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Client/Server FAQ
(Friequently Asked Questions)

This FAQ is a collection of answers to some of the common Client/Server questions, which tend to pop-up from time to time. The answers (however trivial they might be) get easily forgotten when not in daily use, and sometimes they are hard to find in a multitude of books and manuals each treating its subjects in a different way, and often discussing details, while defaulting on the basics (presuming, I guess, that they are obvious well, they are, but only after you know them). However, when you need the answer, it might be a burning issue, and a desperate search under pressure can be quite stressful and frustrating.

My brother Victor and I have been collecting those answers for a long time, and it's an attempt to prevent this frustration by trying to put the important data together into one FAQ hyperlinked for an ease of use, and accessible from anywhere, and by anybody who might have interest in it. However, this selection is not compiled for the Web only rather it's our working reference, which we try to maintain as accurate and current as possible. As such it inevitably will always lack an overall integrity and completeness, yet it is still a rather useful tool that often saves time.

Note: All UNIX code samples below are either shell-independent ("general" section), or are intended for the Korn shell. Korn-specific code could fail, if it gets to run in another shell (often with quite weird error messages). A safe way to try any code samples from this page is to start session with ksh command.

Most of the questions originated from a real-life experience of a Client/Server administrator/programmer. The answers were looked for in every available source ranging from formal manuals to news group discussions, and conducting an exhaustive experiments when nothing else would help. Every answer was checked to the best of my competence, and as a rule was tested by a substantial time of repeated usage. This is not to suggest that it is in any way guaranteed to be error-free you will be using any advice you pick from this FAQ entirely at your own risk, and will be completely responsible yourself for any problems that might arise from this usage. So when trying an advice, please exercise a common sense precautions, and test it most thoroughly yourself before applying it to anything serious.

This legal mantra been chanted, I want to mention that all error reports and any comments about this FAQ are most welcome, and I'll try to do my best to fix any known problem as quick as I'll be able to do this.

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Copyright © 20012011 by and Victor Veytsel

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