Additional  Go  Rules  (Game  with  a  Handicap)


When handicap is equal to one, Black makes the first move without giving to the White compensation for the right of the first move Komi (overrides Basic rule 4).


When handicap is more than one, black stones (number corresponds to the value of handicap) are placed in the certain board points (Hosi) and the first move is made by the White (overrides Basic rule 3).  Maximum number and location of handicap stones placement depend on the size of the board and are different for 19x19, 13x13 and 9x9 boards.  Handicap diagrams show maximum possible handicap for each size of the board with handicap stones numbered.  To setup a handicap of "n" place on the board the stone[s] numbered "n" and all stones with the lower numbers.


If the number of points of both players are equal in the game with a handicap, then the black player is considered to be the winner (overrides Basic rule 12).

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