2017)
      Netanyahu's empathy for Trump  (JWR 08/25/2017)
      Jim Brown criticizes Kaepernick-style protests: 'I don't desecrate my flag'  (Fox 08/25/2017)
      Babylonian mystery solved: 3,700-year-old 'Indiana Jones' tablet reveals its secrets  (Fox 08/25/2017)
      Assailant shot and killed after charging soldiers in Brussels 'terror attack'  (Fox 08/25/2017)
      Two UK police officers injured arresting man with knife outside Buckingham Palace  (Fox 08/25/2017)
      North Korea says country 'safer than an evening walk in London,' as it targets Russian tourists  (Fox 08/25/2017)
      Trump's Palmerstonian Policy  (JWR 08/25/2017)
      ESPN's Robert Lee Belly-Flop  (JWR 08/25/2017)
      Trump taunts Hill Republicans, claims handful of Dems 'control the Senate'  (Fox 08/25/2017)
      Court shouldn't have ruled against high school football coach who lost his job for praying  (Fox 08/25/2017)
      Jim Brown to Kaepernick: Desecration of Flag and National Anthem Is Not the Way to Protest  (Fox 08/25/2017)
      A newspaper fight over fake news  (JWR 08/25/2017)
      Schlapp on Trump Targeting Corker: 'These Senators Deserve to Be Warned'  (Fox 08/25/2017)
      Russian attorney rips anti-Trump dossier as 'cheap gossip,' amid questions over origin  (Fox 08/25/2017)
      What clueless Nancy Pelosi doesn't seem to understand about free speech  (Fox 08/25/2017)
      Average transgender soldier unable to deploy for 238 days  (Fox 08/25/2017)
      Monument removal is a symptom of an old Western disease  (JWR 08/25/2017)
      Bill Nye sues Disney claiming the company underpaid him by $9M  (Fox 08/25/2017)
      Now Even a Horse Is a Symbol of White Racism  (JWR 08/25/2017)
      Time for Trump to keep his promises: DACA is unconstitutional and bad for American workers  (Fox 08/25/2017)
      White House imposes fresh sanctions on Venezuela 'dictatorship'  (Fox 08/25/2017)
      FBI arrests Chinese national linked to 2015 US government data hack  (Fox 08/25/2017)
      The progressive war against the dead  (JWR 08/24/2017)
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      Gerri Willis: Who caused the opioid epidemic?  (Fox 08/24/2017)
      Peru discovers in pre-Incan site tomb of 16 Chinese migrants  (Fox 08/24/2017)
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      Newt Gingrich: Republicans should target Democrats, not their own party  (Fox 08/24/2017)
      FBI's Manafort raid included a dozen agents, 'designed to intimidate,' source says  (Fox 08/24/2017)
      British spy behind Trump dossier ordered to give deposition in Buzzfeed suit  (Fox 08/24/2017)
      Kimberley Strassel: The left's scorched earth campaign against Trump government staffers  (Fox 08/24/2017)
      When we all must live in fear of online mobs  (JWR 08/24/2017)
      Mattis says Russia wants to redraw borders 'by force,' signals support to providing Ukraine...  (Fox 08/24/2017)
      Charleston restaurant gunman who killed employee shot by police, hostage rescued, mayor says  (Fox 08/24/2017)
      Erick Erickson: It's official.  Democrats have learned nothing from Donald Trump's win  (Fox 08/24/2017)
      Murder charge sought for suspect in death of Swedish journalist Kim Wall  (Fox 08/24/2017)
      Todd Starnes: Franklin Graham fears US has judges who hate God  (Fox 08/24/2017)
      Dr.  Keith Ablow: Trump mentally ill?  I hope every president we ever have is this 'crazy'  (Fox 08/24/2017)
      North Koreans tortured and killed over religious beliefs, new State Department report says  (Fox 08/24/2017)
      Trump Taken Hostage by 'Deep State'  (JWR 08/23/2017)
      Yemen officials: Saudi-led coalition strikes hotel, many die  (Fox 08/23/2017)
