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Go  Sequence  Recording  System

In order to present Go positions and sequences this web site uses a very simple (practically obvious) notation based on the coordinate system having four reference points all four Go board corners.  Position description and sequence record are represented by a table where every row describes single stone, and has three columns:

There's only one artificial convention that is used for recording sequences coordinates of captured stones are listed before, not after the capturing move.  This simplifies a little bit a sequence interpretation JavaScript by avoiding the necessity to "look ahead", which would be necessary, if the sequence record would reflect the real life practice of placing the capturing move and then removing the captured stones.  Besides, while being not much of a trouble to get used to, this gives the clear-cut consistency to the interpretation of sequences with each row describing some change in the position while numbered rows being the only "display" points within the sequence of moves.

+B +2+2
+B +3+2
+B +4+3
+B +4+4
+B +5+5
+B +6+5
+W +2+4
+W +2+7
+W +3+3
+W +4+2
+W +5+2
+W +6+4
+W +7+4
+W +8+2
 1 +2+5 Tsuke
 2 +1+5
 3 +1+4 Cross-cut
 4 +3+5
 5 +3+4
-B +2+5
 6 +2+6 Capture
-W +3+3
 7 +2+3 Capture
On the left there is an example of Go position and sequence presentation that uses the described recording system.

Top part of the table presents initial problem position.  It is the list of all stones of both colors that have to be placed on the board to set up the initial position.  It is essential, of course, that all initial position stones are listed before any moves.  Order of stones in this list of no significance.  However, I prefer to have them ordered, listing first all Black and then all White stones.  Within the list of each color I list stones from the corner out, giving to horizontal coordinate a higher priority than to vertical.  This introduces some system into listing and checking of positions.  System of listing from top to bottom and from left to right (mixing Black and White stones), for example, would be equally good.  What's advisable (though not required) is to adopt and follow any system that will facilitate position recording process.

Description of initial position is followed by the list of numbered moves that represents the recorded move sequence.  All odd numbered moves are Black; all even numbered moves are White, Captured stones are listed with preceding "" before the capturing move.  Third column contains short comment where appropriate.

Below on the left side there is initial position described by the first part of the sequence record (from the first row up to the row of move 1).  On the right side below there is the final position corresponding to the last move 7.  You can view the entire sequence step-by-step as a demo of sequence interpreting script operation.

All recorded Go sequences on this web site use the described above sequence recording system, and its interpretation is programmed in all Go content generation JavaScripts.

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