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 About  Koma  Kuznetsova  Narrations

Narrataion page presents Russian texts narrated for me by my mother Koma Kuznetsova.  All of the narrated texts can be found in the Russian section of the Davar Web Site (narration titles are linked directly from narration list to the corresponding texts or text sections).

Play time of each sound file is shown as MM:SS minutes and seconds.  File size is given in Kilobytes.  All sound files on the narration page have the following characteristics:

File format: MP3 (MPEG Layer 3)
Compression: 32 Kbits/Sec
Sample rate: 22,050 Hz
Bit depth: 16 Bits
Channels: Mono

Details about sound files available at this web site, and the ways to handle them can be found in the Notes about Sound Files.

Whenever title of narrated piece is enclosed in brackets this means that it's this piece identification name that is not present in author's original text, and is used here for convenience.

At the links listed below you can find batch scripts for renaming sound files saved from the narration page.  If you want to download a narration (or its part), save the files you want into a separate directory of your choice (or use suggested directory name from the list below).  Save in the same directory a corresponding renaming batch script that changes short 8.3 file names into descriptive Long File Names.  Batch script has TXT extension to avoid saving problems; rename it into *.BAT to make it executable.

Renaming Batch Script Suggested Directory Name
Judas Iscariot Judas_Iscariot_(Leonid_Andreev)
Master and Margarita Master_and_Margarita_(Mikhail_Bulgakov)
Faithful Ruslan Faithful_Ruslan_(Georgy_Vladimov)
Quarantine Quarantine_(Vladimir_Maksimov)
Poetry Poetry
Humor Humor
Father Confessor Father_Confessor_(Herman_Hesse)
The Spire The_Spire_(William_Golding)
Fall of Edward Barnard Fall_of_Edward_Barnard_(Somerset_Maugham)
Doctor Seuss Poems_(Doctor_Seuss)

Open Windows (not DOS) command prompt, change to the directory into which you have downloaded sound files and renaming batch script, and run it.  It doesn't matter if not all files are downloaded, or that some files might have been renamed already running the entire script will take care of any situation, renaming only what has to be renamed.

New names for sound files are organized in such a way that renamed files become ordered in the directory, i.e., you don't need a play list to play the entire narration (directory) in the proper order.  With WinAmp use [Shift]+[L] (Play folder...) to play all files in the selected directory.

You might find it useful to open saved batch script with the text editor before running it, and to make necessary adjustments, so that it will suit your naming preferences better.

In case a narration error is noticed and fixed for a sound file, and the new version is uploaded, it's desirable to have some indication of that for those who might have downloaded sound file with an error.  This is a relatively rare occasion, so it doesn't make sense to overload the main narration page with additional flags.  Instead below there's a list of narrated texts, each item of which displays the directory listing of corresponding sound files along with dates when they've been last modified.

Judas Iscariot directory listing of sound files
Master and Margarita directory listing of sound files
Faithful Ruslan directory listing of sound files
Quarantine directory listing of sound files
Poetry directory listing of sound files
Humor directory listing of sound files
Father Confessor directory listing of sound files
The Spire directory listing of sound files
Fall of Edward Barnard directory listing of sound files
Doctor Seuss directory listing of sound files

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