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      Rep.  Franks: Only Way to Drain the Swamp Is to End the Senate Filibuster  (Fox 08/23/2017)
      Cuba 'acoustic attack' gave U.S.  diplomats brain injuries, medical records show  (Fox 08/23/2017)
      Florida slaying puts spotlight on possible neo-Nazi plot as details emerge  (Fox 08/23/2017)
      President Trump deserves benefit of the doubt on Afghanistan our soldiers deserve closure  (Fox 08/23/2017)
      ESPN and Karl Marx the first battleground is the re-writing of history  (Fox 08/23/2017)
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      A free-speech rally, minus the free speech  (JWR 08/23/2017)
      Protesters at Trump's Phoenix rally used gas canisters, rocks to assault police  (Fox 08/23/2017)
      Dana Loesch on Confederate statues: 'We can't refuse to acknowledge history'  (Fox 08/23/2017)
      Imam planned to blow himself up in Barcelona, suspect says  (Fox 08/23/2017)
      'Time for Jews to leave Europe?' Is Barcelona's chief rabbi right?  (Fox 08/23/2017)
      Hey ESPN Robert E.  Lee was not Asian-American  (Fox 08/23/2017)
      US Navy dismisses 7th Fleet commander after deadly mishaps  (Fox 08/23/2017)
      Cops: DNA from headless torso matches Swedish journalist Kim Wall  (Fox 08/23/2017)
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      Charlottesville's Confederate statues to be covered with black fabric  (Fox 08/22/2017)
      Here's how we fixed Social Security last time it was in trouble  (Fox 08/22/2017)
      Missouri senator who urged Trump assassination booted from committees  (Fox 08/22/2017)
      Republicans dig deeper after Postal Service cited for workers' Clinton campaign aid  (Fox 08/22/2017)
      Madness!  Even the giraffes have gone crazy  (JWR 08/22/2017)
      Barcelona attack suspect admits 'bigger attack' was planned, Spanish official says  (Fox 08/22/2017)
      German police seize thousands of 'Trump' ecstasy tablets  (Fox 08/22/2017)
      Why the prez did it: Behind the decision, infighting, stalemate, and finally a bow to the generals  (JWR 08/22/2017)
      ESPN pulls Asian-American announcer from Virginia football game because he has a Confederate...  (Fox 08/22/2017)
      Remains of Navy sailors found on USS John S.  McCain  (Fox 08/22/2017)
      Taliban spokesman not impressed by Trump's 'old, 'unclear' Afghanistan speech  (Fox 08/22/2017)
      George Foreman praises Trump, slams Colin Kaepernick and Kevin Durant  (Fox 08/22/2017)
      Navy says cyber sabotage played 'no role' in USS John S.  McCain incident  (Fox 08/22/2017)
      Driver dead after crashing into several cars on New York City street  (Fox 08/22/2017)
      Trump holds campaign-style rally in Arizona Tuesday: What to know  (Fox 08/22/2017)
      Headless body found in search for missing journalist Kim Wall  (Fox 08/22/2017)
      Thank Heaven He Was Carrying  (JWR 08/22/2017)
      Trump planning Arpaio pardon?  Ex-sheriff says 'we'll see what happens'  (Fox 08/22/2017)
      'Disorderly' Kennedy dad, daughter arrested over raucous house party  (Fox 08/22/2017)
      'Blood on Your Hands!': Charlottesville Council Meeting Devolves Into Chaos  (Fox 08/22/2017)
      Tucker Calls Out the Left's 'Systematic Suppression' of Speech They Disagree With  (Fox 08/22/2017)
      Dozens injured in train crash in suburban Philadelphia, officials say  (Fox 08/22/2017)
      Trump goes on rampage against the media, sitting Arizona senators at Phoenix rally  (Fox 08/22/2017)
      Mattis: ISIS militants caught in Iraq-Syria military vise  (Fox 08/22/2017)
      Historical hysteria  (JWR 08/22/2017)
      Kim Jong Un orders more rocket engines, ICBM parts as photos suggest new missile design  (Fox 08/22/2017)
      Trump's approach to Pakistan is pitch perfect, his Afghan policy not so much  (Fox 08/22/2017)
      'Manhunt: Unabomber' explores the life of murderer Ted Kaczynski  (Fox 08/22/2017)
      People are now getting their ivory fix from woolly mammoths  (Fox 08/22/2017)
      State Department issues travel warning for Mexico  (Fox 08/22/2017)
      Trump dossier figure questioned behind closed doors on Capitol Hill  (Fox 08/22/2017)
      4 accidents, 2 deadly, raise questions about Navy operations  (Fox 08/22/2017)
      Barbie doll bomb was to be used to blow up plane, Lebanese official says  (Fox 08/21/2017)
      Peters on USS McCain Collision: The Navy 'Is in a Bad Way Right Now'  (Fox 08/21/2017)
      Jefferson Memorial exhibit to feature update addressing slavery  (Fox 08/21/2017)
      Jeff Sessions is Trump's MVP in the aftermath of Charlottesville  (JWR 08/21/2017)
      'Slender Man' stabbing girl, 15, pleads guilty, could serve ten years in prison  (Fox 08/21/2017)
      Judge orders IRS to reveal who took part in Tea Party targeting  (Fox 08/21/2017)
      Elections worker in North Carolina charged with changing 2016 vote totals  (Fox 08/21/2017)
      Trump approves sending 4,000 more troops to Afghanistan, senior official says  (Fox 08/21/2017)
      Trump the unconventional president proposes a conventional response for Afghanistan...  (Fox 08/21/2017)
      Bannon's departure has huge implications for the US-China relationship  (JWR 08/21/2017)
      US Embassy in Russia suspends issuing nonimmigrant visas  (Fox 08/21/2017)
      Drunk man shot by woman after attempting to enter her home, cops say  (Fox 08/21/2017)
      Solar eclipse 2017 in pictures  (Fox 08/21/2017)
      Trump is shrinking the White House down to size  (JWR 08/21/2017)
      All Spain terror suspects, including imam, dead or in custody, police say  (Fox 08/21/2017)
      Congressman, Native American: When political correctness runs amok erasing our history...  (Fox 08/21/2017)
      Former Special Forces Officer: If We Withdraw From Afghanistan, ISIS Will Move In  (Fox 08/21/2017)
      Manhunt for Barcelona suspect intensifies, 'everything indicates' he was driving van  (Fox 08/21/2017)
      Man who shot Ohio judge was father of high school football player convicted of rape...  (Fox 08/21/2017)
      Pakistani police arrest Christian youth on blasphemy charges  (Fox 08/21/2017)
      Secret Service having trouble affording Trump family protection but funding crunch not new  (Fox 08/21/2017)
      Elon Musk joins other experts in call for global ban on killer robots  (Fox 08/21/2017)
      Afghanistan speech: Trump rejects 'timetables,' ups pressure on Pakistan, refocuses on...  (Fox 08/21/2017)
      Kim Wall, missing Swedish journalist, died on home-built submarine, inventor reportedly tells cops  (Fox 08/21/2017)
      Texas man tries to plant bomb on Confederate statue, officials say  (Fox 08/21/2017)
      An ominous how-to for a terrorist attack in America  (JWR 08/21/2017)
      2018 midterms: Dems target 80 House seats; Republicans respond by going on offense  (Fox 08/21/2017)
      High school students say they were harassed at Howard University for wearing pro-Trump gear  (Fox 08/21/2017)
      China newspaper claims US Navy is 'hazard' in Asian waters  (Fox 08/21/2017)
      Bowe Bergdahl chooses to have trial heard by judge and not jury  (Fox 08/21/2017)
      Petition urging terror label for Antifa gets enough signatures for White House response  (Fox 08/21/2017)
      Feds Finally Nail Someone for Banking Crisis  (JWR 08/21/2017)
      Clinton paid aide Huma Abedin nearly $65G from campaign funds since defeat  (Fox 08/21/2017)
      Another health care reform quandary What about those who HAVE insurance but are still...  (Fox 08/21/2017)
      Afghanistan speech: Trump says nation 'needs to unify,' honors America's 'heroes'  (Fox 08/21/2017)
      North Korea warns US, allies as drills with South Korean troops begin  (Fox 08/21/2017)
      North Korea warns US, allies as drills with S.  Korean troops begin  (Fox 08/21/2017)
      Trump hits 'Fake News' after returning to DC, prepares for Afghanistan speech  (Fox 08/21/2017)
      Driver in Barcelona terror attack shot dead, Spanish police say  (Fox 08/21/2017)
      Why Bannon parted company with Trump and how he'll weaponize Breitbart  (Fox 08/21/2017)
      Jefferson Memorial exhibit update will acknowledge slavery record  (Fox 08/21/2017)
      Teen pleads guilty to lesser charge in Slender Man attack  (Fox 08/21/2017)
      Rep.  King: Democrats' Racially-Charged Rhetoric Is 'Divisive' & 'Disgraceful'  (Fox 08/21/2017)
      US military crashes, collisions in the Pacific  (Fox 08/21/2017)
      Afghanistan by the numbers: Inside the 16-year conflict  (Fox 08/21/2017)
      Dr.  Marc Siegel: Solar eclipse  (Fox 08/20/2017)
      Florida fishermen catch 11-foot alligator, catch even bigger one days later  (Fox 08/20/2017)
      Former Trump campaign official says 'loyal soldier' Bannon now aiming at GOP Congress  (Fox 08/20/2017)
      If America isn't great, who is?  (Fox 08/20/2017)
      Inside the filthy apartment of Barcelona terror attack suspect  (Fox 08/20/2017)
      North Korea warns of 'adding fuel to fire' ahead of US-South Korea military exercise  (Fox 08/20/2017)
      Actor, Texas native, stabbed to death in Brooklyn in front of wife  (Fox 08/20/2017)
      Are solar eclipses proof of God?  (Fox 08/20/2017)
      Kaepernick supporters call for NFL boycott  (Fox 08/20/2017)
      3 vans linked to Barcelona terror attack suspect located, Spanish police say  (Fox 08/20/2017)
      How to bring anti-Semitic white supremacists out of the closet  (INN 08/20/2017)
      Anti-Fascist Stabs Innocent Man Over 'Neo-Nazi' Haircut  (Fox 08/20/2017)
      Brits who risked their lives to fight ISIS say they return home only to be accused of terrorism  (Fox 08/20/2017)
      Man arrested vandalizing Indianapolis Confederate monument  (Fox 08/20/2017)
      10 missing, 5 injured after USS John S.  McCain collides with tanker in Pacific  (Fox 08/20/2017)
      Police say 39 people detained over neo-Nazi march in Berlin  (Fox 08/20/2017)
      Falwell backs Trump on Charlottesville, admits president could be more 'politically correct'  (Fox 08/20/2017)
      The eclipse of 2017 has nothing to do with politics  (Fox 08/20/2017)
      The eclipse of 2017 has nothing to do with politics hooray!  (Fox 08/20/2017)
      Missing boy confirmed to be among dead in Barcelona terror attack, Spanish authorities say  (Fox 08/20/2017)
      Mark Steyn: Let's Have More Speech and Fewer Protests  (Fox 08/20/2017)
      US Army mum on whether bases will keep Confederate names  (Fox 08/20/2017)
      Second police officer dies in Florida shooting  (Fox 08/19/2017)
      Long lost USS Indianapolis wreckage discovered by Paul Allen crew  (Fox 08/19/2017)
      All Europe can bring itself to do is 'pray for Barcelona'  (INN 08/19/2017)
      Trump slams Boston demonstrators as 'anti-police agitators'  (Fox 08/19/2017)
      Trump excels on the moral issues that matter  (NYP 08/19/2017)
      What did the terrorist write in his will?  (INN 08/19/2017)
      After Charlottesville: Americans should settle our differences with talk, not violence  (Fox 08/19/2017)
      Charles Barkley: Most Black People Haven't Thought a Day in Their Lives About...  (Fox 08/19/2017)
      Trump's rift with Flake, other GOP senators expected to take center stage at Arizona event  (Fox 08/19/2017)
      Newt Gingrich: History is more important than hysteria  (Fox 08/19/2017)
      WATCH: Older Woman Holding American Flag Hit, Dragged in Boston  (Fox 08/19/2017)
      ISIS created by Israel?  One imam says so  (Fox 08/19/2017)
      Holocaust survivor: Yes, it can happen again  (INN 08/19/2017)
      The war on drugs and the war on pain  (Fox 08/18/2017)
      What Identity Politics Hath Wrought  (JWR 08/18/2017)
      Steve Bannon out at the White House  (Fox 08/18/2017)
      Obama holdovers on president's arts council quit over Charlottesville  (Fox 08/18/2017)
      Thousands petition for Lehigh University to revoke Trump's honorary degree  (Fox 08/18/2017)
      The Tragedy and Exploitation of Charlottesville  (JWR 08/18/2017)
      Bannon boot lifts stocks  (Fox 08/18/2017)
      Shapiro: Bannon Will Return to Breitbart, 'Smash' Trump When He Disagrees  (Fox 08/18/2017)
      Hero Spanish cop killed 4 Cambrils terror attack suspects, official says  (Fox 08/18/2017)
      Kim Jong Un-acceptable  (JWR 08/18/2017)
      Steve Bannon: 'I'm leaving the White House and going to war'  (Fox 08/18/2017)
      Charlie Daniels compares taking down Confederate statues to ISIS: 'Where does it stop?'  (Fox 08/18/2017)
      Trump DOJ ends Obama-era 'Operation Choke Point'  (Fox 08/18/2017)
      Moderate Dems fret over Warren claims of progressive takeover  (Fox 08/18/2017)
      Socially conservative, economically moderate  (Fox 08/18/2017)
      American dead in Spain, US citizen also injured in terror attack  (Fox 08/18/2017)
      UN accused of double standard in warning about racism in America  (Fox 08/18/2017)
      The solar eclipse that rocked the world of science  (Fox 08/18/2017)
      Colin Kaepernick: History's Hero?  (JWR 08/18/2017)
      Charlottesville: Parents must bring kids back to the values that unite us all as Americans  (Fox 08/18/2017)
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      Bannon exits the White House Will former adviser wage war on Trump's team...  (Fox 08/18/2017)
      Where Does It End?  (JWR 08/18/2017)
      2 dead, 8 injured in Finland stabbing attack  (Fox 08/18/2017)
      CIA warned Barcelona about terror threat, report says  (Fox 08/18/2017)
      Case against Wasserman Schultz' ex-IT aide expands with 4-count indictment  (Fox 08/18/2017)
      The Dems search for another Lost Cause  (JWR 08/18/2017)
      Carlson: Bannon One of Few in Trump WH that Wouldn't Be 'Comfortable' Working for Hillary  (Fox 08/18/2017)
      Former Trump administration officials, from Bannon to Comey  (Fox 08/18/2017)
      Trump slams 'Obstructionist Democrats' as danger to national security  (Fox 08/18/2017)
      Hitting back: Trump rips the press as Charlottesville backlash intensifies  (Fox 08/18/2017)
      Alt-right's despicability doesn't make 'antifa' the good guys  (JWR 08/18/2017)
      Twisting what Trump said is repugnant  (JWR 08/17/2017)
      Armageddon postponed  (JWR 08/17/2017)
      A Grand Bargain On Korea  (JWR 08/17/2017)
      Border Patrol vehicle sprayed with manure after immigration argument  (Fox 08/17/2017)
      Smithsonian chooses fast food over education  (Fox 08/17/2017)
      Nigel Farage blames EU leaders for continued ISIS terror in Europe  (Fox 08/17/2017)
      After Charlottesville, Baltimore and other cities mull over what to do with removed...  (Fox 08/17/2017)
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      Several killed in Spain anti-terror operation after Barcelona attack  (Fox 08/17/2017)
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      Janice Dean: Solar eclipse 2017 is coming.  It's time to get excited, America!  (Fox 08/16/2017)
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